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Dubs review: Fully Loaded 2000

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Hello guys. Today, I'm going to be reviewing a WWE old school PPV called WWF Fully Loaded 200. I've heared a lot of praising from this PPV and decided to give my thoughts on it. I'm not going to be too biased and I'm going to call things like I see it. How I rate the matches is simple. If the match is horrible, I'll rate it as bad, if the match is average, I'll rate it as mediocre, if the match is soild, I'll rate it as good, if the match is wonderful, I'll rate it as great, and if the match is flawless from bell to bell, I'll rate it as phenomenal. First, lets take a look at the card for Fully Loaded 2000 shall we:

Hardy Boyz w/ Lita vs T&A w/Trish Stratus in a six person tag team match

Tazz vs Al Snow

Perry Saturn vs Eddie Gurrero for the European title

APA vs Edge & Christian for the tag team titles

Val Venis vs Rikishi in a steel cage match for the IC title

The Undertaker vs Kurt Angle

Triple H vs Chris Jericho in a Last Man Standing match

The Rock vs Chris Benoit for the WWE/F title

By the looks of the card, it looks like a pretty promising show. Lets get to the reviewing!

1st match: T&A and Trish vs The Hardys and Lita

Match thoughts: Good 6 man tag match. Both teams were really over here. Whenever both teams would make a hot tag, the crowd would give them a great reaction. Trish Stratus and Lita's feud with one another was getting more and more enjoyable and was a highlight of the match. Just wish WWE would give their Divas more compelling feuds with one another. Anyways, The Hardys were great in the ring. Their in-ring stuff is underrated as they were always fun to watch back into the Attitude Era. Test & Albert were a good team in the ring as well. Outcome: The Hardys and Lita win the match but Trish gets the last laugh as she attacks Lita post-match with a belt. Rating: Good

2nd match: Tazz vs Al Snow

Match thoughts: Meh, pretty average match. Nothing too special although it wasn't a bad match either. The crowd being dead didn't help things but it was a filler match so it's understandable. Moving on. Outcome: Tazz wins via submission. Rating: Mediocre

3rd match: Eddie Gurrero vs Perry Saturn for the European title

Match thoughts: Not much to say here. The match was average and kinda sloppy at times. The first 5 minutes of the match started off fun but then it got a little boring after that. Eddie Gurrero and Perry Saturn really didn't have that much chemistry with one another and I've always thought that. I think if given more time, it would have been a solid match but I just couldn't get into it. Plus, the Terri and Chyna involment got annoying. Outcome: Perry Saturn and becomes the new European champion. Rating: Mediocre

4th match: APA vs Edge & Christian for the tag team titles

Match thoughts: It was a pretty solid tag team match and a pretty fun brawl at the begining of the match. Both teams were exciting to watch during the Attitude Era and had great cremistry with each other. Also, Edge & Christian were great, cocky heels in this match and they were wonderful at it while APA did great at playing the badass babyface type tag team. Good match between the two teams. Outcome: Edge & Cristian get DQ'd but still retain their tag team titles. Rating: Good

5th match: Val Venis w/ Trish Stratus vs Rikishi inside a steel cage for the IC title

Match thoughts: This is a great steel cage match. Seriously, this match is one of Rikishi and Val Venis' best matches. Both guys were on their game during this time, espeically Val Venis. This is proof that if you give two great workers a chance to do what they do best, it will add prestige into the mid-card titles. Plus, the spot where Rikishi jumps off the steel cage and onto Val Venis is amazing. Great match again. Outcome: Val Venis retains his IC title due to interference from Taz. Rating: Great

6th match: The Undertaker vs Kurt Angle

Match thoughts: Solid match. It started off with Undertaker beating the crap out of Kurt Angle but Kurt Angle gains control by working Taker's leg but falls in defeat with the Last Ride. Not much to say here really. It was a little too short for my liking but it worked out well. Outcome: Undertaker wins via pinfall. Rating: Good

7th match: Triple H vs Chris Jericho in a Last Man Standing match

Match thoughts: Wow, this match was brutal and I mean that in a great way. Triple H and Jericho work really well with each other and this match had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. It was very unpredictable. I thought the match was over when Triple H gave Jericho a pedigree but the match kept going and it was even more compelling. Both guys looked great out there and put on a brutal and bloody match. Outcome: Triple H wins. Rating: Great

Main event: The Rock vs Chris Benoit for the WWE/F title

Match thoughts: Man oh man was this an awesome main event. It wasn't a classic or anything but it's still a great quality PPV match. For anyone who thinks The Rock can't wrestle or hold his own against a great technical wrestler like Chris Benoit, please watch this match. This really put Benoit over despite him losing. Benoit was a top mid-carder at the time but this match made him look like a legit main eventer. I loved the swerve where it seemed as if Benoit was going to walk away with the WWE title but commissionor Foley reverses the decision in which The Rock gives Benoit a Rock Bottom, scores a pin, and retains his WWE/F title. I thought that was a nice touch. Outcome: The Rock via pinfall. Rating: Great

Final rating: I'd give this PPV an 8.5/10. Most of the matches on the card were great and the last hr saved this PPV. There wasn't one bad match on this PPV. Two matches were average, three matches were solid, and three matches were great, which is pretty good for a standard PPV. Fully Loaded 2000 was a great PPV and I highly recommend it. Mainly for the Rikishi/Val Venis steel cage match, the Triple H/Jericho Last Man Standing match, and the Rock/Benoit match. Thanks for reading guys. Let me know your thoughts.

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