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Who Should of Won A MITB Contract

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Hoping this is still relevant, I thought I would go through WWE history in naming people who should of won MITB , but the rule is they must have competed in one. I will not name people that were not in one. So here we go.

Shelton Benjamin
Suprized he never won a mitb match. He is the only guy out of the first competitors of the first MITB match to have not won a world title. Its sad. I know he was not good on the mic butstill. Amazing athleticism and his jump spot in MITB matches were sweet. He even had those credible moments when he breat Triple H 3 times in a row. (Once by count out dq, and pin) Plus shouldn't expieriece count in the WWE? I mean seriously. It takes away the symbolism of match types if it doesn't. Think of it: ADR won his first RR, MITB match, HIAC match, and his first Last Man Standig Match all within his first year of the WWE. Its just dumb. It takes away from those who have competed in such matches. So Shelton being the veteran he is, especially in Ladder type matches, is definetly on my list for should of won MITB.

Chris Jericho
He made a good point to John Cena when he said, "You have never been in MITB. What makes you think you will win?" The reason he won cause he is John Cena. But still, again expierience. Nobody should win MITB on their first try. Y2J has been in 4 now, and he has never won one, and he created such an innovation. What the heck! Personally, I thought it would of been cool if instead of the Miz in 2010, Jericho won and became an ally to the Nexus. WWE could of had Chris Jericho vs WadeBarret for the WWE Championship at WM27 if they wanted to. But WWE ruined the whole plot line. (But yeah I know it would of been a big push for Wade). Seriously though, the guy to create the idea for the WWE has not won one? Seriously.

5 times! In the words of the Miz, "Really?" This practically means anyone, regardless of expierience can win a MITB match. Christian has it all. Personally, at WM26 I would of had Christian win MITB instead of Swagger. Christian could of cashed it in on Jericho after Edge speared him through the barricades. Christian could of had a longer reign and would of been the first to cash in his MITB at WM. Think of the pop he would of recieved. I would even of let Edge throw Jericho in the ring for him. It would of just been a real bro to bro moment with E & C, considering Edge won his first world title by MITB and then would of Christian. But no. We get a reign that does not even matter considering Jack Swagger is in the dumps. At Extreme Rules, it could of been a Triple Threat Ladder Match between Christian, Y2J, and Edge. It would of been sweet. Then Christian could be remembered for more. I do not think I need to explain his ring skills and mic skills as they are easily above average.

Kofi Kingston
I know I will get hate on this one, but I am okay with that. Now I know I mention how superstars who have competed in alot of them should win due to expierience and that it just plainly makes sense. I am only saying it for those that should be a future world champion. Kofi Kingston has competed in 4 MITB matches and puts on great spots. He definetly gets the fans cheering for him to get back into the game when he is down in a match. Plus he is the only WWE superstars today to have won the U.S., IC, World Tag, and WWE Tag Team Championships and NOT win a world title. He has longer and more title reigns then most main eventers. So prooving he should be a world champion, I believe he should of won MITB last year and not ADR. He could of had a feud with his buddy and former tag team partner, CM Punk. I believe they would of had the potential to put on a spot-making, high-fly match-up. Plus, he would of had a year to cash it in. If WWE play their cards right with Kofi at that time, they could of switched his gimmick back to the one he had in 09 with Orton, gave him more mic time, and a extremely well credible reign with a mid-card title.
For you Kofi hater (I respect your opinion) I like Kofi cause he has potential, puts on good matches, and is a credible champion.

Cody Rhodes
Personally, Cody did need the win more then Ziggler. I understand why Dolph won, its just Cody has been slacking in spotlight. I am hoping within a year Cody would be a world champion, so why not give him the breifcase. Dolph could and should win his legitimate First world title by a clean victory making him a strong champion. Cody has the athleticism, mic skills, and the look of a true Champion. It would definetly help him get in the limelight. Plus his feud with Christian was going great and winning MITB could of added more tension to it considering Christian has lost 5 MITB matches. They could of even had a winner take all match with the IC Titke and MITB briefcase like RVD and Shelton Benjamin did at Survivor Series 2004. Cody could be really over and continue to amaze us every week, especially if he won such a match. This match, if I got to book it, would be at Summerslam. Plus, Cody would look great with the briefcase and he would stay in the mid-card area for awhile anyways. Alot more excitement would be made knowing Cody could cash in any moment and saving such suspense since he would hold it for awhile. He has competed in a MITb match before and he definetly makes my list.

Now notice this is not who should of been world champion blog, but who should of won MITB. If it was, more people would be involved.

I do agree with Edge winning the first MITB, RVD winning was good, Mr.Kennedy I am ok with (but it was cool to have Edge beat Mr.Kennedy for the briefcase in a Ladder match), CM Punk winning twice I am iffy on for Shelton Benjamin's sake, Dolph winning I am iffy on, and Daniel Bryan knowing where he is today is fine for me.

Thanks for reading my blog. And one thing I must mention is I am thrilled Wade Barret is returning and he should be a future MITB winner. I did try posting this blog the week of John Cena's failed cash in but my computer has been laggy in sending in blogs. Besides I dislike it when people only get their blogs on for like 2 days on the front page. Please rate and comment.

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  1. christianfan's Avatar
    Kofi Kingston?? Tell me i didnt read this! Tell me i didnt just read this!!!
  2. e.townconcrete's Avatar
    Kofi should be a heel, i see him better as a heel.
  3. Jerichoholic-NL's Avatar
    your Christian storyline looks awesome

    And Shelton Benjamin is the number 1 guy who deserved it the most
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