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Ace Lancaster

Santino Needs to Drop the U.S. Title Immediately

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Here are my issues with Santino Marella as the United States Champion.
First of all he’s not a credible wrestler let alone a credible United States Champion.

It’s impossible to take him serious.

His mic skills are okay but it’s all for comedic relief.

His move set is completely lame. He has a hip toss, the saluting head butt, and the cobra. Those are seriously the only moves I ever see him do. Obviously he might be a better wrestler than he’s letting on but that’s WWEs fault for not letting him show his true potential.

I think he would be much better suited as a manager for an up and coming star that doesn’t have good mic skills or just use him backstage with Booker and Teddy.

He’s not even promoted well and he rarely ever has matches lately and when he does he gets demolished by his opponents so it’s time for him to finally lose the title.

He needs to drop the title immediately. His character is ruining the prestige of the title. Obviously since he’s a face he’ll need to drop it to a heel. Most likely candidates include Antonio Cesaro and Damien Sandow.

I'd love to see Sandow take it from him because he's got some crazy potential.

Thanks for reading and please post your thoughts on the Santino situation.

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  1. Bobby1181's Avatar
    To be honest he was actually having good matches up the point where he made his first title defense. Since then it's been all downhill. Ceasaro seems to be the most likely next candidate to get the title next, with Sandow feuding with and hopefully lifting Brodus from the stale level of mediocrity he is at.
  2. bartish2's Avatar
    santino is a joke, his reign is a joke, the belt is a joke. even with 5 hours a week they still have 0 feuds for it and santino still jobs out to people on a weekly basis. just drop the title off boretino already. crappy moveset, crappy mic skills crappy reign. give it to sandow and actually utilize your extra hour instead of giving us crap
  3. ToiletBowl's Avatar
    I think a brief Santino title run is ok. Makes for a great underdog story... But he has had the title for months and I don't agree with that. He's also great for the tag team division. I love the comic relief guy in wrestling. Just don't think they are worthy of long singles title runs. Also, I don't know of anyone who "marked out" when Santino even got into the EC match, let alone gave the illusion that he could win. Anyone that actually believed Santino would win the WHC at the EC PPV needs to contact me about some beach front property in Kansas.
  4. dub's Avatar
    I liked Intercontinental Champion Santino better.
  5. Ace Lancaster's Avatar
    Bobby1181: He was having okay matches at best. He usually takes a beating then ends up winning with the Cobra. I think as soon as they give Cesaro a title shot he'll get the win. Also, it looks like since the WWE wants to change Brodus' image its likely that he'll lose to Sandow at Summer Slam and them come back with a totally new gimmick.

    bartish2: Agreed! You would think that with all of the extra TV time they could come up with a decent feud for Santino but that's not been the case. I think its about time to have our very first Rugby United States Champion.

    Toilet Bowl: I couldn't agree with you more. I don't know anyone who "marked out" when Santino was put into the Elimination Chamber and MITB. To me this was a waste of space in both matches. Also, everyone that I know including myself was very upset that Santino got placed in those matches instead more deserving talent.
  6. A.J. The People's Champ's Avatar
    its sad that likes of Bret Hart, Goldberg, and Harley Race held this title only to have it reduced to something to dump ashes on.
  7. shawnmoney1694's Avatar
    What?! Santino is a good wrestler. Your idea of putting him as a manager is even worse then him being in the ring! Who is he gonna manage I mean come on. anyway ok blog I guess even though i don't agree with it much
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