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Break it Down: A New Blog Series Debut

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Happy Weekend Everybody. DK Wrestling Savior, along with Bearkg88, here bringing you a new weekly blog with a new format. It’s called Break It Down. We’ll be talking current happenings in the world of WWE and TNA, along with other opinions and points of view.

This is our Maiden Voyage for this new blog format. I’m sure there’s going to be some reworking and tweaking involved as we get this new and exciting blog going. And we welcome all input from everyone. Also, this is going to be an open forum type. So, we are excited to read everyone’s else’s take on the chosen topics, as well as topic ideas you’d like to see in future blogs.

So, there’s really only one thing left to say…Are you ready?

We Said…ARE…….YOU…….READY!!!


1. What Will/Should WWE Do With The Saturday Morning Show?

Bearkg88: I see the Saturday morning show, having only 1 match, and being more of a highlight show. Think of AM Raw, but this will cover stuff from SD, Raw, Superstars, and maybe even NXT. I see this as a way of getting little kids who might not watch wrestling, hooked on it, and creating a whole other generation of fans.

DK Wrestling Savior: I’m not exactly sure what to make of this new Saturday morning show. I have to agree with bearkg on this one. It’ll probably be geared toward kids. I think it’ll be full of social media hype, product promotion, and highlights and rehashing of what’s happening. I highly doubt they’re creating this Saturday show to actually have another show out there. That doesn’t mean they won’t showcase some younger talent or up and comers.

2. What Curveball Would You Throw In The Royal Rumble/Wrestlemania Plans?

Bearkg88: I would have The Undertaker win the Royal Rumble as a surprise entrant. Think the Rock's return, combined with Lesnar's return, and you get Taker coming back at the Rumble to win. I'd then have Taker go on to face either Rock, Brock, or Cena at WM for the WWE Championship, to win, and then retire, giving us a tournament for the championship. It gives Taker an amazing way to go out

DK Wrestling Savior: If I were to throw a curveball into the mix of what is seemingly planned for the Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania, I would have Big Show win the title at SummerSlam. To me, that would bring a whole hell of a lot of uncertainty to things. There’s tons of time between SummerSlam and Royal Rumble, to make whatever changes are needed, and build things to go whatever direction you want. I would also have Cena lose the Royal Rumble match at the end as one of the final 2.

3. Will the Dudleys leave TNA?

Bearkg88: That is a tough one. the Dudleys are so well known, that if they left, they could work for ROH, or in Japan, or back to the WWE. They could go anywhere. Will they leave TNA though, I don't think so. I see them signing for another year or two, then possibly leaving.

DK Wrestling Savior: In three simple words, I Hope Not. Not now anyway. In fact, I’m going to say that they will resolve this contract situation because they’re both in a great spot right now. I also think that if TNA was in fear of them leaving, they would minimize their build and their TV Exposure. That seems to be the theme when TNA talents leave. They disappear first.

4. Is It Time To Give Up Hope For The Divas

Bearkg88: Yes. I recently wrote in a blog that I think the diva's division should be dismantled. They should take the diva's who can't wrestle well, retrain them, and then take the diva's who can wrestle and have them hone their craft. Then I'd bring like 10 diva's up to the main roster to challenge for the vacant title.

DK Wrestling Savior: I don’t want to sound sexist or anything like that, but honestly, if there were no more Divas’ matches, I probably wouldn’t miss them. I enjoyed Bra and Panties matches and Lingerie Pillow Fights, but since those days are long gone, and they have no talent, I wouldn’t miss them at all. So yes, the time has come to just disband the Divas and find other things, besides wrestling, for them to do, like promo work, appearances, etc.

5. Predict Next Week's Raw's Major Angle

Bearkg88: Well I would go with Lesnar assaulting Shawn Michaels in his home. I could see Lesnar assaulting Shawn, and his wife, maybe even having Paul taunt Shawn's kids, bringing in Shawn's family similar to how HHH's was, making this feud 10x more personal.

DK Wrestling Savior: I agree with you that it will probably be Lesnar assaulting HBK and all. I’ll even agree with it being at HBK’s house. Either that, or a video showing Brock at HBK’s house while HBK is at Raw. Something along those lines. And it is a shame, because that’s already been done, and to me, again, wouldn’t be a Major Angle. A Major Angle would be HBK laying out HHH with the Sweet Chin Music, and siding with Lesnar. That’s what I would call shocking.

6. TNA and WWE Star of the week?

Bearkg88: For TNA, i can't pick just one. So it is going to be a joint pick. Aj Styles/Kurt Angle. For those who don't know why, take the time to watch their match from Impact. This was imo a 5 star match, with great in ring work. These two proved why they are the top of their game. As for WWE, it's D-Bry. the dude is good in the ring, and gold on the mic. The last two weeks, he has become my favorite person to watch.

DK Wrestling Savior: It wouldn’t be fair of me to pick a WWE star, since I don’t watch anymore. I’ve only seen bits and pieces, here and there, in passing. So I’ll just take a stab and say, Chris Jericho. He did cost Ziggler a match, after all. For TNA, I agree with Bearkg88 in that Angle and Styles shined on Thursday. But, to keep things different, I’m going to also throw in Bully Ray. His opening segment with James Storm was nothing short of fantastic, and then he gets the clean win over Storm in the main event. He continues to be top heel material, and I see a World Title down the line, probably after BFG.
Well everybody, that does it for the inaugural Break It Down blog. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this blog and ideas on how to improve it. Also, this isn’t a blog competition series, so we’re not looking for votes.

Thanks for reading and be safe.

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Thoughts and Opinions


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  1. akbar's Avatar
    -I'm liking this series, keep it up.
    1. Saturday morning show is probably just WWE to get new young fans.
    2. Giving Taker the RR win will be the biggest waste of time, we all know he's going to win at Mania. My curveball would to give to low end mid carder like Riley or Kidd or Harris etc...
    3. I don't care
    4. Couldn't agree with DK more haha all I ever liked from Divas was the bra n panties match...
    5. Barrett comes back for WHC
    6. WWE - Jericho
  2. PhEonYx's Avatar
    Great new concept guys. Going to be quite the task having The Savior shed light on future E' questions.... Does this mean he'll be tuning in yet again??? LOL

    1. Pretty much another weekly re-cap aimed at a younger audience. Filled with comedic shorts, and social media b.s they couldn't fill in on Raw/Smackdown.
    2. The E' no longer believes in "curveballs".... As akbar stated; I'd probably have a low/mid-card talent such as Kidd win the Rumble... Doubt it though.
    3. Dudleys are NOT going anywhere. Simple as that. TNA has pushed Bubba as one of their top heels. The whole angle on "wether or not they will sign" is simply kayfabe IMO. They've got Bubba working as one of their top social media ambassadors. What better way to work the fans around it??
    4. I'm easily going to go with bearkg88 on this one. The division NEEDS a fresh start.
    5. Going to agree with you both on this one. Yet as The Savior stated; Having HBK sweetchin HHH, and side with Lesnar would be pretty epic.
    6. E'- Jericho/TNA- Styles & Angle.

    I'm digging the new series, so KEEP IT UP!
  3. alcrissam's Avatar
    i like the series, but one twist i would suggest:

    let people comment you with questions that you answer. why dont you Break It Down (the IT being our questions !) i think it will be easier on youi guys considering you give us questions to we want.

    but anyways, i like this alot keep it up
  4. knox's Avatar
    Both of you had some great views, I really enjoyed reading, just another way of making this site even more exciting. Thanks guys. For WWE, I think Big Show had a strong week. He's pretty good at being a heel, it comes so damn natural. And for TNA, yes I'd say Bobby roode. Omg the way he sold that contract signing was gold. He was so into it, he just keeps getting better?
  5. sonoftheLINK's Avatar
    Nicely done. I dig the double perspective. Seems like you fellas know your ish.....I look forward to more breaking it down from y'all. Also nice to hear mention of the Angle/Styles match!! One of the best non-PPV matches I have seen in quite some time.
  6. shawnmoney1694's Avatar
    Well Written guys, great Blog. I agree with everything for the most part. I think that giving the Undertaker the royal rumble win would only be a curveball if he lost at mania. Otherwise its the same old same old and it wastes a very limited appearance of the deadman even though he is doing two or three a year soon. Bully and D-von I don't care where they go. I will say that Bully is possibly the second best heel in TNA behind The it factor. Keep up the good work. I think you guys have struck gold with this one
  7. Darkside Ron Garvin's Avatar
    Like the concept guys. I am interested to see where this goes in the next few blogs. If I can think of any questions that might fit the blog, I will definately send them your way guys. As for my take

    1. - The Saturday morning show will be a recap with 1 signature match. This we know. However, what I'd LIKE for them to do is a little different. Either use this one match as a simple cruiserweight match, introducing the younger audience to them before launching the network... OR have this match actually be a cartoon (Rock n' Wrestling style) complete with full voice overs from whomever the participants are. No real angle, no in depth story. Just a 5 minute cartoon with all the over the top elements we'd expect.

    2. - For the RR, I'd like for there to be a winner in someone like Tyson Kidd, so I will agree with akbar. As for the WM, I stated this before, but I would have Barrett return, infused in a feud with Ziggler, take the breifcase from him, win the WHC, then proceed to take the WWE title from Punk, unify them, and return to SmackDown ONLY. This would be a way to accomplish 3 things.
    a) To get the ugly title belt changed
    b) Give Smackdown some recoginition and isolate it from Raw once again
    c) Add that COMPLETE twist that no one expected in the Rock/Punk feud.

    3. - DK you said it. I hope not. Bully Nation is one of the best things going in TNA. Devon actually helps me to not hate Garrett Bischoff when the tag. Their school is producing students for developemental. They need to remain in TNA

    4. - I gave up on them when they abandoned the womens division. I've never been a fan of the "Diva's Division"

    5. -Brock attacks HBK and Punk says everyone disrespects him when the WWE champ should be the most respected. Those are the two major angles.

    6. - I agree that Styles/Angle was Match of the Week (possibly month, and year depending on who's voting), and I agree that Bully is on FIYAH as of late... But I am going to point out one thing. In SPITE of being involved in perhaps the most GAWD AWEFUL angle I have seen in a while, The World Tag Team Champions of the World (yes I did just say that) have continued to make me laugh, and get over as hated heels in the process. Styles, Daniels, and Kaz are involved in something horrible, yet Styles' still puts out great in ring work, Daniels gets over with an Appletini, and Kaz shows that personality again. Would the angle really be that bad if they had someone besides Claire?.

    Great blog! Looking forward to the next set of topics to see how you guys "Break it Down"!
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