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Book the Return of Evan Bourne and Joe Hennig

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Hey Guys. Longtime fan of the site, first time blogger. I have really enjoyed reading the blogs pertaining to reinventing the tag-team division in the WWE as of late. I thought I would do some armchair booking of my own about how things can get spiced up in the tag-team division when Evan Bourne and Michael McGillicuty return.
For starters, Truth and Kofi must drop the belts to the PTPs at an upcoming PPV. During the match, Kofi goes to to hit Trouble in Paradise but Darren Young ducks and Truth is taken down by Kofi's right foot. After the match, Young and Titus grab the belts and retreat to the back at the request of AW. Kofi and Truth are left in the ring and Truth expresses his frustration with Kofi about what happened. This is the first encounter of Truth losing trust in Kofi.
The next night on Raw, Evan Bourne returns and immediately starts becoming chummy with his old buddy/tag partner Kofi. Meanwhile, Kofi and Truth are scheduled to have a rematch against the PTPs later in the show. Well before the match, the PTPs jump Truth in the back and he is injured and not able to compete.
Next week on Raw, Truth is in a kaybabe cast and we are told by Michael Cole that he is out indefinitely with the injury. Truth is also upset that Kofi was not there when he got jumped last week since he was spending all of his time hanging out with Bourne opposed to getting ready for their rematch. Later in the show, AW confronts General Manager AJ Lee and insists that because Truth is not medically cleared to compete, Kofi and Truth should lose their mandatory rematch. AJ disagrees with AW and tells Kofi they will get their rematch when Truth is medically cleared. Kofi says okay but asks if there is anyway he can get a piece of the PTPs tonight. AJ Lee tells Kofi that he can still have the mandatory title shot rematch tonight but since Truth is not medically cleared, he must pick a different partner since Truth is not medically cleared to wrestle. Bourne urges Kofi to pick him as his partner and have Air Boom take on the PTPs. Kofi is inclined to accept Bourne's request but refuses b/c of his loyalty to Truth.
Next week, Truth is now medically cleared and he and Kofi face the PTP's in their mandatory rematch as they try to reclaim the tag titles. During the bout, the ref is down late in the match and AW enters with a foreign object. Before AW can use the foreign object on Kofi, Bourne runs out to make the save and knocks out AW. Bourne then takes the object and hits both Titus and Young with it. By now, the ref is back up and sees that Bourne has interfered. As a result, Kofi and Truth are disqualified. Truth is livid and blames Bourne for costing them the titles. However, Kofi seems appreciative that Bourne had his back. Truth remains angry and challenges Bourne to a match on Raw the next week. Bourne's reaction hints that he is up for the challenge. Meanwhile, it is obvious that Kofi is not happy his two friends will be squaring off.
The following Monday night, Truth is in a match vs. Bourne. Kofi is out at commentary for the match. During the match, the ref goes down and Bourne grabs a foreign object. He uses the object to knock out Truth and score the pin. After the match, Boune continues using the object to beat on Truth and as a result, Bourne has now officially turned heel. Meanwhile, Kofi just sits there on commentary claiming that he cannot believe Bourne would do this. However, Kofi never leaves the announce table to save Truth. Later in the show, Kofi confronts Bourne in the locker room about his actions. Bourne claims that Truth is a loser and is embarrassed that a star of Kofi's profile would associate with a guy like Truth. Bourne also questions Kofi's character for aligning himself with Truth. Bourne continues to question Kofi and claims that Truth is holding Kofi down. Shortly thereafter, Truth confronts Kofi in the backstage area and expresses his frustration with Kofi for not helping him out earlier. Truth tells Kofi that they are a team and he just let Bourne take shots on him after the match while Kofi watched at ringside.
We are now at a crossroads where Truth is losing trust in Kofi and the friendship between Bourne and Kofi appears to be all but over. Regardless, AJ books a match for Kofi and Truth vs. Bourne and a partner of his choice at the PPV where the winner becomes the #1 contender. Up until the PPV, Bourne befriends a number of heel wrestlers so that the audience is not sure as to who he will pick to be his partner at the PPV.
At the PPV, Kofi and Truth are introduced first. Bourne is introduced second and comes to the ring with a mic. Bourne then introduces his partner...Kofi Kingston. The match turns into a 2 on 1 as Kofi turns on Truth to join Bourne. Truth is beat down and Air Boom has reunited as a heel tag-team and are the new #1 contenders.
The next night on Raw Truth is in singles action and is jumped by Kofi and Bourne. As Kofi and Bourne beat on Truth, Michael McGillicuty runs in to make the save. McGillicutty is making his return with a new look, as a face and under a new name (Joe Hennig). Later in the show, Truth thanks Hennig when he sees him in the locker room. Hennig tells Truth that not too long ago, he was a rising star in the WWE and a tag-team champ with David Otunga. Hennig claims that he was on top of the world until Air Boom came along and dethroned them. After losing the belts to Air Boom, Hennig mentions that not only was he no longer a tag-team champ, but that his partner David Otunga abandoned him to be a suck up to John Laurenitis. Hennig tells Truth that they both know how it feels to be abandoned by your tag-team partner and also mentions that they both hate Air Boom. Because of this common bond, Hennig and Truth begin teaming and feuding with Air Boom.
In summary, I think this angle will really help the tag division in these 3 ways:
1. A young, legit team of the PTP's are put over and get a chance to generate some heat has heel tag champs. As the Henig/Truth vs. Kofi/Boune feud is taking place, the PTP's have an opportunity to continue their rivalry with Epico and Primo & start a new feud with the Uso's.
2. A top babyface team of Truth and Hennig is created. There is no denying that the Michael McGillicutty character is at rock bottom. New look, new name and new gimmick are mandatory for this guy.
3. Kofi and Bourne are as stale as they get. This heel turn gives both of these guys the opportunity to reinvent themselves. It also gives the WWE a top heel tag-team. Since Kofi and Bourne struggle on the mic, I would like to see Vickie become their manager. I am not a huge Vickie fan but she does generate heat. Also, with Vickie no longer managing Swagger (and likely not being with Ziggler for too much longer if all goes well), this might be a win/win for Air Boom and Vickie.
In closing, this proposed angle will not save the tag division. However, I think it will definitely spice things up. I look forward to your comments.

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  1. mikejanson85's Avatar
    i think he should come back as joe henning or curt hennig jr
  2. Heavy's Avatar
    Wow that has to be one of the best post that I have ever read. I think the angles that you talked about and the teams would do awesome for ratings and totally bring up the tag-team division all together. Great job

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