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TNA Knockout Division Special. 5 Knockouts in the History of TNA

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In 2007 Bound For Glory ppv event, TNA began a division of women wrestlers. They would call it a Knockouts division. It has died down over the years. Not as great as it once was. For those who may not know, the Knockouts used to get the highest ratings of the show for TNA every single week. Even with guys like Angle, Sting, and so forth. The highest rated part of the show was when they were having their matches. That is big if you ask me. What made the division stand out? Who was the ones most important to the success of the Knockouts division? What made the division so successful and impressive? I plan on telling you that with this blog based on my opinion. I'll give you top 5 knockouts and give you the reason why they were so important to its success. Let us get this started:

5.Roxxi-Came in to TNA as a crazy girl to battle with Christy Hemme who had a fued with at the time VKM aka New Age Outlaws. Didn't think much of her at the time until she had some wars that were memorable along with her head getting shaved. You want to talk about a hardcore Knockout? Look no further because she has taken a beating while being in TNA.

4.ODB-Some call her the female Stone Cold. A woman who like Kong wasn't as beautiful like Divas we were used to. Drinking heading to the ring for a match. A personality a lot of folks gravitated towards because she was different. She wasn't as she said another pretty face. Mainly being a tough girl who liked to drink and kick butt.

3.Gail Kim-Should have probably had her at #1. You could certainly make an argument. She brought experience from her past success in WWE and led the Knockouts division until she decided to leave for more money. Knockouts division was still strong without her, but she was important element into the success. I along with other TNA fans were proud that she was the 1st one crowned as the Knockouts champion. It meant a lot to her as it did us wrestling fans. Her wrestling and fueds were memorable. Especially the bouts she had vs Awesome Kong. Problem with TNA early on when they were having great success was they weren't saving the best fueds for the best ppvs. AJ vs Angle I believe 1st happened at a victory road ppv rather than a ppv like Slammiversary or BFG.

2.Beautiful People-I'm going to stick with the original ones here of course meaning Velvet Sky and Angelina Love. Upset at the fact they decided to leave TNA. Hopefully they get a job with WWE soon. In any case, they were the attraction to the Knockouts division. They were the ones who made it click. They didn't have to wrestle to get over. You wanted to see what was going to happen next week with these 2. Entrance alone is worth watching. You had their brown bag angle putting a brown bag over everyones head because their opponents were ugly. The angle with Palin was great as well where they ended up wearing no makeup at all while crying in the middle of the ring being embarrassed by being set up. They drew a reaction like no other wrestlers in the biz including the guys. They made the women's division click!

1.Awesome Kong-You may know her as Kharma in the WWE, but I first known her as most TNA fans as Awesome Kong. To me, she was the most important piece of the puzzle in as to how the Knockouts division so successful. You didn't see women like her before in the industry that could wrestle like she did. Especially at her size being intimidated. She was bigger than most of the guys on the roster including my favorites AJ Styles, Sting, and Kurt Angle. She brought fear to the Knockouts division not seen before. She dominant in about every outing. She did competitions allowing fans to challenge her and she'd beat the crap out of them. She even made Taylor Wilde a star by being able to go with her in the ring.

What made the Knockouts division great? It made characters where everyone had their own gimmick. Not everyone is the same like they are now days. All heels now are just young and cocky. Faces do get boring from time to time by how they are used. When wrestling is at the top of its game, it is when everyone is different. Everyone had their own gimmick. Tag division you had beer drinkers in the APA, you had class clowns in the Outlaws, geeks in E+C, highflyers in Hardyz, crazy Dudleyz, and I believe you get where I'm going with this. It was special because all the women I mentioned in this blog along with being different.

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  1. The Phantom Menace's Avatar
    Beautiful blog bro! I agree with every single word, its sad that TNA has dropped the ball with the Knock Outs lately. Hopefully Kong will return, the ODB-E.Y. storyline will end & my favorite mean blondes will return to give makeovers again.
  2. body slam's Avatar
    Great list! There are several names that could go in the 5 and 4 spots, but I'm cool with Roxxi and ODB.

    TNA seriously needs to get the knockout division back on track.
  3. TheGreatBlueski's Avatar
    TNA's killing the Knockouts Dvision imo. They pay Brooke Hogan money for whatever she's supposed to bring to the table and the BP walk cos they weren't even getting a reasonable offer money wise. Bad bad business TNA. I'm a bit of a Kong mark and I hope she'll come back to TNA but I doubt it. I think she'll take a year out and then go back to New York. I know Vinny smells money on Kong but she needs time to get herself back together after her tragedy. Good blog, brother, from one Great to another lol.
  4. Sahu's Avatar
    Gr8 Blog and I like your list with just one difference Gail @ #2 BP @ #3

    there were days where knock outs out performed gr8s like Kurt n Sting...

    but of late they r dropping their ball on them..they should revive it..n I do not understand what the hell that Brooke is bringing to the table...
  5. Deepi's Avatar
    TNA is slowly killing the KO Division & they have themselves to blame. This division was great, really worked hard & really put TNA on the map and had the highest ratings, but now, its awful & useless!

    I doubt AK will return as she left the company over money issues that TNA refused to pay her, so she is out of the card as a return gal!

    Great blog!

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