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Triple Threat Top 5: Olympiad Edition: USA vs. UK vs. Canada Part 1

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Welcome wrestling fans and fellow bloggers to a very special edition of The Triple Threat Top 5.

All good things must come to an end, and we have reached that point once every
four years where the Summer Olympiad must end. It couldn't have been a better
Olympics. From James Bond skydiving with the Queen, to the performance by
Paul McCartney. From the dominance of Michael Phelps, to the impressiveness of
Missy Franklin. From 'The Fab Five', to Usain Bolt. It's the biggest event in all of
sports that features the best in the world of sports, and this year was no exception.
The Special "Olympic Blog Wars" was an incredible contest. It showed us the
best of the bloggers from both the United States, and the United Kingdom. It is
that event that was a nice kick-off to remind us of how competitive the Olympics
can be. With the Olympic Blog Wars, there must come a Top 5 War. So tonight, if
we're going out on a high note, this is the "Triple Threat Top 5 Olympiad Edition"
(this is a two part entry. Be sure to read the second part before you vote)
How this is going to work: This contest will feature not one, not two, but three
of the best countries in the world that features the best wrestling in the world.
Those countries are: The United States of America, the United Kingdom, and
'The Great White North', Canada.

Representing Team USA: the DK Wrestling Savior teams up with T-Hughes35
to defend his title and keep it on American soil.

Representing Team UK: akbar. The WBC Top 5 Series Champion who proudly
represents England and wants to add another title to his prestigious collection.

And Finally:
Representing Team Canada: PhEyonix: A first time blogger who's out here today
to show the world that he has a rightful place in the world of blogging and
show us all why Wrestling Matters to him.

Now the topic, is one that could make or break a wrestling promotion. Trust me.
It is; "The Top 5 Wrestling Matches That Should Have Been Saved For
Pay-Per-View". In other words, these are the matches that we feel could have
made the respective organization millions of dollars but didn't.

Here we go, Triple Threat Top 5 Title is on the line! We begin with
The Current Champion, and Team USA.

Team USA: DK Wrestling Savior and T-Hughes35
“"...O Say Does That Star Spangled Banner Yet Wave. O'er The Land Of The Free,
and The Home Of The Brave!"
Greetings wrestling fans, the Savior here, along with T-Hughes35.
It is an honor for the both of us to represent the United States in a prestigious event
such as this. Without further ado, here is our list.

Honorable Mentions:
There were several matches that we could've used for this list, so before we name
give you our Top 5 list, we would like to show you the ones that barely missed the
A: WCW Monday Nitro March 23, 1998
World Heavyweight Championship Match
Sting vs Diamond Dallas Paige
This match could have been the main event of anyone of the Pay-Per-Views that
WCW had on it's calendar. It'd need to have good build-up of course, but this could
have been a lot bigger than this was. Not just a match to draw ratings.

B: WCW Monday Nitro July 19, 1999
"The Battle For Control Of WCW"
Ric Flair vs. Sting
This one was a tough one to cut as it barely missed our final list. It had the perfect
build-up, perfect pay-per-view quality of a match, and the result was just perfect
for any PPV event. Even the commentators; Scott Hudson, Bobby 'The Brain'
Heenan and Eric Bischoff, called it like it was that caliber of a match. Should have
been done at Bash At The Beach '99 but it wasn't.

C: WCW Monday Nitro June 12, 2000
"Hair vs. Career Match"
Vince Russo vs. Ric Flair
Now, we all know that World Championship Wrestling was pretty desperate at this
point, but that doesn't mean that they still couldn't have saved stuff like this for
their next Pay-Per-View. I mean this is Ric Flair we're talking about here! The 16
Time World Heavyweight Champion, the Greatest Wrestler of All-Time, and he
goes out like this? Give me a break! Nonetheless, it still could have been built up
better a would have fitted more nicely on a PPV Card.

D: WWE Monday Night RAW January 3, 2011
Falls Count Anywhere Match For The WWE Championship
The Miz vs. John Morrison
Not only was this match on Free TV, but it was the opening contest to the first
RAW of 2011. This means only one thing, it means the WWE bookers are morons!
This should have been the match before The Royal Rumble that year but it wasn't.
The build-up could have been fantastic. Two former tag-team partners and
champions now rivals who are now duking it out for the biggest prize in the
company? As good of a match as it was, it should have been on Pay-Per-View.

Now then, on to our Top 5:
For our Number 5 choice, the Savior and myself could not decide on which
of these two matches we should keep in or out of the Top 5. After going back
and forth on this one, we're going to let you, the readers decide.

5A: WWE Monday Night RAW July 25, 2011
WWE Championship Match
John Cena vs. Rey Mysterio
Just that title alone is your main event of SummerSlam. A WrestleMania main
event, I don't know. But that could have made WWE millions and millions of
dollars for SummerSlam that year.
It was the first full night that Triple H became (kayfabe) in charge of WWE. He
wanted to make a big impact, and boy did he ever. From the moment of the formal
ring introductions of the match, to the end of the show that night when CM Punk
returned, that should have been the main event and the closing of SummerSlam.
Plus, poor Rey Rey didn't even receive a re-match.
Come on WWE!
5B: WCW Monday Nitro September 29, 1998
Hollywood Hogan vs. Bret "The Hitman" Hart
Does this really need any explanation? If this match didn't happen at WrestlaMania
IX, then the next possible opportunity should have been at Starrcade 1998. Two of
the greatest of all-time going at it, and all they get is a squash on Free TV? Give
me a freaking break! If it wasn't for all of the politics and the egomaniacs of
WCW, then they would have been smart enough to use this at either one of their
biggest events of the year. What a waste.

4: WWF Monday Night RAW IS WAR December 29, 1997
World Wrestling Federation Championship Match
Shawn Michaels vs. Owen Hart
This was about a month or so after the infamous "Montreal Screwjob" by (what
was then known as) the WWF. This could have been built-up with Owen trying to
avenge his brother's honor after the incident in Montreal. Could've been the match
before the Royal Rumble of 1998 but it wasn't. I mean, this could have easily been
the turnaround point for the WWF way before the Mike Tyson-Stone Cold square-

3: WWE Thursday Night SmackDown! September 18, 2003
60 Minute Iron-Man Match For The WWE Championship
Kurt Angle vs. Brock Lesnar
Coming off of the SummerSlam rematch of their WrestleMania XIX classic, We
get an added little bonus. The first ever 60 Minute Iron-Man Match on Free TV!
While it was a nice idea, and a great match, it should have been done at, say,
Unforgiven '03 (which was the next Pay-Per-View). It's the unpredictability, the
excitement, and the overall outcome of this match that could have put the Angle-
Lesnar feud to bed right there. The bottom line is this, Iron-Man matches belong
on Pay-Per-View. We loved this match, but it should have been done on Pay-Per-

2: WWE Monday Night RAW April 23, 2007
John Cena vs Shawn Michaels
RAW was in London (ironically) for this episode, and boy was it epic! We had
John Cena vs. Shawn Michaels in their first one-on-one contest since
WrestleMania 23. It was an incredible contest that took place two weeks before the
Fatal Four Way WWE Championship Match at WWE Backlash '07. We know that
WWE wanted to make a huge impact being in London and everything, but they
could have simply billed Backlash '07 as "Cena-Michaels II". That probably
would have drawn more money than what Backlash '07 actually drew. Ok maybe
I'm over exaggerating on that, but the fact of the matter is this, a Pay-Per-View re-
match like that could have been an "Apollo Creed-Rocky Balboa Superfight II"
style of a showdown. But it wasn't meant to be. Great match, it just needed to be a
WWE Title match at Backlash.

1: WCW Monday Nitro July 6, 1998
World Heavyweight Championship Match
Hollywood Hogan vs. Goldberg
Quick question: How can this not be number one? I mean, it has to be, because
WCW completely blew it here! Now granted, the match itself wasn't all that great,
but in the words of Vince McMahon, they (meaning WCW) could have made
millions of profitable dollars. The funny thing about this whole fiasco was that
WCW's next Pay-Per-View event was 6 DAYS AWAY!!!
Ironically, this would be the last time that Nitro would ever beat RAW in the
ratings during the Monday Night Wars.
Goldberg even said it himself; "There were over 40,000 fans that night in the
Georgia Dome on just 3 days notice. Just think if it was a Pay-Per-View and there
was three weeks notice. There probably would have been 100,000 plus."
This whole event just showed you just how desperate Eric Bischoff and World
Championship Wrestling became just to beat the WWF for only one week during
the Monday Night Wars. Ratings don't make you money, and WCW unfortunately,
found that out the hard way.

(This ends Part 1 of this entry. Be sure to read part two before you vote. Feel free to leave your comments below as we enjoy reading your feedback.)

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