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The Barrett Barrage Returns

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Hey guys Knox here. Man, I don't know about everyone else but I'm a huge Wade Barrett fan. When I saw his return hype up video on Raw I got very excited. I just wanna talk about how to book him and the upsides of this guy. WWE has a serious talent on their hands and I truly believe they won't screw it up.

Here's the video package if anyone missed it.

Wade Barrett's Biggest Advantage:
This is a very easy one. His biggest asset is that he hasn't won the WWE Championship of World Heavyweight Championship yet. That's his biggest strength because this gives him much more room to build. The way I see it, you never wanna be in a position in which the people think you won it too fast. Its best to be in a position where people are wondering "how long till you win it".

He's saved himself from being in the same boat as Alberto Del Rio, Daniel Bryan, The Miz....or even worst, Jack Swagger. Those talents I just mentioned are constantly losing buzz everyday due to the fact that they won the WWE/WHC too early in their careers.

When you win a major World Championship, it is not a good thing to be demoted to a lower Championship. People are saying how good it was for Miz to be I.C. Champ and really its not. Especially when he just Mainevented Wrestlemania in 2011 for crying out loud.

Being demoted only worked for Jericho and that's because he's Jericho. But when guys win the belt too fast, its hard to build on them to bigger things because with the lackluster creative team, they don't know how to build a strong midcarder or maineventer without involving a Championship belt. If you don't believe me, just ask Zack Ryder.

How Wade Barrett's Return Should Happen:
This could happen a number of different ways. I think creative is going to feed him to Orton once again seeing as that was his last major feud. This would be a huge NO NO. Orton isn't concerned with putting anyone over these days.

I think Wade should return at Summerslam. Sheamus retains the WHC. Del Rio comes in gives Sheamus a good beat down after the match. Dolph Ziggler comes out to cash in the briefcase. Just as he hands the case to the referee, Wade Barrett's music hits.

He comes to the ring very slow and cool. He steps inside the ring and out of nowhere takes out Dolph Ziggler. The reason being is because I wanna see Wade Barrett in a tweener role. I don't want him to be a babyface yet but I do wanna see how the fans take to him as a mix of a face and heel. I think it will be a good reaction. He tweens in a feud with Dolph Ziggler for about a month. Then I want him to go full heel again.

What Nexus Did For Wade:
I'll always stick by this but Wade Barrett has had the most legendary and untypical rise to stardom ever. How many people debuted as the leader of a stable of unknown rookies and took that to big heights? Wade as the mouthpiece of that stable was some of the best booking ever. Its a shame how it ended with them being jobbed.

But what it did to is show the world and the WWE Officials just how damn good Wade Barrett is on the mic and how comfortable he is in a position of power. Very rarely do guys come into the WWE as a rookie and take a gimmick to levels that quick.

When he was in WWE Championship matches against Randy Orton and big time matches headlining PPV's against Cena during the Nexus Era, he just plain looked like he belonged. He looked comfortable. He looked as if he's been in the mainevent scene for years. Its was great stuff.

Wade Barrett's Weakness:
His theme music. I don't know why they changed his music to that silly "I don't care what you think of me" theme. If he wants to be fully taken serious, he needs a new theme.

Is Wade Barrett the best heel in wrestling today?

1. Wade Barrett

2. Bully Ray

3. Bobby Roode

That's my top 3. I have Wade at #1 because he's a different kind of heel. He's an oldschool heel. He isn't like the new generation heel. The typical new generation heels are the Dolph Ziggler's, Daniel Bryan's, Bobby Roode and more recently Cm Punk. Those are the heels that cheat to win matches, cry about everything and whine, and pussy foot their way out of wrestling matches.

Wade Barrett is a straight up no nonsense heel. He doesn't run and hide from competition. He never whines or moans. He just fights. He reminds me alot of Sheamus when he was a heel. This is what makes Wade Barrett the best heel. Bully Ray is awfully close though.

LOL, I couldn't resist.

Hope you all enjoyed this one. Please leave feedback as well as how you would book Wade Barrett to return. Be safe guys and check out my new music below. Until then.


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  1. TheRealOutlaw's Avatar
    Good blog IMO, I will say this, I don't agree with the how he should return. It's a odd spot to put him in if WWE does have Ziggler cash in the case.

    I could see him returning as a leader of a stable made from upset mid-card wrestlers, since this entire JTG twitter rant has been going on. I smell storyline there, that's why I bring this up here. He was great in the past as a leader of a stable.
  2. Joonny's Avatar
    Totally agree. I love WB. I think his gimmick is much better than Daniel Bryan, CM Punk and Bully Ray. While they are bitching around and complains, WB is a badass. He is a brute.

    He versus Sheamus for the WHC at WM would be the best. Maybe at WM 30?
  3. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Good write up. I fully agree with your Wade Barrett returning as a tweener point. I think that's needed. He's done the bland heel who comes out, blurts that he's great...yada yada. I saw someone post the vid of his return promo. And what I get out of it, is a REAL good gimmick change. Now they're really going to play to his strengths as a bare knuckle fighter. He's gonna be a kick ass and take names type now. I think that would be good for him. No more Clark Kent/Superman combover hairdo. No more "We're here for a higher purpose" garbage. He was a bare knuckle fighter and if he takes that gimmick, he would become a real bad ass.

    Hmmm...Wade Barrett vs Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania, perhaps? Even I would find that interesting. Anyone agree?
  4. holycrapoly's Avatar
    I completely agree and loved this blog. Barrett is one of my favorite superstars in WWE today and I'm glad he's finally back.

    The only way I see WWE screwing it up is if Barrett goes face. I don't think he could play that role well and it would kill the likibility, like Sheamus.
  5. Poot-Hair's Avatar
    I just listened to your song "frozen" and I'm very much interested in putting a rock spin on it. I'm thinking maybe the Fray meets Linkin Park lol. I've sat and got a good acoustic back riff to go along with your piano/drum in the song. I'd like to get your permission before continuing.

    Also if you're interested, I may could record you a couple good riffs. Think Kid Kudi's rock album . I'm a pm away.
  6. machoo mann's Avatar
    I've been sitting in the dock for while, writing nothing but I really wanted to give my 2 cents on this issue. Barrett is great, he really didn't need to go through the whole TLC-pootastic, he's way better than that. I also like the point you made about becoming a champion too fast, it is mostly the case when we look at the guys you mentioned. However I will not say this about Bryan, he's over as hell and I think people overreact about this altercation with Sheen, it has brought some funny skits and WWE wants to be seen everywhere so a short program with Sheen is just raising Bryan's stocks in WWE eventhough he deserves better.

    Man that video package is just great and it has kind of "Dark Knight" - atmosphere. I also hope they have slightly changed Barrett's gimmick and maybe have slapped him a new theme. This "bareknuckle" scenary is for the good and I hope he is booked like he knows how to kick chulo in the ring. Let's hope that Ambrose, Ohno and other hard hitters will follow Wade!

    great blog.
  7. CM_SUXX_NOT's Avatar
    Ahaha nice comparison. I love Wade Barrett, I agree with everything you say because he is so good. He is the next big thing! Damien Sandow has something great as well, but Barrett just has everything the 'E should be looking for. I do hope he debuts some new music though.

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