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The Way I See It - Hardcore Justice

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I posted my first blog a couple of weeks ago following Chavo Guerrero's debut in TNA Wrestling. It was mostly a rant because I felt the way they hyped him was wasted by his debut feud. However, quite a few good points were made from the comments left on the blog, so I'm not as upset anymore.

Moving on, I've decided to start a blog series. I don't know how consistently I'm going to write, but I'm sure it'll be a couple of times a month at least. I'm mostly going to share my opinions on various topics in wrestling, hence the name "The Way I See It." With that being said, let's move on, shall we?


I want to talk about Hardcore Justice. This event is going to play a big, big role in shaping the road to Bound for Glory as far as I'm concerned. The event features three amazing four-way matches in the Bound for Glory Series. I don't know who's going to win these matches, but I will say this: there's another month left of the Series. It would be foolish for TNA to allow anyone to run away with it. The BFG Series is entertaining and the matches it has produced (Kurt Angle vs. AJ Styles - am I right or am I right?) have been amazing. To keep the interest, TNA has to make sure it remains competitive. Besides, if they continue on the same path as they did last year, the finals will be held at No Surrender. Again, over a month away, keep it close!

With that being said, here's who I think has to win the matches: Kurt Angle needs to win the ladder match, while Bully Ray needs to win the tables match. And lastly, either Mr. Anderson or RVD needs to win the Falls Count Anywhere match. I say either one of them can win because neither man is going to be in the main-event at BFG, so it's ultimately irrelevant. But here's what the points would look like following those matches:

Kurt Angle - 68 points
James Storm - 66 points
Samoa Joe - 54 points
Mr. Anderson - 60 points (if he wins)
RVD - 55 points (if he wins)
Bully Ray - 48 points

It's competitive! With a month remaining in the series, they can have any of those guys pull out the victory. With the points being so close, it keeps everyone intrigued and instead of thinking: "oh, James Storm is going to win. Why bother watching?" It adds a surprise element to it. With a month left to go, Kurt Angle takes over the points lead! It allows TNA to go in whichever direction they want to.

And this transitions into my next point: the main event match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Austin Aries vs. Bobby Roode. First of all, I am a HUGE Roode fan and I think, other than Bully Ray, he's one of the best heels in professional wrestling. I'm not sure who's going to win this match. But I want it to be Austin Aries and here's why:

TNA badly wants to have Bobby Roode vs. James Storm at Bound for Glory. On that point, they want to give the championship to Storm. If Roode wins the title from Aries, he's only going to hold it for two months before dropping it to Storm. I don't think there would be any doubt in anyone's mind that Storm wouldn't win that match if they faced each other for the championship. Thus, TNA should keep it on Austin Aries.

They can do the Roode/Storm match at BFG as a non-title bout. And as for the title match? Man, that's where the fun starts. Can you imagine a match between Austin Aries and Kurt Angle for the title? I think those two could tear the roof off the arena in Phoenix.

Personally, I think that's the direction they need to go in. If Aries loses, that's a one month title reign for him followed by a two month title reign by Roode (since he'd lose it to Storm). That's a step back on the prestige that Roode built by holding the title for eight plus months. Keep it on Aries, let him and Angle tear the building down at BFG and build to a Storm vs. Roode match, perhaps Roode can cost Storm in the BFG Series or something along those lines.

But hey, anything can happen. TNA has been on fire. This is just some rambling from me about what I would like to see at Bound for Glory. I could be incredibly wrong, but I am right about one thing: TNA needs to keep the BFG Series close or it's over before they wanted it to be.

Hope you guys liked it. As I was writing it, I realized I didn't have much of a point in this blog. But that's my style, I guess -- I like to ramble.

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  1. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    I like your thinking. I would love to see a curveball like that thrown into the BFG series.
  2. tnawhat's Avatar
    samoa joe to win
    i see joe vs aries at BFG
  3. PhEonYx's Avatar
    You my friend have an awesome vision. I can seriously see ALL that you've stated actually happening. Hell, there's no doubt in my mind, seeing A.A/Angle would be insane.
    Thanks for the read, good blog.
  4. monctonvike's Avatar
    great read!

    My thoughts, it is just an idea doubt that is the way tna is going. However they seem to keep the main storylines about AJ styles which makes sense. He is after all on of the faces of the company. I would like to see aj win the ladder match. A couple more wins after that and he is in the top 4. How awesome could Aries vs Styles at BFG be.

    Really though, storm , styles ,angle bully ray (if he stays in tna....which I think he might be crazy not to) pope , magnus ect ect any of them vs aries or roode will deliver at bfg.

    You are correct in my opinion about passing the belt around. They don't have to give it to aries for a year. However let him have until bfg at least.
  5. Darkside Ron Garvin's Avatar
    Love the idea bro and you have some very solid logic behind your thinking. They definately should keep it close. But remember, After Hardcore Justice last year, they knocked it down to the top 4 to battle it out during impact (round robin style) until they had the final at No Surrender. Expect this to be the same this year. I think it would be wise of them to keep the top 6 (Say Storm, Angle, Joe, Bully, Anderson, and RVD/Hardy) so they could incorporate a little more suspense and quality matches, culminating in the No Surrender PPV being a 3 way dance for the #1 spot. But by knocking out the bottem 6, it frees up AJ and Daniels to finish their story (HOPEFULLY), Magnus, Hardy/RVD, and Pope for the TV title, and Robbie E to get back into the tag division with "Bigger" Rob.

    I do like the idea of Angle vs. Aries at BFG, although I am a much bigger fan of Joe/Aries. However, I will give you the fact that Joe has a bit more time under his belt to make that match at a Genesis, Turning Point, or Final Resolution. Either way, I liked the blog and I am very please to see how well thought out you made this blog.

  6. bearkg88's Avatar
    Great blog bro! I like your point about Storm/Roode. I think this feud is to that point where it doesn't need the championship on the line. If they just did it as a pure grudge match, there would be no telling who would win. Plus I like the idea of Aries vs Angle at BFG, then again, I would love the idea of Aries vs Joe at BFG Great blog! keep it up!
  7. The Phantom Menace's Avatar
    Just finished watching HardCore Justice & I'd like to see Aries vs. A.J. in the main event of BFG. Just to see what type of moves those two would pull out of their respective hats. Or see Aries face the ultimate wrestling test in Angle.
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