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WWE's 10 Fantasy Match Thoughts

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So, this isn't one of my regular blogs. Yesterday, I went to to see if there was any events coming to my area, and I saw their video about top 10 fantasy matches. With this blog, I am going to talk about those matches. Here we go!

CM Punk vs Randy Savage
Now, this would be an interesting match up. I never saw Savage in his prime as I wasn't a fan then, but I have rewatched matches. I think the in ring work between these two would be some top notch stuff. What I'd be even more intrigued by is what the mic work would be like between these two. I think this would be a great feud that would easily main event a PPV like the Rumble or Survivor Series or Summerslam. I'd be pulling for Savage in this one.

Mankin vs Cactus Jack vs Dude Love
Now, we all know this could never EVER happen, but, for purpose sake, if it somehow could, this would be interesting. You have three men who are complete opposites of one another. I would personally be pulling for Mankin, as he was my favorite of the three personalities of Foley.

Moolah vs Trish Stratus
Now, I can honestly say I have never ever seen a Moolah match. But, I do know she helped pioneer the women's division in the WWE, and was a staple of it. Then you have Stratus who was a big part in the 90's, 00's. I think Moolah in her prime vs Stratus would be leaps and bounds above even the best diva's match we get today. I'd be pulling for Stratus for it.

Evolution vs The Four Horseman
Another match that would be an improbability considering Flair was in both. Though you can't deny the fact that both stables though had a big part in wrestling. I would be pulling for Evolution here.

Big Show vs Andre the Giant
I know others have talked about this match in the past. My only problem with it, is that neither of them are great big guys. This would be one of those matches, where they'd hit a few big moves, scoop slams, ect on each other, as feats of strength. While it would be cool to see Show body slam Andre or Andre slam Show, this isn't something that would be a selling point for me on a PPV.

Road Warriors vs Dudley Boys
This would be an interesting match. You have two teams who have been in numerous federations, and held numerous tag titles. Granted they were a part of different eras, there is no denying the impact both teams had on the wrestling world. I'd be pulling for the Dudleys in this one.

Kurt Angle vs Bret Hart-I Quit Match
Now this would be a classic. I'd imagine it like Hart vs Austin from WM 13, but more technical. I think we would easily get a 5 star match from this, if Hart were in his prime. I would be pulling for Hart in this one.

Sting vs The Undertaker
I find this match interesting, for a specific point which Ill get to at the end. While this is a fantasy match, it is one that could still happen, if the stars aligned. Here is my only problem though. I don't see the appeal in this match asides from the fact that it would be a good match. Yes i get Taker is a staple of the WWE, and Sting was a staple of WCW, but I don't see this as being a larger than life type match, like some of the others on this list. still though, it would be a good match. I'd be pulling for Sting in this one.

The Rock vs Shawn Michaels
Now this would be my pick off of the list. I am a Rock fan, and a Shawn Michaels mark. This is a match I wish would still happen, but know it wouldn't. I think this match would be great for the fact you have The Rock, one of the best talkers in the WWE, and Shawn, one of the best in ring performers. In the aspect of reversal, Rock is good in the ring, and Shawn is good on the mic. I feel like this feud would be epic in the sense that the only place it could main event would be Wrestlemania. I would be pulling for Shawn Michaels in this one.

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Hulk Hogan
First you have a man who helped revolution the wrestling industry in the 80's and 90's. Then you have another man who was the forefront of a whole era. Here is video footage from the WWE video they had showing Austin stunning Hogan.

Now I have no idea what that was from, but, I will admit, this match would have been interesting to see. Granted it wouldn't have been anything 5 star worthy, I think it would have been similar to Cena vs Rock. Era vs Era, with a decent match. I'd be pulling for Hogan here.

Final Thoughts
Now, this is the part I was referencing to in the Sting/Taker spot. I find it funny, that they included Sting/Taker, but, they didn't include another fantasy match, a fantasy match that in recent years fans have been calling for. Austin vs Punk. Does that mean it will happen? Personally, I think signs point to yes. With Austin recently getting surgery, Punk turning heel, I feel like the stars are starting to align for this match to occur. I just hope and pray it does.

Well, that is it! I look forward to everyone's thoughts and comments!

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  1. timfeyenoord's Avatar
    Nice blog and I agree with all of your points accept Sting vs Taker.

    If you look at the little video package they already made in this video they should definitely be able to pull of a larger than life feud.
  2. WeDominate99's Avatar
    DX vs NWO
    CM Punk vs Stone Cold
    Mark Henry vs Big Show vs Andre the giant
  3. Taneel's Avatar
    Mankind vs Cactus Jack vs Dude Love ???? I fell from my chair laughing!!!
  4. PhEonYx's Avatar
    Great list. As WeDominate99 said, having DX vs NWO would have been sweet to see up there aswell. Awesome match ups though. Mind you I have created them in several of the E's video games, but none of them would be as epic as seeing them first hand.

    Thanks for the read.
  5. WWE.TNA.2012's Avatar
    wheres orton or cena or even booker t this needs to apeal to the audience and this is not all we audience want i think it should be hart hogan angle rock austin lesnar wwe championship that would get a couple billion stars especially if goldberg was special guest referee. now think about that. now think abouth that in a extreme rules elimination chamber.
  6. Darkside Ron Garvin's Avatar
    My two fav from the list would be Hart/Angle and Warriors/Dudleys... However, I would twist them.

    Hart vs. Angle would be an Iron Man match, not an I Quit match. Hart being 1 half of perhaps the most recognizable Iron Man matches in history, against Angle who put on some of the most stellar iron man matches post 2000s. This match could be 30 or 60 mins, but either way I'd piss myself before missing any of this match.

    Road Warriors vs. Dudleyz in a Cage - These two are arguably the best tag teams of all time, but I feel some of their best work came from more "hardcore" matches. I couldn't make it a scaffold match as it wouldn't be fair to the Dudleyz, and we can't make it TLC cause that isn't right for the Warriors. Put these two teams in a cage and let the carnage unfold before our eyes as these two brawl over every link of steel wrapped around them... bonus would be to make it HIAC so we could see some tables and possibly Hawk no-sell a powerbomb through one
  7. Mikeyboy7777777's Avatar
    i would just change the foley match into a tag match with mankind and cactus jack vs dude love and mick foley
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