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The Next Breakout WWE Diva

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Hey guys Knox here hoping all is well. I wanna talk about whom I think will be the next breakout diva in the WWE. If you asked me this a month ago, I would've told you Maxine in a heartbeat but ofcourse that's not the case any longer.

But I do have another lady in mind. A chick that has beauty, charisma, personality, amazing skill and a hell of a body. A lady that connected well with the audience in NXT Season 3 and was the top dog in my view. Also a lady that currently isn't wrestling because she's a freakin' dancer for Brodus Clay.

Yeah you guessed it...none other than the beautiful Naomi.

For those who haven't seen Naomi wrestle?
I'm going to post a few matches from NXT so you guys can see just how good Naomi is.

AJ Lee vs Naomi - NXT

AJ Lee vs Naomi - FCW

Naomi Today:
Naomi is currently one of the dancers for Brodus Clay. I know everyone has to get their start somewhere but I'm hoping this leads to something big for her in the future. Many times during NXT, Josh and Matthews and Michael Cole have both stated that Naomi is the most athletic diva in the WWE.

I think in this day & age, a chick like Naomi could help the divas division. Imagine AJ, Eve, Naomi, Natalya and Beth Phoenix as your main divas. That would be a good start in putting the focus back into the wrestling perspective in female wrestling in the WWE.

How I would book Naomi as a single's star?
I would book her as a very strong heel character. I would have her play this underrated chick coming out the hood having no respect for anyone. I know this is stereotypical, but I would have her sort of touch on a ghetto tone in her character but not nothing over the top like JTG or Shad. I would have her just have a hardcore mentality. If you heard her talk and seen her overall personality, she would pull this off perfectly.

How the heel turn would happen?
For the next few weeks I would book her as still coming out dancing and stuff with Brodus and Cameron but I would have her facially expression change each week with a look of frustration. I would have Michael Cole point it out every week. He could say something like, "Not for nothing, but am I the only one noticing Naomi's attitude as of late? She looks to be frustrated. Maybe its something she's keeping to herself."

I would have Brodus and Cameron try to talk to her backstage and get Naomi to agree that she will behave herself. Out of nowhere in the middle of the entrance, she attacks the hell out of Cameron. I mean she beats the living hell out of her to the point where the refs are coming out to stop it.

The Following Week:
Naomi comes in the ring and cuts a vicious heel promo bashing the fans and everything. The promo would go a little something like this.....

Naomi - "Yeah, I did what I did but you know what? It got me a reaction. You people in the crowd cheered me all the time but for what reason? What did you guys see me as? Just another black chick shaking her big ass. You guys looked at me as a piece of meat.

Well let me get one damn thing straight. I came from the hood. I was fighting my whole life just to survive. Wrestling came natural to me and I embraced. I'm a wrestler, don't let the dancing fool you.

I'm here to claim my true name and fame in the WWE. When I told my mother I'm leaving home to become a wrestler in the WWE, she didn't vision seeing her daughter shaking her ass for the likes of you pigs out there.

I'm here to become the best. As a matter of fact I am the best. The only thing I'm missing is the Divas Champion and it won't be long till I have that as well.

Naomi's Ability and Uniqueness:
I think the down home thing really sticks out to me. In the WWE I'm used to seeing the beautiful super model blondes. But with Naomi I see something so different. I grew up in the streets of Baltimore so I've seen all kinds of things. Naomi reminds me of a young lady you'd see in Baltimore that you would automatically assume the wrong thing about her.

She seems like the sweet chick that can be your bestfriend. But she will get evil and wild if she has to. She's so different to the norm of what the WWE is used to producing and I think she would fit in very well in a more prominent role. Also she can all out go. She's a great competitor. She's pretty and seems like a nice girl.

Theme Music I would use for Naomi:
I'm going to name a few and leave the youtube links for you to click and I'll leave the big youtube video for me first choice.

J. Cole - Workout (Face)

Gucci Mane - Major (Face)

Black Buddafly ft. Fabolous - Bad Girl (Heel)

Lil Wayne ft. Nicki Minaj - Knockout (Face)

At the end of the day I would go with Victoria's old theme "Don't Mess With Me" by Nicki Minaj before she blew up. This fits Naomi perfect. I like it. And the divas are known for recycling eachother's themes haha just look at how Michelle McCool was using Torrie Wilson's old theme. And Layla is using Tiffany's old theme.

Thanks guys I hope you all enjoyed this one. Please leave feedback. I really wanna know what people actually think of Naomi. I see alot of potential in her. Thanks guys and please check out my music. Be safe. Until then.


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  1. Cabers's Avatar
    Naomi is a dancer for brodus clay when has she actually werestled last!

    The clear winner and breakout Diva will be Paige..

    Damien Sandow says You're welcome!
  2. PhEonYx's Avatar
    What with Raw now being a 3 hour show, I figured maybe they would shed light on divisions such as the "womens/divas". Seems to be as though they've been expanding on the lengths of matches as well.
    What with Clay being taken out this past week on Raw, and the rumors flying around that they will be dropping the "Funkasaurus" gimmick, this would be the perfect time to have Naomi break free as a single female competitor.

    What the women's division lacks most is; Air time. Instead of bunching random heel vs face matches (or simply grouping them in a bunch), we as fans need to see some type of character development.

    Take a look back at the A.E. People give it so much credit, yet in the same process, the Divas Division was very small. Today's E' has a total of 14 active Divas. Compare that to the possible 5-8 they had back in the late 90's-00's, and you can easily see why it worked back then.

    Is Naomi indeed the next breakout E' Diva? It's really hard to call. IMO building the division is something corporate needs to focus on, rather then pushing "one" single star.

    Great blog yet again bro.

    Sidenote; J-Cole- "Workout", totally suiting her.
  3. Mckenzie's Avatar
    Om My Gosh!! I love this post. I agree with everything you said. I didn't even know that song was by nicki minaj!! This is a really good post. Naomi should definitely be the next break out diva after WWE soon rids of the Funkasaurus gimmick.
  4. shawnmoney1694's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by LostOmega
    If WWE drops all the girls who are there to be pretty, then they have the makings for a beautiful Women's Division. I didn't even know Naomi could wrestle. I thought she was just another pretty face that the WWE hired. I agree. Naomi could very well be the next main Diva for the WWE. The WWE just needs to drop Kelly Kelly, Alicia Fox, and Aksana, or at the very least, put them in matches and events that are there solely for the sake of being sexy. Like the beach battle royale last month and things like that.
    I agree with this statement completely up until you say get rid of Alicia Fox. Alicia has the complete Package beauty brains in ring skills and a lovable charisma. She could be molded to be a hell of a asset
  5. AussiTrev's Avatar
    Great Blog I agree that Naomi is the one to break out
  6. replacethebass's Avatar
    Why the fuck (pardon myy french) isn't this match up happening on raw every week? I mean you could have them put on a good 5 minute match just in the time slot it takes for Brodus Clay to do his entrance!
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