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The Superstar Smackdown Review

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Hello and welcome to The Superstar Smackdown review. Each week I'll review both Superstars and Smackdown segment by segment, match by match.

I'll start off with with Superstars.

Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel vs Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks
This match was really good and match of the night by far. I'm a fan of both these teams and hopefully they'll be given the chance to give the Tag division meaning again. This match was back and forth and highly entertaining. Best part was the singles section between Reks and Gabriel. One think I like in particular about Kidd and Gabriel is how they use tag team moves although I wasn't too keen on their finisher as I prefer the code blue combo. Nevertheless a good opening match.

Michael Mcgillicutty vs Santino Marella
This match was the comic match and was a decent bout. Mcgillicutty controlled a large portion of the match and was very good technically. Santino was Santino and him and Mcgillicutty have great chemistry (the handstand section wasn't great). It could of been better and I expect they'll have a rematch down the line. Personally, I think Mcgillicutty should of won to put himself in contention for the Us Title but Santino did gain some much needed momentum as he's lost quite a lot as of late.

Tensai vs Zack Ryder
The worst match of the night here although it wasn't awful. I like Tensai's moveset though and that the match to interest me mire. Tensai dominated throughout and I don't think Ryder managed more than 3 moves. Tensai picked up the win and that was that. Wasn't upset with Ryder losing though as I find him cheesy and annoying.

Thoughts - Id definitely recommend watching the tag match the Santino/Michael M match will depend on your mood and the main event was only just average. It was an ok show with one very good match, usually they're better matches so hopefully next week will deliver.

Overall rating - 6.5/10

Smackdown Review

ADR/Sheamus promo
I can't put into words how happy I am now that I won't have to sit through another boring Sheamus/ADR match at Summerslam I'm expecting ADR to get back involved in the match but as long as its not a singles match im fine. I suspect either Orton or Barrett will become involve in the Championship scene this week, probably Orton. Anyway, this segment served its purpose and while not memorable it was a suitable way to open the show.

Sin Cara vs Cody Rhodes

This match in my opinion was probably the best match Sin Cara's had so far whilst apart of Wwe. There were no botches just good back and forth action. Cody's promo, the way Cody tried to rip off Sin Cara's mask and the ending hint towards a feud in the hear future. I'll be hoping it happens as id love too see them have a 12-15 minute match.

Daniel Bryan/Kane/AJ segment

Good way to build towards their Summerslam match which I think has the potential to be one of the best matches. Daniel Bryan gets good heat from the crowd and I like the direction his character is going. I'm looking forward to seeing their feud progress next week.

Jinder Mahal vs Jobbers
Won't give this a rating as its too short a segment and the equivalent of a Ryback match. I know its scripted but why didnt the other guy break up the submission? It looked stupid. The camel clutch on two people looked cool. Another thing I was confused with is why Ryback came down to save the Jobbers only to attack them himself.

Prime Time Players vs Epico and Primo

No rating as match never really got started. All I'll say is im going to miss AW in PTP's corner as it'll feel like something's missing. Also the result of the match will hopefully lead to E and P's inclusion.

The Highlight Reel
Its good to have Y2J back. Him and Vickie have really good chemistry and he was funny throughout. Dolph attacking at the end was the best way to continue the feud and I found Vickie hilarious after she slapped Jericho. A must watch segment for those who haven't seen it

Antonio Cesaro vs Christian
Really good match here, hopefully they'll have some kind of rivalry as they have great chemistry. It was a really good back and forth match and I liked how Christian escaped AC's finisher. I like Antonio Cesaro's look a lot as im make gin stand out and makes him memorable. He's got a unique moveset and hopefully they'll have a feud over one of the midcard belts.

Rey Mysterio vs The Miz

Another good match here. I was disappointed with the finish though as it was pretty much the same as the Sin Cara/Rhodes match. The match was very good though and Mysterio's not lost a step. I did like the sequence near to the end though which got The Miz in position for 619. Wouldn't mind a feud between these two as we'd be sure to get sine good quality matches.

ADR vs Sheamus end segment
I liked this segment even more so now that the match is cancelled. Ill give ADR props here and admit he played his character well during this segment. ADR locked in the Cross Armbreaker before standing tall to end the show.

Overall thoughts - This was a very good episode if Smackdown, it had good matches, quality promos which all made for a very entertaining show. Hopefully they'll keep this up leading into Summerslam.

Overall rating - 8.2/10

Thanks for reading, make sure to leave your thoughts below and tune in next week as I plan to make this a regular blog.

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Thoughts and Opinions


  1. Suhayl's Avatar
    Ryback wasn't here to save the jobbers, he was there to get rid of Mahal, and then to show him "Yeah, dude, I'm better than you, 'cause I can lift them. Welcome to the Food Chain. FEED ME MORE!".

    Nice review.
  2. ewantu2's Avatar
    I i'm enjoying Smackdown more then RAW as of late, good review.

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