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Up/Down: Jobbers and Low Carders

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What is up guys! In the last addition of this blogg, I looked at the midcard of the WWE and talked about Kofi, Truth, and Ziggler to name just a few. On this edition, I am goingg to focus on the lower tier of the WWE. The jobbers and low card talent. Let's dive right into it!

Alex Riley

Now, I like Riley. Back when he originally turned face and went against the Miz, I thought this guy was going to have a decent time in the mid card range. We saw him for a month or two, and then he fell off the face of the earth....which is not awesome. Now I remember reading he got a DUI, and another report saying he acted wrongly when ribbed by Cena. Now, considering the factor that he has been on the main roster(if you include NXT from when it was on SyFy), the guy has been on it for 2 years now. You would think he would be out of the doghouse. The dude has the look, the in ring work somewhat, and from what I remember he is ok on the mic. He would make a perfect mid carder, and possibly even US or IC Champ. Where I see him going though, is unclear. It comes down to what he does. I mean, you can't stay in the doghouse forever right.

Curt Hawkins/Tyler Reks

Now, for me, I've never been a fan. I've listened to them on the mic, and watched them in the ring, and really, nothing that has made me go wow, or even "oh I can't wait to see these guys again". That doesn't change the fact that others though, enjoy these two. Now, here is my standpoint on them. If the WWE were to try and revitalize the tag team division more so than what they have now, this team could be a good staple of that. As single competitors though, I think they will become easily forgotten.

Ezekiel Jackson

How this guy was ever champion, baffles me. He doesn't give off great charisma, and he isn't stellar in the ring. His only plus is his size and strength, and even then, that isn't a big thing. I remember back around WM when he was involved in the GM angle, and would face David Otunga. Talk about an uh moment. This is a guy who I personally don't see going any farther than he has in his career. Even if you tried teaming him up with a little guy to do the big guy/little guy combo, I don't see it working. Remember Kendrick/Zeke? I was never a fan of that.

Tyson Kidd

Now, some people may be like "What, why are you putting Kidd here!? He has been on Raw, he has been on the recent PPV, he isn't a jobber or low card". While I can see your POV, I see Kidd this way. There are 3 tiers essentially. The jobbers/low carders. The mid card/upper mid carders, and the main eventers. Kidd is on the cusp of going from the low card to the mid card. His recent bout in the MITB match, as well as being on Raw facing Tensai, is helping Kidd do that. People are high on Ziggler for his ability in the ring, well, I'm even higher on Kidd. The dude has mad in ring skill, and from what I've seen on NXT, he is decent on the mic. I could see Kidd eventually winning the IC or US championship within the next year, if he continues to be pushed. The dude is past the point of tag team wrestling, and would shine as a singles star.

Drew McIntyre.

Now...I will start this by saying I am not a Drew fan. I've never been high on him, and never been entertained by him. BUT...there is a but, there is no denying the dude does have the look, in ring ability, and mic skill. He is a former IC Champ, and since that point he has just drifted to the land of jobbers. Now here is a guy, where I don't understand why he hasn't been pushed. He could easily be a Us or IC champ again, if given the right push. He is my toughest one, because I can't honestly predict which direction he is going in.

Well guys and gals, hope you liked this blog. I look forward to reading all of your comments and thoughts!

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  1. Callum's Avatar
    Agreed with pretty much everything, Good blog.

    Drew McIntyre was supposed to face The Undertaker at Wrestlemania in 2010 so something must of happened for him to disappear off Tv all together.
  2. bearkg88's Avatar
    Funny how I blog and one of the people i talk about is Riley, and he gets a win on Raw
  3. clrj3514's Avatar
    I agree with most of this, especially about Big Zeke. Maybe he could've been a force in the 90s WWF but now, he's a lost cause IMO.
  4. Hurtts101's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Callum
    Agreed with pretty much everything, Good blog.

    Drew McIntyre was supposed to face The Undertaker at Wrestlemania in 2010 so something must of happened for him to disappear off Tv all together.

    Best of my knowledge, McIntyre was punished for the altercation between him and then gf/wife(?) Tiffany which led to her release and his 'demotion'. I think it's been long enough though and he does have all the tools to be a future champ. Of everyone that has been buried on your list and others, I believe he is THE guy to hopefully break through again.
    Love Tyson Kidd. He is an honest to goodness nice guy in real life and as a fellow Canadian hope to see his push continue, though sure it won't be much more than IC/Us champ status.
    As for A-Ry, I think he is a guy to build the US/IC scene around for a few years. Super talented in all respects and crowds seem to love him. Hopefully his 'punishment' is almost over too.
    Agree with everyone else on the list. Hawkins and Rekks are a decent team, maybe, but not much else interests me about them. And Zeke, while could have been an attraction, has already been ruined, no real mat skills, and don't see much reason to keep him around.
  5. TheBadGuy2090's Avatar
    Drew Mcintyre and tyson kidd can be great in future if used properly.. One name that comes to my mind other than this list is Hunico i mean this guy is great he was much better than the real sin cara..he is a high flyer alongwith great grappling skills..
    This guy needs to get pushed
  6. HereForOneThing's Avatar
    If you guys check out my thread with the exception of maybe Drew (Purely based just on the look) I think no one here will ever be wwe or world heavyweight champion but I do believe if the US title is given the right push these guys could bring credibility back to the title, and be like former great who never won world championships!
  7. Dashing Rachel's Avatar
    You might want to add Cody Rhodes on the list. In the past year, Rhodes has gone from one of the longest reigning Intercontinental Champions to being relegated to WWE Superstars. It seems that the WWE is interested in upstart heels such as Damien Sandow, Jinder Mahal, Antonio Cesaro, Heath Slater, and Dean Ambrose. Not to mention, guys like Alberto Del Rio, the Big Show, Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, and Wade Barrett are seen as the WWE's top heels.

    Rhodes was slated for a huge push but his Wellness failure was the reason for Rhodes to get pushed down the card. Your thoughts?
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