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Who Betta' Than Kanyon: The Moral Debate

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Hey guys it's the Breezey butting, Ric Flair strutting (receding hairline included), child scaring, mullet wearing Poot-Hair here with yet another sphincter tightening adventure on your computer. Yessss My blogs are more exciting that watching Zach Gowen with one arm tied behind his back climb a ladder to reach his fake leg on a rope. Now that the grand introductions are out of the way, it's time for me to lay another doodoo nugget of knowledge on your heads.

There once was a man that wrestled in the 1990's-early 2000's. This man was trained by the Fabulous Moolah and Afa the Wild Somoan. Throughout his career, which included WCW, WWE, PWG, and TNA, he had managed to hold the tag team belts with with 3 reigns and a U.S. Title Reign. Known as the "Innovator of Offense" he could fly with the Cruiserweights, bang with the Heavyweights, and pretty much out-talk anyone on the roster at any given time. I'm talking about Chris "Kanyon" Klucsarits. I'm also talking about one of the business' first openly homosexual competitor.

Kanyon was on record as saying that he felt that him being homosexual was one of the things that kept him from being a bigger star than he was. He even had a gig on the Indies where he was saying that the reason he was fired from the WWE was because of his sexuality (albeit Kayfabe). It is even speculated by some that one of the reasons Kanyon commited suicide (of many reasons including being bipolar and manic depressive) was because TNA's embrace of Orlando Jordan's sexual preferences, a role he felt that should have been given to him in his prime. I'm not saying this is the reason behind his untimely death, but I am saying it would make sense.

The purpose of this blog today is simple; I want to know if a major Professional Wrestling company will ever allow an openly homosexual male to be in it's organization without backlash and if an openly gay man will ever be allowed to be the Heavyweight Champion. Let me preach on it.

Will a Major Wrestling Company ever allow an openly gay wrestler on its roster without backlash? My answer to this question is yes.....eventually. We all saw what happened with Orlando Jordan in TNA. TNA gave Jordan(an openly bisexual man) a Bisexual gimmick where he would descend from the rafters wrapped in caution tape, and rub all over his competitors in the ring, and suck face with both men and women in between. After a few weeks of this, TNA quickly backtracked on the character and stuck Jordan in a tag team with Eric Young. TNA was catching flak from a TON of people in how they were portraying him, and having a gay character on T.V. in general so it was better for them to just write him off and eventually release him in their minds. This is why is put "without backlash" in the question.

What I'm getting to is nowadays people have become more accepting to gay people, with several states even adopting legislation allowing marriage between two men or two women. Even moreso now than in 2010, when OJ had his time in TNA. Now, in my opinion, would be the perfect time for a major company like WWE to begin to use an openly gay character and push him to the moon. I mean they're already so "socially active" so why not add "gay friendly" to that list as well?

Will a Major Company ever allow an openly gay man as Champion? That answer is a little tricky. I honestly feel that IF WWE, TNA, or RoH were to ever allow a gay man as champion it would be in the very very distant future. Especially given how "politically correct" the WWE has become recently, if they ever did allow a competitor to be their hood-ornament gay marriage would have to be universally accepted enough that there wouldn't be a huge backlash for them doing so. I feel that they'd be a little more open to allowing an openly gay man compete moreso than be "the next John Cena" at this moment in time.

Now with all this said, let me say I am a completely heterosexual male. I have a wonderful wife of 5 years and I have a child on the way due January 20, 2013. I've had this blog in my head for a long while to do, and I have debated doing it due to fear of all the flaming that would occur. I decided of course (as you're reading this) to go ahead and post this blog because I am genuinely interested in hearing your opinions on this subject.

Am I right? Wrong? Full of shit? Pictures of you humping your favorite teddy? Melt in your mouth cookie recipes? Leave all comments below, and please guys, keep it respectful. You can disagree with my opinions and call me an idiot or moron but please don't flame. Let's have a good ol' debate on this! Until next time, peace guys!!

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  1. Viperfish's Avatar
    I'm fine with gay people in wrestling, just don't go all Jerry Springer "I'm here at the gay parade clearly trying to draw attention to myself among all the other gay people" gay. I think it's insulting to gay people and straight men don't even want to see it.
  2. PhEonYx's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Viperfish
    I'm fine with gay people in wrestling, just don't go all Jerry Springer "I'm here at the gay parade clearly trying to draw attention to myself among all the other gay people" gay. I think it's insulting to gay people and straight men don't even want to see it.
    I'm all for the E' trying to push equal rights, anti-bullying and anything for that matter, yet if they were to push the whole "gay" gimmick down our throats like they have with the likes of A.J ,Ryder ,Santino, Cena, social media/networking (and so forth), fans will only get bored with the idea and concept of it.
  3. LMPunker's Avatar
    i have no problem with a gay wrestler being world champion if you're good enough you're goodenough end of just my concern is crowd reaction and how nasty people could be towards them aslong as they dont have an orlando jordon type gimmick ive no problem with it
  4. ewantu2's Avatar
    As long as he does not keep bringing his gayness up in promos and in the ring i'm fine.
  5. Poot-Hair's Avatar
    Thanks for the comments guys!! What do you think my next blog should be on? I'm open to any suggestions!
  6. Asherdelampyr's Avatar
    a few things here, from my slightly skewed bi perspective (First place here where I thought my sexuality may actually help prove a point)

    1. The secret to awesome mouth watering cookies is to bake them for a couple minutes less than the recipe states. I asked my wife (it makes them softer and chewier)

    2. I usually try and stay on the side of the line where Vince is all about money, and Linda's political aspirations don't affect the WWE product that much, however given both the current GOP stance on homosexuality (The broken "Hate the sin, not the sinner approach") and given just how much attention is currently being paid in the media to Gay rights. I do not expect or think that the WWE will make that step until either Vince resigns or Linda gets elected (Or gives her dreams up for good, which I cannot see happening at all)

    3. Now TNA on the other hand I think would do an openly gay wrestler. However if they turned it into another OJ it would piss me the hell off, again. The other potential pratfall given the situation here in the states with gay rights, also indicates that if TNA or WWE were to have a straight man "Play gay" as they have been known to do in the past that it would backfire tremendously.

    4. As for the comparison between Kanyon and OJ? Both talented guys, though Kanyon imo is much better, however Jordan's real issue was that gimmick, not because he is bi, but because he took that and basically used it to ram every negative stereotype about bisexuality down everyone's throat week after week. I really want to believe that he is honestly straight, because I cannot understand the mindset that sees you get your ass kicked around growing up for years because of the negative stereotypes associated with something that you cannot change, only to turn right the hell around as an adult and propigate those same harmful stereotypes even further.

    I would say that the money has to be really damn good, but this is TNA, and with them I kinda doubt it was.

    All in all I would not be surprised to see a TNA Heavyweight Champ within the next 5 years that likes guys, for WWE I think it will be 10. As far as having an openly gay wrestler debut? I think either company would be willing to do so now, however the person that fills that role has to be good enough to shut up dissenters immediately, or it will flop horribly.

    or to put it another way

    if John Cena was gay, he would have never gotten over. However I do believe that if Jericho liked boys he still would have been fine.

    Kanyon was really close to that level.

    Awesome Blog Poot, and if your next one is on the best masks in wrestling, not only will I tune in I will send everyone I know over
  7. SilverGhost's Avatar
    Basically what everyone said, if the wrestler is good in the mic, on the mat and can produce ring psychology that can tell a story I couldn't care any less if the wrestler gay, bi, or transsexual.

    And they shouldn't shove a flamboyant gimmick down our throats JUST because of their preferences. OJ didn't work out because of that.

    A gay World Heavyweight Champion is highly possible but is it probable in our sensitive times? I don't think so. Probably in a few years or so.
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