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From the UK - Summerslam preview (contains SD spoilers)

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Just one more week of television tapings before we reach Summerslam, and you can't help but feel that this PPV will be pivotal to the future of the WWE. Here are my main hopes for the slam, and what the future may hold for some of the WWE roster.

1) Dolph goes over
The match between Y2J and the showoff is now official, and it is being seen by many as a passing of the torch between the two stand-out performers of 2012 so far. Ziggler has talent pouring out of him, and it would be a travesty if he does not hold a world title by the end of the year. Jericho on the other hand has made CM Punk look even better than he did last year, whilst teaching other youngsters what makes a good heel. With a Fozzy tour on the horizon, I see nothing other than a Ziggler win, before being slingshotted into a major feud with Sheamus for the WHC.

2) Punk retains
I am unbelievably glad that Punk has started to turn heel. His character had almost become the opposite of his renegade style last summer. However, I am in favour of his long title reign, and do not see a win for Big Show or Cena on the horizon. If Punk manages to keep himself fresh character wise, then I can see a one year reign before a defeat some point in December, before a Cena - Rock match at the Royal Rumble for the title. I can see this leading up to a Rock - Punk match at Wrestlemania in New Jersey next spring.

3) Barratt Returns
Wade Barratt competed in a dark match before the Smackdown tapings last night, and with the video package aired on Monday night, I hope that there are big things in store for my fellow countryman. My hope is he gains another stable, with maybe Drew Mcintyre, Antonio Cesaro and Aksana to produce a European style stable. I believe Barratt may be an ideal opponent for Punk post Summerslam.

4) Tag Team Revolution
Kofi and R-Truth are getting boring. Titus and Darren are ridiculous, and Epico and Primo are a bit repetitive. Here in the UK, we get the new series of NXT, and there are one team who have stood out straight away. The Ascension, who consist of former NXT alumni Conor O'Brien, and another Brit, Kenneth Cameron. For those who haven't seen them yet, they are a Gothic tag team, similar in style to the Brood in the attitude era. I would love to see a Kofi and R-Truth retention at Summerslam in some kind of Triple Threat or Fatal 4 way before an attack by the Ascension with the titles going on them before the end of the year.

Here in the UK, we get TNA available to us on a free to view television network. In my opinion, since TNA went live, they have taken it up a notch, although they are still miles away from being a viable competitor to WWE. They need to prove that the success of the live Impact shows can be maintained, and then they should tour around the South East of America. They need to rely on the younger TNA stars; the AJ Styles, Austin Aries, James Storm, Bobby Roode. In my eyes, Aries is the best in the world at the moment from both companies.
Thanks for reading, and this is my first attempt, so any comments are welcome

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  1. PSOjedi's Avatar
    I can not believe, Punk retains at Summerslam, because of what he did to The Rock. I can not see The Rock not being involved in this match. For me Cena or Big Show wins. I would like to see Big Show as the WWE Champ for a solid reign until TLC, where Punk regains his belt, to lose it ar RR to The Rock. Cena wins the Royal Rumble, then faces The Rock at Mania, and wins.

    But I can not see The Rock, with the WWE Championship, and not showing himself on RAW each week, until Mania. This is why, Cena should not have lost his MITB briefcase and cash in on The Rock at RR just after his wins over Punk. Then The Rock would have face Cena at Mania for the title, and of course Cena would have win

    If Cena wins the WWE Championship at Summerslam, I don't think he will face The Rock at Mania, or only in a Triple Threat with Punk
    Updated 08-09-2012 at 01:14 PM by PSOjedi
  2. Rebecca Ashe's Avatar
    HHH hopefully will win brock lesnar it won't even be a match its going to be another fight to the finish just like John Cena vs. Brock i hope WWE puts together a great one

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