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Dubs review: Summerslam 1996

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Hello guys. Today, I'll be reviewing another WWE old school PPV which is Summerslam 1996. Since Summerslam 2012 is coming up, I thought it would be cool to review an old Summerslam show to hype up the upcoming Summerslam on August 19th! Like usual, I'll rate the matches as Bad, Mediocre, Good, Great, or Phenomenal. First, let's check out the card for Summerslam 96:

Stone Cold vs Yokozuna

Owen Hart vs Savio Vega

The Smoking Gunns vs The Bodydonnas vs The New Rockers vs The Godwins for the tag team titles

Psycho Sid vs The British Bulldog

Goldust vs Marc Mero

Jerry Lawler vs Jake "The Snake" Roberts

Mankind vs The Undertaker in a Boiler Room brawl

Shawn Michaels vs Vader for the WWE title

Hmm, seems like a soild card although a couple of the matches looks like it can be a eye-shutter. Lets start the REVIEW!

1st match: Stone Cold vs Yokozuna

Match thoughts: Yeah, this was pretty terrible. Not because of the actual wrestling between Stone Cold and Yokozuna but because the time this match was given and the finish at the end of the match where the ropes break when Yokozuna was trying to give Stone Cold a Banzai Drop with Stone Cold scoring a pin in the end. This match should have been longer. I mean come on, this is Summerslam and Stone Cold was rising as a top heel at this point so they could have at least given these guys more time to wrestle. The shitty finish also hurt the match. Moving on. Outcome: Stone Cold wins via pinfall. Rating: Bad.

2nd match: Owen Hart vs Savio Vega

Match thoughts: Solid match here. I thought the arm-work from Owen Hart was top-notch. Both guys are two great workers so that's not a shocker there. I always thought Savio Vega was great in the ring despite being bland as ever. Owen Hart is Owen Hart as usual which is being awesome to watch in the ring. Although this match doesn't look promising on paper, it was fun to watch and underrated for a Savio Vega match. Outcome: Owen Hart wins via submission. Rating: Good.

3rd match: The Smoking Gunns vs The Bodydonnas vs The New Rockers vs The Godwins for the tag team titles

Match thoughts: Eh, the match was alright. Nothing exciting but nothing of it was bad either. There weren't any big-name teams in this match but they were still pretty good workers. Though some parts of this match were dull and there were no crowd reaction during the match. I wish The Bodydonnas would have stayed longer than they did in the match. I don't know why but I quite liked them as a tag team. Outcome: The Smoking Gunns retain their tag team titles via pinfall. Rating: Mediocre.

4th match: Sycho Sid vs The British Bulldog

Match thoughts: An okay match from Bulldog and Sid. The first 5 minutes of the match was dull but then it started to pick up. Nothing much to say about this match really. Outcome: Sid wins via pinfall. Rating: Mediocre.

5th match: Goldust vs Merc Mero

Match thoughts: Man was this match freaking dull. I couldn't get into this match, at all. It wasn't bad from a wrestling standpoint but the crowd was on mute during this match and with good reason. It went on way too long. They really should have shortened this match. The only interesting this about this match was Mankind coming down to the ring during the match. It also boggles my mind that this match got more time than Sid/Bulldog but whatever I guess. Outcome: Goldust wins via pinfall. Rating: Mediocre.

6th match: Jerry Lawler vs Jake "The Snake" Roberts

Match thoughts: Don't understand what the point of this match was. They were pushing an angle between Lawler and Roberts about Roberts being an alcoholic but still, this should have been used as a dark match instead of the Austin/Yokozuna match being a dark match. Outcome: Jerry Lawler wins via pinfall. Rating: Mediocre.

7th match:
Mankind vs The Undertaker in a Boiler Room brawl match

Match thoughts: Wow. This a great brawl! I was loving every minute of this match. The Undertaker and Mankind's feud was one of the best feuds during this time period. This feud was also the start of another dynamic to The Undertaker's character. Usually, The Undertaker would face the likes of King Mabel or King Kong Bundy but once Mankind came on the scene, it gave The Undertaker his first meaningful feud. I also loved the swerve at the end with Paul Bearer turning on The Undertaker and giving Mankind the ern. A wonderful match this was. Outcome: Mankind wins the ern. Rating: Great.

Main event: Shawn Michaels vs Vader for the WWE title

Match thoughts: Pretty solid main event bout which would be the usual Shawn Michaels match during this time, if not, better. Not much of a spectacular match but it was still rather entertaining. Although Vader getting the WWE title win was much needed. Not saying that Shawn Michaels' title reign was bad but Vader was one of their top heels and needed to get the win to elevate him into the main event scene. That didn't happen due to backstage politics and Vader would end up doing nothing afterwards. Anyways, good main event. Outcome: Shawn Michaels retains his WWE title via pinfall. Rating: Good.

Final rating: I'm going to give this PPV a 6.5/10. If it weren't for The Undertaker vs Mankind match, the Owen Hart and Savio Vega match, and the Shawn Michaels and Vader match, I would have rated this PPV much, much worse. This Summerslam PPV was hit and miss with me. You have a solid main event match, a great Boiler Room brawl, and a good match between Vega and Owen but the rest of the matches were just dull. 1996 was pretty much a weird period for the WWE. Although they were getting better, they needed something more to interest fans into their product and in 1997, they did just that by giving us the Attitude Era. I'll say the only reason to watch this PPV are for the Owen Hart/Savio Vega match, the Taker/Mankind Boiler Room brawl, and the main event match between Shawn Michaels and Vader for the WWE title. The rest, just skip it for the sake of not being bored.

Thanks for reading and let me know your thoughts!

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  1. Sahu's Avatar
    I felt Summerslam 96 was not so great back then...the only match I enjoyed was Taker/ Mankind.. Shawn/Vader was nothing more than a Good Match..but on Summerslam we expect great matches...
  2. jjpenny's Avatar
    Top Blog ! Awesome read, plus great the way you found links to every match. Great work
  3. e.townconcrete's Avatar
    great read, brought back memories
  4. Big__Meat's Avatar
    To the defense of the Austin vs Yokozuna match, that match took place during the pre show. Usually pre show matches are pretty mediocre anyways.
  5. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Mankind/Taker obviously stole the show. No doubt a top 10 moment in the history of Summerslam.
    Hated the main event w/ constant restarting of the match. Hated it when they did it w/Orton/Cena in 09. I actually disliked seeing another Cena/Orton match at that time. LOL!

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