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What Should Be Happening With Champions And Their Titles.

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Hello, This is my first blog so forgive me for any mistakes and any comments will be much appreciated.

First with the wwe championship. why should CM Punk be champ hes hasn't face some greats and will get a big shock when it comes to royal rumble. i think he should lose the title to big show at summerslam and then put him on the united states title run.

World heavyweight championship, sheamus should not be facing del rio at summerslam he should be in a triple threat with rey mysterio and randy orton. i don't know about you guys but i think sheamus is getting put in easier matches than he can do and that's why wwe's going downhill.

NXT championship, why would you want to have this? if you have this you should be getting an oppertunity at the next pay per view for the intercontinentel champion. this is a stupid title and should be demolished.

intercontinentel championship, this has been a good bout for this title and has been fought for awesomely but now i think they need to step up their game again and put a 8 man battle royal with the likes of tyson kidd, cody rhodes, dolph ziggler, sin cara and other mid card guys.

united states championship, are they just taking the mick or something, santino marella should be on NXT he should not be united states champion this title should be for people like david otonga and would be a good first title for brodus clay or lord tensai.

Diva's championship, this is another title that should be demolished and if they want to keep it swap superstars to divas and make a show dedicated so i don't have to watch it.

unified tag team championships, i think they need to swap the titles sooner rather than later, kofi needs to turn on r-truth and have them battle for a 1-1 title not the tag team champions. this title should go to the primetime players.

titles i think should be brought back, cruiserweight title on smackdown and have sin cara go into a intense rivalry with cody rhodes. hardcore championship as a run around championship. un-unify the tag team championships and have them separate. put the television championship on raw so the show-offs can do just that and we could have a poll every couple of weeks for a challenger.

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