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WBC Top 5 Series #14: Top Talents

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What is up guys!? So time for another WBC Top 5. Last week Akbar held onto his title for another week. Kudos to him! This week, the guy who got left out due to blog issues, challenges Akbar. That's right, it's Akbar vs Darkside Ron Garvin. The topic is top 5 talents. The criteria I gave them is the following. The kind of push they've received this year, their in ring work, their mic skills, and how over they were with the fans. I'm going to go right into the champs choices, so here we go!


5. Daniel Bryan

Lately Bryan has been pushed of the title scene but there's no denying the huge push he's been getting compared to that of last year. Within one year he went from US champion to WHC and challenging for the WWE title and been part of one of the more popular feuds in recent time, the AJ crazy chick angle. Bryan is arguably the best technician WWE has, he's regarded as one of the greatest Indy wrestlers so he's got credibility to his CV. Bryan plays the whiny heel very well, his promos with the doctor and lil jimmy are hilarious. In terms of crowd reaction, well his 'YES' is probably the most famous chant right now, so the DB is very over with the crowd. He delivers brilliant matches when he's given the opportunity every time.

4. Dolph Ziggler

One of the best prospects WWE has right now, Ziggler has been digging away at the top mid card scene for awhile now establishing his name. With the help of Vickie, Ziggler gets one of the best reaction from the crowd. He puts on great maches and is with a doubt the best seller of moves WWE has now. He won the MITB contract so the fans can expect Dolph to be in the title scene for a long time. The fans are desperate to see him champion, and so would I. It would be a nice change to see a new guy at the scene instead of Orton, Sheamus and ADR.
3. Bobby Roode

One of the top heels in the business today, since breaking out of the popular Beer money group, he's headed to the title scene without o remorse. Before losing the world title to Austin Aries he had held it for over 6 months, keeping it to positive reviews to form fans on his texture as champion. Roode has the heel Triple H looks about him, and that can be a huge compliment which is why TNA has done well to have him and Aries in the title scene instead of old WWE superstars. Roode puts on solid matches, nothing spectacular but he brings brutality to the ring that make it enjoying viewing.

2. Austin Aries

Another wrestler who made is name in the independent scene, Aries is an alumni of the ROH promotion. Another great technical wrestler that always puts on great matches signed on to TNA and became the X Denison champion. He would go on to hold that title Longer than any other superstar. A very popular superstar at the time with the crowd, he brought great prestige back to the X division championship since the days of Styles and Joe. After that he would win the World title of Roode in an epic ending to the Destination X PPV which was a genuine shock to me, but it's clear TNA are high on Aries to make the face of the company.

1. CM Punk

The number 1 superstar undoubtedly right now, since delivering the the pipe bomb speech 1 whole year ago, it's been on the up since for Punk. He's been the title picture since, held the title right now for over 8 months. Now the reason I love Punk is because he isn't like Cena, being on top for the promo skills, Punk is actually one of the best wrestlers WWE has right now. The last time the top face was the champion that had beast ring abilities was Bret Hart. That is why Punk is very popular, and putting his excellent ring skills aside which gained from crafting his skills in the independent wrestling days, Punk is really good on the mic. Currently the only person on the mic is Cena and Jericho, Punk has the Smartass wit that made him popular with the older generation and now that he's somewhat of a heel, it's exciting to see what insults he'll come up with. Punk is loved the crowd, always gets one of the loudest pops of the night when his music hits. An Internet darling, Punk is almost universally loved and is why the current number 1 wrestler right now.

Great choices from Akbar! Up next is DRG!

Darkside Ron Garvin

Let me start out by saying that my decisions are based on 2012s body of work; the evolution of wrestlers from January to the position they sit in to date. These choices were made off of their ability to make the most out of following criteria: Push, In-Ring work, Mic Skills, and how “over” they are with the crowd. That being said, let us look at the list I have come up with, shall we.

Honorable Mentions
Kevin Steen (great angle/promo work)
Bully Ray (the best heel in the industry today)
AJ Lee (outshined others in her major angle)
Damien Sandow (breakout performance and character)

The List

(5) Dolph Ziggler – His ring work is aces above most of the E’s roster. He has the ability to make any match entertaining, no matter his opponent. His current push helps give that anticipation for a breakout moment that could not only occur at any given time, but has also been rightly earned by being involved with poor programs earlier this year (Santino, Hornswoggle, and Brodus Clay). The E Universe enjoys him as the “push – dolph - zigg - ler” chants can testify to. The flaws at the moment are minor, but they could become critical VERY soon. Dolph hasn’t been able to “show off” his talking skills. The most of his personality I have seen this year was during his spat with Swagger. Also, his manager takes any heat he generates. This Y2J feud is a make or break for Dolphs 2012 as it will determine if he can still be credible to take the title off Sheamus, or if his two prior losses foreshadow his fate for the year.

(4) Bobby Roode – The man helped make a belt worthy of being called a “championship.” He has done excellent in evolving his character and move set in the ring. His “It Factor” gimmick blends with his current ring style. The cross-face and “Perfect Plex” finishers help to match the cocky character he plays well. While wearing the belt for 256 days helped to build his credibility, losing the belt did not take the credit gained away. The way he carries himself, performs in the ring, and cuts promos all generate a feeling of contempt from the fans. His look has even evolved by cutting the long hair that turn into a goofy ‘fro towards the end of his matches. The flaw that Bobby has at the moment is that he doesn’t have enough “clean” finishes in his heel run. This might help his heel persona, but cocky characters should be able to finish matches clean because they are that good.

(3) Daniel Bryan –Bryan started 2012 strong by easily outshining Mark Henry and Big Show in their feud. He garnered quite the following from the E Universe, but what put him on another level was the backfired attempt of a squash match. It took many stars years to get over, but the bad decision of the creative department put Bryan over in 18 seconds. After a 4-5 star match at Extreme Rules, he was placed into a program with CM Punk. I feel he out preformed the champ and challenged to regain the “Best in the World” title he gave to his friend. His twisted love affair with AJ has been one of the most interesting aspects of RAW this year and his ability in the ring always commands respect, which fits his current character very well. His newest program might not have him going for the belt, but his potential feud with the new GM makes for some VERY interesting potential directions for character evolution. His interactions with the crowd dueling in “Yes/No” chants are classic signs of a character that will be remembered for years. 2012 has definitely been a breakout year with a few 4 to 5 star matches, but the best is yet to come for this man. I expect him to be at the top of this list around this time next year, but right now he is just a notch below due to his mic skills.

(2) CM Punk – 2011 was a year in which Punk shined bright. 2012 has seen Punk remaining the WWE Champion, and could potentially be the first to have a full year reign since Cena’s in 2006/07. He is solid on the stick for sure, and he is one of the more well rounded “superstars” we see these days. He is very capable of getting the crowd reactions desired. He plays both heel and face well. The flaws that have kept Punk out of the number 1 spot are quite simple. Punk has the character who is “The Best in the World” and he has to live up to the moniker, but he hasn’t accomplished this so far this year and here’s why. Punk in the ring out performed Jericho in my opinion, but was out done by Jericho in the other aspects. In the Bryan angle, they were equal in-ring to me and Punk was miles ahead on the mic against Bryan coming out of Over the Limit and No Way Out, but they should have ended it there. By giving AJ a stronger role, Punk was overshadowed by the blossoming talent of AJ Lee. I can understand when faced with one of the best from the late 90’s through 2000s, but Bryan isn’t known for his promo skills and AJ was unproven so he should have been the star of the angle. The re-hashed feud with Cena, along with the pending “Rock” feud, will give Punk the chance to regain the top spot by the conclusion of 2012, but at this moment, he doesn’t own the number 1 spot on my list.

(1) Austin Aries – When the topic was given, he was the first to come to mind. Aries has the charisma, the heart, and the ability to be called a “ring general”. When talking or wrestling, he controls the crowd. Austin stated throughout the year that he was “Main Event” quality and proves it every moment in the ring. His feud with Bully Ray played out perfectly to give him that nod of being more than just an X-Division guy. He has the ability to bring out the best in who he steps in the ring with, or at least make that person appear as a credible threat. He is in such demand that the crowds literally chant “We want T-Shirts” because everyone wants a piece of the Greatest Man that Ever Lived. He currently sits atop the TNA roster and his build through the year had him as one of the only people that could have taken the title off Roode without damaging the credibility built by Bobby’s run with the belt. The major flaw that Austin has at this point is a lack of a substantial feud. With his current program involving Roode, this could easily be remedied. The Aces and 8s angle gives the idea of Aries being the man that carries TNA past this invasion. The Bound for Glory series has potential to offer James Storm, Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle, or several other superstars to feud with. These potential Aries feuds excite enough to have him in the top spot because he can make ANY of these feuds “must see” and that is why he sits on my list for the “Top 5 Wrestlers”.

With such a broad topic, it could really go either way between Akbar and me. I wish my competition the best, but most of all I employ each person reading this to vote! Simply DRG in the box below as it takes a tenth of the time it took to read this in the first place. I hope you enjoyed the read.

Ok. Great choices from DRG. This should be a close one. make sure to vote for who you agree more with!

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  1. timfeyenoord's Avatar
    I'm gonna go with akbar for putting Ziggler and Roode over Bryan and for putting Punk over Aries
  2. Shaz11's Avatar
    Akbar gets my vote.
  3. PhEonYx's Avatar
    Great lists guys. Two top competitors in the "blogging industry", and now a vote must be made.

    Darkside for the win in my books. Contrary to everything timfeyenoord stated above.

    Great blogging boys.
  4. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Well, the lists were exactly the same. So we're voting by order. As much as I was hoping someone would NOT have put Ziggler on their list...I guess that's asking too much. Gonna go akbar. Bobby Roode is more talented than Daniel Bryan. Daniel Bryan is rightfully #5 on the list, and possibly could not make the list. #3 was way too high a ranking for him.
  5. alcrissam's Avatar
    @DK with the crowd reactions daniel bryan draws just by screaming yes or no, he deserves to be # 3. last nights raw just proves it (its understandable though, you dont want raw anymore :P),

    DRG gets my vote. mostly because he put austin aries at the top spot. i feel after beating bobby roode (twice) he puts himself in a great position to be the top of TNA. (considering how BEAUTIFULLY TNA built up roode as a dominant heel champion)

    They were both really good lists.
  6. Darkside Ron Garvin's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by DK Wrestling Savior
    Well, the lists were exactly the same. So we're voting by order. As much as I was hoping someone would NOT have put Ziggler on their list...I guess that's asking too much. Gonna go akbar. Bobby Roode is more talented than Daniel Bryan. Daniel Bryan is rightfully #5 on the list, and possibly could not make the list. #3 was way too high a ranking for him.
    I can see where you're coming from DK. I had Bully on the list over Bryan at one point, but the fact remains that Bryan's ringwork got him on my list (even if I don't care for his mic work). Bryan has put on what I estimate as 3 matches this year worthy of being in the 4-5star category. Bully (and even Roode) have less than that so they were lower on my list. Sorry you disagree, but I was basing it off of this years body of work, in which I feel Bryan has made a great evolution in spite of having been such a bad position to start off 2012; not saying holding the WHC is bad, but feuding with Big Show and Mark Henrey is.
  7. bearkg88's Avatar
    the part that I didn't catch until I actually posted, was the fact that they each picked the same people. Then I smiled. For this WBC, I am going to vote, since I normally don't. When I look at both these top 5's, it comes down for me as to whom the #1 is. Aries, or Punk. When I think about Punk's PPV matches, WM, Extreme Rules, OTL and MITB come to mind. For Aries, Slammiversary and the last two PPV's come to mind. While Punk is the top guy for WWE, I think Austin Aries is the top guy overall. Had the title been taken off of him at this past PPV, I would rank him 2, but since they kept the title on him and he put on a stellar match with Roode, he is #1. My vote goes to Darkside Ron Garvin
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