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Dubs picks it: Favorite ring attire and it's imortance

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Ever had a favorite wrestling attire where you thought were cool and went outside the box rather than being the generic, usual wrestling attire? Well today, I would like to talk about favorite ring attire in pro wrestling from past and present and it's importance for making a larger than life superstar. I'm not going to do a count-down or anything. I'm just going to randomly pick out some attires that I thought were cool, creative, and edgy.


Raven's attire had such a mystique to his dark, mysterious character. It really made him stand out back in ECW and WCW. In the mid-90's, you had wrestlers rocking the long hair and trunks but Raven was the opposite of that and wrestled in jorts and a shirt wrapped around his waist. This went great with his gimmick since he was playing a depressed, sociopath which went greatly with the attire he was wearing. The others in ECW would follow this trend too with the likes of Stevie Richards and Justin Credible also wearing a shirt along with jorts on. If Raven wore the usual generic wrestling attire, his character wouldn't have stood out much but his wrestling attire gave him an innovative look that many others have incorporated into their ring gear.

CM Punk

When you first look at CM Punk's old IWA/ROH attire, you would first think, "Who is this punk wrestling in basketball shorts and why does he have taped hands with an X on them?" but when you actually hear him cut a promo and wrestle in the ring, now you start to think "Man, this guy is great!" It worked greatly for CM Punk's character who was all about getting under people's skin and saying whatever he wanted to. It also worked for his straightedge lifestyle being incorporated into his gimmick with the whole "I'm straight edge which means I'm better than you!" stuff. I thought his ring attire was pretty cool since I often wear basketball shorts myself and don't really like dressing "fancy" too much. It also played up to the whole "Kid from Chicago who over-achieved" aspect of his character. He wears trunks now but I've always preferred this attire of his.

Bret Hart

Bret Hart is the ONLY person to make pink look cool. PERIOD! His attire was great and I thought the jacket along with the sunglasses were freaking awesome. I always wanted the jacket and sunglasses growing up as a kid. It was bright and gave him a different type of look than the rest of the pack back in the late 80's and early 90's.

Stone Cold

With Stone Cold's gimmick, he was an Anti-hero who did whatever the hell he wanted to and didn't give a damn in the process. He would rebel against authority and always wanted to raise some hell. Stone Cold's all black in-ring attire along with his sleeveless jacket made him look badass. When guys were wearing brightly-colored ring attire and would kiss up to the fans, Stone Cold went against that. Stone Cold's all-black ring attire may have just been a plain black ring attire to some but it represented him being a tweener and worked in his rebellious character.

Macho Man Randy Savage

Man, Randy Savage had THE BEST attire back in the WWE Golden Era. Fact. His attires were so freaking cool and larger than life. The hat, jacket, and glasses gave him an innovative look back in the Golden Era along with his famous Macho Man voice. It was a great look for the Macho Madness! Ohhh Yeaaah!

John Cena would come out to the ring, wearing throwbacks, pump sneakers, and jorts. It was an urban type look to fit his character. To me, his Thuganomics gimmick along with his attire were great. Rarely do you see a rapper gimmick work but John Cena made it work and made the gimmick look cool. The throwback jerseys were also a nice touch as he would use it to get a pop from the crowd whenever he would wear their team's jersey. He even used it as a heel tactic like when he wore a Yankees jersey in Boston. This gimmick would eventually get him over and make him the top guy in the WWE right now.

Personally, this is Mic Foley's best gimmick. Hell, this gimmick gave us Mr. Socko! I thought the attire was hilarious with the whole ripped up collard shirt with a tie on it, the brown tights, and the mask. It represented the mentally deranged aspect of the gimmick. It would have been great wearing a mask like that.

Ultimate Warrior
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Do I even have to explain this one? lol Such a creative attire this was. The face-paint, arm-strings, colorful tights, and the colorful boots were ingenious for a high-energy character like his. Like Savage's attire, it represented everything the Golden Era was about, fun characters and bright, colorful gimmicks.

The Icon Sting

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Sting's attire was a representation of change and character. In his old attire, he wore colorful tights and colorful facepaint but in a storyline where the NWO were dominating WCW, Sting's character changed. He wore white and black facepaint, black tights, gloves, a trench coat, and longer hair. It was a homage to The Crow. The change of attire and character added another dynamic to Stong's persona and made for compelling TV to see how his character was handled. Sting changing his attire was refreshing and made him more of a household name. A marvelous attire it was and still is.

Hulk Hogan's attire change was needed for his heel turn back in 1996. His attire was edgy and cool. It was something fresh and added a new dnyamic to him. He wore black finger gloves and black and white tigts which differed from his red and yellow ring gear. I was always a fan of Hogan before he turned heel but he started to interest me more when he was Hollywood Hulk Hogan. NWO was a great way to turn him heel and made the Monday Night Wars much more interesting for us viewers.

The Rock's Hollywood gimmick is the best gimmick of all time, that's for sure. The attire he would with the whole fancy cloth and exspensive shoes went good with his gimmick. He made the two elbows and no wrist-tape trend cool. Batista started to use it and Bobby Roode now uses it in his ring gear. It was great to see The Rock his attire to fit his cocky tweener persona. His Rocky Maivia attire was atrocious. lol There is no question that The Rock getting another gimmick helped his career a lot and made him par on with Stone Cold.

Shawn Michaels
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Shawn Michaels had some amazing attires throughout his career but his Wrestlemania 12 attire along with his Wrestlemania 25 attires are my favorites. Granted, just about every attire of his are something special but those two really stand out in my opinion. I also liked how he wore a white trench coat and white hat to differ against The Undertaker. Thoguht that was pretty funny. Shawn Michaels knows out to out-perform anyone at Wrestlemania and out-attire them with cool ring gear.

Attire is just as important as charisma and wrestling skills. It makes a wrestler stand out from the rest. This is what is needed in wrestling today; more innovative wrestling attires and gimmicks. No matter who you are, if you have a innovative attire and gimmick, you will stand out from the rest and that's the key in drawing in professional wrestling. So no Kevin Nash, being a bigger wrestler doesn't make larger than life wrestler, attire and gimmicks make a larger than life wrestler. Enough said.

Thanks for checking out my blog guys. Give me feedback and also, let me know your favorite attire of all time!

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  1. bigrence202's Avatar
    great blog i totally agree with most of your choices especially Raven his attire fit his persona perfectly he had the whole grunge look at the height of its popularity,i also loved the whole "crow look" that sting used. i like CM Punks current look, i wasnt really feeling the basketball shorts he looked like a backyard wrestler or random CZW guy lol

    all in all good list and great blog, i would add Rey Misterio jr he has had some sick attires throughout his career
  2. JT316's Avatar
    How did the Shockmaster not make this list? I agree with above Rey Mysterio is a worthy mention.
  3. dub's Avatar
    Remember Christians attire when he broke off from Edge? His music would hit: CHRISTIAN!!!....CHRISTIAN!!!.... At last your on your ooooowwwwwwwwwnnnnn, and then he would come out with those valure tights, see through tank top, and shades bigger than his entire face. UGH, I couldn't stand him in that ring gear but you know what... JOB ACCOMPLISHED
  4. Dubs's Avatar
    @Bigrence202 You're right man. Rey Mysterio had some amazing attires, especially back in WCW. His Wrestlemania 22 one would have to be my favorite though.

    @JT316 I should have included him. lol Shockmaster's Star Wars Stormtrooper helmet was awesome.

    @dub I was annoyed Chrisitan's old attire too. lol But looking back on it now, it was something different and looked pretty cool.

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