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Uncooked: Raw Afterthoughts

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What is up guys? Time for another edition of Uncooked! I'll get right into the stuff your here to read!

The Good
*CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio
*Sandow assaulting Clay
*Ziggler vs Riley
*Bryan vs Cena

Ok, to start the night of good stuff, we had Punk vs Mysterio. Now, in the past when they faced, I always enjoyed their matches, and while this one wasn't as top notch as previous encounters, it was still good. I'd like to see these two feud with the title on the line, and give us a stellar PPV match. Then you have Sandow attacking Clay before their match. YES! This is what I like. Building up the feud, making it have more meaning so when they meet at a PPV, it is worthwhile. I'd like to see Sandow do something involving one of Clay's dancers next week, to fuel even more to the fire that is there feud. Now, I am a big HBK fan. Have always been. He is why I got into wrestling. Remember Summerslam 2002? Yeah..that's my first PPV ever for the WWE. Now, I think it's cool that HBK will be in HHH's corner at Summerslam, and I am intrigued by Lesnar's statement that he will see HBK before then. I highly doubt this would lead to an in ring return for Shawn...but a guy can hope right? So I posted a blog, the day of Raw, titled Up/Down: Jobbers/Low Carders. The first guy I talked about was Riley, and then boom! We see him on Raw getting a win over Ziggler. Now, I highly doubt this is the start of another push for Riley, but again I can hope. I like how this Jericho/Ziggler feud is progressing though. Lastly, we have John Cena vs Daniel Bryan. Yep, that's right. I put a Cena match as a good thing. I liked this pairing and would like to see it again. I like the progression Bryan is taking. He is genuinely one of my favorite characters right now on Raw.

The Bad
*Sheamus steals Del Rio's Ride
*Orton vs Show
*Kelly Kelly vs Eve
*Kane vs The Miz

The first thing I put as Bad, is Sheamus stealing Del Rio's ride. Now, ADR and Sheamus have been feuding for a while now, and personally, the feud is stale. I would have rather seen something more edgier from Sheamus, like when Ricardo went for ADR's clothes, Sheamus kidnapped Ricardo, or assaulted him or something similar to what Ricardo and ADR did to Sheamus with ADR's car a while back. I think there is so many other directions this feud could go, to make it entertaining. Right now though, it's dull, and I hope Summerslam is the last time we get these two 1 on 1. Now, it's time for Orton vs Show. My problem with this match, was it was short, and it had a dull ending. I mean, I get they want Show the dominate monster, and Orton just returned, so they didn't want the other too look weak by losing to the other, but both are at the point in their careers, that a loss on Raw to the other, doesn't hurt the others momentum. Now, on a previous Uncooked I said I was done talking about the diva's until they got better, but it's been a while since we've seen a pure diva's match on Raw, so I thought I'd add this. Of course it was bad. I stand by my statement in a previous blog I wrote that I think the diva's division should die down some, they should retrain the diva's who can't wrestle well, and those can should hone their craft, and then bring them all up to revitalize the division. Finally is Kane vs the Miz. Another short match. Now, my problem isn't so much that it's short, it's that you have the Miz who wont he IC title two weeks ago, and he loses to Kane. Now I am a fan of the Miz, but even if it was somebody else, why would you put a title on them that is starting to get meaning, but then have them lose to someone else. I could have understood if someone came down to screw Miz and start a feud, but nothingg, nada, zilch. Bummer!

The Indifferent
*CM Punk/Cena promo
*Ryback vs Hawkins/Reks
*Primo/Epico vs PTP
*Alberto Del Rio vs Christian

First in the indifferent section would be the Punk/Cena promo. Now hear me out, I liked Punks promo, but Cena's side, i don't know, just remind me of gray. It's not exciting, but it's not boring, it's in between. Then you get Ryback vs Hawkins/Reks. I wouldn't call this a feud, I'm sure others might, but I wouldn't. Personally I'd like to see them take a big guy, Zeke, Mason Ryan, someone, and have them feud with Ryback, and have it be a challenge for Ryback, leading to a PPV match where Ryback just DESTROYS them. Then we get another rematch between Primo/Epico vs PTP. Wow WWE, you are just trying to drill this match into our head. This is what, the 4th or 5th time we've seen this match? Why couldn't we have seen PTP vs the Usos, or PTP vs Kidd/Gabriel? This match was ok, but this feud is just...meh. Finally, we have ADR vs Christian. Why i put this as indifferent, as it was short. I think this could have been a good match had it been given more time. Come on WWE, you've given us 3 hrs, so give us 20 minute matches throughout the night!

Other WWE news
*Kevin Nash is a tool
*Talents Getting Pissed
*Rosa Mendes
*Wade Barrett

First up, Kevin Nash is a tool. That's right. The dude is a tool. For those who don't know what I am talking about, go read this article. For those who don't want to read it, Nash basically says that at WM 20, when Benoit and Eddie hugged, wrestling "died", and then he proceeds to rip Punk and Bryan. This guy is a douchebag, plain and simple. Then we have a report of talents being pissed, two named are JTG and Ryder. I find this interesting, for this aspect. Look at how many talents are being unused or misused. Now think if they all tried to leave. I think that would effectively cut the roster in half. I doubt that would happen, but I find this interesting none the less. Then we get Rosa Mendes. First we hear she was arrested for public drunkeness, and then we hear she was actually upset because her fiancee is a toolbag woman beater. Now, any guy who would lay his hand on a woman, is a fucking douchebag who needs strung up and beat himself. I hope Mendes gets out of that horrible situation. Finally, Wade Barrett...ok...that isn't good finally....WADE MOTHER FUCKING BARRETT! Here is the video that aired on Raw incase you missed it.

Now I for one am excited for the return of the Barrett Barrage. I hope when he comes back, he is pushed right, and by the end of the year, is at the top of the SD brand.

Final Thoughts
I thought this weeks Raw, was a step back from last week, but hey, that is to be expected. I am looking forward to next week though, and Summerslam. I look forward to everyones thoughts and comments!

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  1. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Another fantastic Uncooked this week. Since I don't watch Raw anymore, I can't really comment too much except for what I do know. I was at a family member's house and they had Raw on. I saw the Christian/ADR match. Now, I made this same comment on another Raw Review blog. The quality of this match was terrible. Outright, terrible. And I think it's a disservice to have Christian not just job out to put ADR over, but do it in what was basically squash fashion. I found it very annoying.

    I watched your posted Wade Barrett promo. I'm smelling a gimmick change and potentially a face turn. That could be somewhat interesting.

    Poor Rosa Mendez. That guy should be castrated.

    Talents are pissed? I find that very interesting. I read the article and you know what...more and more will. Let's be honest, WWE is only holding on to many of these guys because of Linda's campaign. If she loses this election in November, Everyone should be prepared for major house cleaning. Until then, WWE is gonna need to save money wherever they can, because of their inflated payroll. It's not that so many people are being misused, it's just that they have way too many people, period. It's funny that people say, oh they should have a show for this...or Oh, a third show is what they need...or Oooh, they should sign a bunch of cruiserweights and start a new division...Once these people wake up from their WWE wet dream, and arrive back to reality...they will understand that, simple business structuring suggests, they can ill-afford all these guys at top of the line money. So, they're going to leverage themselves as best they can to maximize their revenues. But they need to do it without cutting's very tricky. It sorta like taking salesmen and changing the salary structure to commission.

    Well, since I basically blogged in a comment on your blog, I'll stop here. Great job as always. And let me know what you think of the format I inboxed you on FB.
  2. Ace Lancaster's Avatar
    Great blog as usual. I love the Barret video and I've been high up on this guy since the formation of the Nexus. He's got fantastic mic skills and good in ring ability. This is a top heel/face if I've ever seen one. Book this guy right and WWE won't be sorry.
  3. ewantu2's Avatar
    "any guy who would lay his hand on a woman, is a fucking douchebag who needs strung up and beat himself." Don't you mean your lover? Because that makes women look weaker then males and i'm sure karma could beat up her husband lol.
  4. bearkg88's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ewantu2
    "any guy who would lay his hand on a woman, is a fucking douchebag who needs strung up and beat himself." Don't you mean your lover? Because that makes women look weaker then males and i'm sure karma could beat up her husband lol.
    what are you talking about?
  5. morenacci's Avatar
    Well, I don't completely agree with your review. However, nice work again!
    I thought this week's Raw was fun and different from the other shows we have seen in the past. We had a lot of matches and some strong promo's.
    There were like 9 matches... on Raw! And the most of those matches were good for a television show.
    The WWE has finally listen to us and they have given us, wrestling fans, wrestling on Monday Night Raw. No more recaps, no more stupid segments,... just wrestling and storytelling.
  6. ewantu2's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by bearkg88
    what are you talking about?

    Your wife/husband ETC.

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