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Sudden Impact: Coming Home to Hardcore Justice

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Hey wrestling fans. The Saviour here with this week's edition of Sudden Impact, where it's all TNA, all the time. We are three days away from Hardcore Justice, and the much anticipated rematch between A Double and Bobby Roode. But before we get ahead of ourselves, let's talk about this coming home show, and throw out some HJ Predictions.

Let's jump into it, shall we

The Opening

As much as I love the Dudley Boys, I'm now, after a long time, finally warming up to the Bully Nation heel character, and his fire breathing Twittah machine. He cut an awesome promo. Then James Storm came out and made it even better, even if he did rip off a Rock catch phrase. Add Aces & Eights and I'm already edge of my seat waiting to see what happens next. I think Bully makes the better accuser of James Storm than Roode does. Roode just sounds whiney when he does it. Bully is hard nosed and in your face.

BFG Series Continues

Before I get into this week's matches, am I wrong in thinking that maybe they should eliminate the four last place guys at some point...have 8 and then the final 4? Just my opinion. Okay onto the matches.

RVD and Magnus opened things up with a very competitive match. I enjoyed Magnus' theme, by the way. Magnus looked pretty dominant, and RVD struck out of nowhere, in usual RVD fashion, for the win. I think this is a situation where Magnus is clearly not going to be a factor when BFG is all said and done, but he is awesome and hope big things happen for him soon.

AJ Style and Kurt Angle. If you saw this match, it obviously speaks for itself. I've talked about potential matches of the year, but this one, I can say in all seriousness, is a match of the year candidate, and I'm going to include PPV matches from both promotions. I was expecting a shortened match with Claire interference or Aces & Eights or something. Instead, we got a PPV main event quality match, with a clean finish. After the match, AJ denied Claire, and she gave me the chills with her facial expression, in a Kathy Bates from Misery sort of way.

Bully Ray battled James Storm and once again, I was expecting a shortened match with interference. My jaw dropped to the floor when Bully got the clean win. I seriously couldn't believe it. And all night long, I was waiting for an Aces & Eights attack, but instead, we got threats. And Bully Ray looks to be next on the list at Hardcore Justice.

Tag Team Title Match

What? Is this for real? I thought Daniels and Kaz only served to piss AJ off. They defended against Devon and Garrett Bischoff. I know not many people are fans of Garrett, but I'd like to see him in the X Division. He would fit okay in there. I wasn't expecting much of this match but it turned out really well. Devon and Garrett got a few close calls. Then, the champs won in true heel fashion, by cheating with the title belt. And Daniels is funny with his little hump dance move he does now.

The Knockouts

If you're a fan of women's wrestling, you gotta watch TNA. They have real women's wrestling with talented, wrestlers. Not jokes like some other wrestling show I know. Gail Kim battled the champ, Tessmacher. Gail's always in good matches. Her and MIckie James. I'm not a Tessmacher fan, except to look at of course. A good, competitive match and it seems Tess has Gail's number. Looks like Madison Rayne and Earl Hebner are next at Hardcore Justice.

Roode and A Double: The Contract Signing

I find contract signings to be a complete waste of time. Also, I'm not sure I like the stipulation. It reveals too much about how BFG will end up. Also, I fear that they're already gonna drop A Double from the Main Event, which would be a horrible move. In fact, it would be bad to drop either one from the title picture.

Everything Else

Jeff Hardy goes through a table thanks to Big Rob. I think Big Rob can drop the pink sweater and be a real force.

Joe lays it out. He's not gonna talk, he's gonna beat people up. I loved it. Snort and Sweet, as only Joe can do.

The absence of Hogan(s) is a great thing isn't it? Easy on the eyes and ears.

TNA staying Live through September. I hope it continues after that.

Hardcore Justice Predictions

I'm gonna keep these fairly quick as I wrap up this week's Sudden Impact.

Knockouts Championship: Madison Rayne vs Tessmacher

Madison Rayne wins thanks to a controversial decision by Mr. Controversy himself, Earl Hebner.

X Division Championship: Kenny King vs Zema Ion

Zema Ion retains the title by usage of the hairspray. I do expect a lot of high spots in the match though.

BFG Fatal Fourway Tables Match: Hardy vs Storm vs Bully vs Robbie E

There are two factors in this match. Big Rob, and Aces & Eights who promise to get Bully. In the end, the only logical choice is to have Storm win, to continue to push his involvement in the stable.

Tag Team Match: Hernandez & Chavo vs Kidd Kash & Gunner

Every PPV has an okay but not great match. This will be it. They will continue to showcase Chavo as he gets the win after the Three Amigos and Frog Splash. I'd like to see Hernandez jump him afterwards and get a feud going.

BFG Falls Count Anywhere: Anderson vs RVD vs Pope vs Magnus

This one should be interesting. There's not much of a storyline behind it. All four guys are basically middle of the pack in the BFG Series and neither really figures to be a factor in the final standings. I'm gonna go with RVD for the win, and catapulting himself into the top tier.

BFG Fatal Fourway Ladder Match: Angle vs Joe vs AJ vs Daniels

What a shocker. Angle, AJ, Daniels, Joe...this one will clearly steal the show of all PPV's this year. I expect a ridiculous amount of high spots and "Holy Shit" moments. Angle will probably miss a moonsault off a ladder. AJ will probably Styles Clash Daniels from 50 ft in the air through every structure possible. In the end, Joe wins this match and puts all kinds of pressure on James Storm.

World Title Match: Bobby Roode vs Austin Aries

Someone drops from the title picture here. My guess is, Bobby Roode snakes his way for the win in an incredible match between two awesome performers. There will be a lot of close calls. And somehow, Sting will be involved and could inadvertently cost A Double. There could be some Aces & Eights involvement as well.

I hope you enjoyed this week's Sudden Impact. I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts on the upcoming Hardcore Justice PPV. Also, we're debuting a new debate type of blog this weekend. I'm partnered with bearkg88 on it and we'll be giving our opinions on the hottest topics each week, in discussion format. It was fun putting it together and invite everyone to be involved in this.

Have a great weekend everyone. Be Safe.

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  1. Sahu's Avatar
    As usual gr8 blog. Bully Ray == Pure GOLD!!

    But, i don't think Garret Bischoff suits in X-Div; he's not that talented to be a singles wrestler let alone into X-Div. let him be in a tag team...
  2. bearkg88's Avatar
    Awesome blog! As soon as i heard the stipulation between A Dub and Roode, I got this gut feeling they are going to take the title off of Austin Aries. I hope I'm wrong though
  3. alcrissam's Avatar
    BFG Fatal Fourway Ladder Match: Angle vs Joe vs AJ vs Daniels


    TELL ME when this match was announced that you didnt say to youself "DAMN this is going to be a match of the year candidate."
  4. Darkside Ron Garvin's Avatar
    Great blog as always DK. I have a question for you. Since you have been focusing purely on TNA as of late, have you found yourself being a little less "stressed" by your wrestling intake? I have been catching Raw and SmackDown when I can, but I find the weeks (like this one) when the only show I catch is TNA to be a lot less "stressful" on my outlook on the world of professional wrestling.

    My two cents (as always)

    -Glad to hear about you and bear's new project. I am interested to see how it turns out!

    -Joe's promo was excellent. Love it when he shows that passion he has for the business

    -Bully beating Storm was the moment of the week for me. Truly wasn't expecting that and I love that it was a clean win with the "cutta". Bully Nation is such an interesting gimmick that fits him so well. By far the best heel in the business today and I am glad to see that they are adding some clean wins to his heel run.

    - Anderson on the boards should not happen again. He offered my nothing. Keep the guy to short promos and his enterance, but don't give him a mic for 5 mins unless it's an interview.

    - I really wish Magnus and AJ would have gotten wins because it would have made the whole series that much more interesting. You asked if they would cut the total down. If tradition holds true, they should cut it down to the top 4 after the PPV leading into No Surrender. This is where Roode won the #1 spot last year to battle Angle. I have a feeling we'll see this same format, which will open Magnus, Pope, and whomever is not in the 4th spot (Bully Ray/RVD/Anderson/Hardy) to jump into a TV Title position. This will also free Robbie E up so he and Big Rob can start teaming again.

    -Speaking of tag teams, I love Daniels/Kaz teaming. I hope that Chavo/Hernandez, Kash/Gunner, and Bischoff/Devon stay in the division. Add the Robbies in there and bring in another team, we will have the makings of a decent division. Not great, but enough to start and if we can see some cemented teams, or even bring in some, then guys like Chavo and Gunner can break away into the TV title division.

    -Aces&8's is a slow burn. VERY glad for that. The fact that they have yet to even mention the leader is awesome. The announcement makes me want to buy the PPV on Sunday. If for anything, just to see what happens next.

    - Aries/Roode with a "no rematch" clause. I like it for 2 reasons.
    (1) I don't think that they will take the title off Aries just yet. With the reaction they got (especially with Punk tweeting about it. You know they love anything they can throw in the E Universe's face) from his title win, I don't see them dropping the belt back the next month... then again, this is TNA so I've seen crazier happen.
    (2) Ace's & 8s. With this being the leading angle, the angle needs a Face to go against it. It could very well end up being Storm after taking the belt off Roode, but I see Aries being the person who goes head up against these guys. Especially if the leader turns out to be someone like Bully or Jarrett. This angle could be the platform for a Roode face turn, Storm to go "SuperStorm", but the angle with the most positive directions coming out of Aces&8s is Aries. There are far too many potential directions with good payoffs for it not to be him

    Awesome job this week DK! I hope your newest blog comes out soon because I think it's an interesting idea.
    Updated 08-10-2012 at 03:37 PM by Darkside Ron Garvin
  5. akbar's Avatar
    -I just want to thank you for putting your predictions in this blog instead of wasting blog space... If only other people would do the same.
    -Happy to see you're still blogging here, I don't watch TNA anymore so reading SI keeps me up to date.
    -good read.
  6. Darkside Ron Garvin's Avatar
    Hardcore Justice Predictions

    Knockouts Championship: Madison Rayne vs Tessmacher

    I see Tess winning with the miscues of one Earl Hebner. I see him going down for some reason and Brian running into make the count for Tess. This will lead to Rayne's hatred and contempt for Earls son, forcing Earl to make a choice.

    X Division Championship: Kenny King vs Zema Ion

    King is awesome to watch in the ring. Ion has grown on me with this "I hurt Sorrensen" gimmick he's working. Give the win to Ion via Hairspray, but I do expect a very high energy match

    BFG Fatal Fourway Tables Match: Hardy vs Storm vs Bully vs Robbie E

    Honestly, I'm pulling for Bully Ray on this one so it would end up with Storm(66), Bully (48), Angle (68), and Joe (54) going into the cuts. I don't see it though. With the headline being Roode vs Aries and the potential for Storm/Roode climax, Storm has to win it. Expect Aces and 8s to make good on their promise to come see the Bully Nation.

    Tag Team Match: Hernandez & Chavo vs Kidd Kash & Gunner

    Giving it to Chavito. PPV debut, expect him to showcase a little more than he did on Impact. Hopefully, Kash and Chavo have had time to train together so the chemistry they once had re-emerges

    BFG Falls Count Anywhere: Anderson vs RVD vs Pope vs Magnus

    RVD or Anderson. Since it's a falls count anywhere, I am giving Anderson my nod on this one which will have the final four going into No Surrender being Storm, Anderson, Angle, and Joe.

    BFG Fatal Fourway Ladder Match: Angle vs Joe vs AJ vs Daniels

    I give it to Joe to tighten the lead before breaking into the final 4... Although, Angle could easily slide into that spot as well, Joe just makes more sense to me.

    World Title Match: Bobby Roode vs Austin Aries

    I see Aries retaining. But in a DQ fashion when A&8's attack. This leads to Roode saying Storm screwed him out of his title because he had his boys jump him
  7. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    @Alcrissam. Yes, When I saw that match announced, either last week or two weeks ago, I forget when they did, I started to shake and quiver with giddiness. If Styles/Angle at Lockdown or Styles/Daniels last man standing tells us anything, it's this is going to be something very special.

    @Darkside Ronnie Garvin. I like your prediction of the Knockouts match. I never even thought of that. And yes, A WWE-free life is definitely less stressful and less of a let-down. Still sad though. Nothing to watch on Mondays until NFL starts, and still nothing to watch on Fridays.

    @Akbar. I really do hope some others take my lead on this whole, adding shortened predictions to an already established blog...but I'm sure our mention of this will cause a slew of Wrestlemania XXX and Royal Rumble 2015 predictions to go up.

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