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My 10 favorite moments in TNA history

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Some know TNA as Impact wrestling, but it will always be TNA to me. I began watching TNA in 2004 after coming home from school. Walking home at the time switched through the channels and saw wrestling. Wrestling with guys like Road Dogg, Jarrett, and so forth kept me hooked. In any case, instead of trying to sit here and proclaim the 10 best moments in TNA history because plenty of others could argue the top 10. Just want to give my personal favorite moments. I'm not going to sit here and pretend I ordered every ppv and saw every single second of Impact. However, I did witness great moments that some would have on their list. People believe Skipper's climb on the six sides of Steel is a top 10 moment, but Skipper isn't one of my fav wrestlers in TNA which is why it isn't on my top 10. I'm going to give love to the wrestlers I enjoyed watching in TNA achieve great things and have great moments. Certainly one could say I'm biased towards Angle, but Angle was the biggest part of TNA since he has arrived til guys like Anderson, Hogan, and so forth came to TNA. Here is my list....if you have a list or believe a great TNA moment should be acknowledged leave it in the comment section.

1.AJ wins TNA world title 2009 No Surrender-AJ has always been a favorite of mine in TNA since I began watching. He was during a time period my favorite wrestler even though he wasn't in the main events. It was great that he finally got back on the mountain top in 2009.

2.Kurt Angle wins all titles Hard Justice 2007-correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe it was Hard Justice 2007 when Kurt won all the belts from Joe. I felt kind of bad about it at the time because I felt it may be saying no one is good enough to hold those titles other than of course the world title. Next ppv, he had 3 matches that were great including Kurt's fav match in TNA vs Jay Lethal at No Surrender.

3.Christian wins NWA-TNA world title-call it what you want, but winning the world title for Christian was a big moment. At the time, I was sick of Jarrett being champion. Being teased that he will lose at the ppv vs the likes of Raven and Jeff Hardy losses every time were frustrating. Him winning the world title to me was huge even though some will say his run wasn't successful. I believe he proved he was a main event talent.

4.Triple threat Daniels vs Joe vs AJ main event-X-Division was to me the best TNA had to offer in the early days especially with Jarrett is champion. I don't have a lot of respect for Jarrett. I always hated how TNA would proclaim that he is in the same class as Angle, Sting, and so forth. He isn't in that class by any means at all. Still, that 2005 fued over the X-Division title between the 3 is still in my eyes the best rivalry TNA ever produced. It is similar to the fued in the tag division with Hardyz vs Dudleyz vs E+C if you ask me. Still talked about to this day.

5.Sting returns to TNA in 2005-apparently he was competing in TNA before that time period. I didn't know because obviously wasn't a fan at the time, but when you heard Sting was going to be on meant a lot. Sting was always my favorite wrestler in WCW. That storyline with Hogan was amazing. Best fued to ever occur in WCW even though the matches stunk. The build up was great!! Sting returning to defeat Jarrett meant a lot....I thought he would leave afterwards. He stayed and fueded with Kurt which was also a match we wanted to see. Kept I wish he would retire. LOL! The best time for him to retire was after AJ match at BFG in 2009. Instead he comes back and still is here....hurt his legacy a bit remembering how great he was is getting damaged each day he stays.

6.Kurt Angle arrives in TNA-I guess you could say the headbutt heard around the world, but when I heard TNA got Kurt was huge. Initially as I was with Christian's arrival....I was upset. Upset they were in TNA because I believed they should be in WWE on the big stage. Now, anyone comes in from WWE, I think at least I get the chance to enjoy them in TNA. If they are happy especially with the schedule they have in comparison....I'm happy for them. Recently, however, I've been upset with all the acquistions TNA brought in. I'd rather see guys like AJ, Storm, Joe and so forth in the spotlight. Not guys from WWE taking that spot away from them. In any case, the vignettes Kurt made til his debut just got you even more excited.

7.Christian arrives in TNA-Christian coming in made the main event scene a lot better than it was at the time. I was tired of Jarrett at the time. I wanted to see different guys in the title scene. I'm still baffled til this day that Monty Brown didn't have a world title run in TNA. One of my favs getting randomly plugged in because Monty was the first guy to challenge Christian for the TNA title. Great promo he made and really the first WWE guy you didn't expect to be on TNA. I heard rumors about Christians departure in TNA and his shoot was good on that ppv. I hated that promo with Vince making fun of JR again.

8.Styles retires Sting at BFG 09-Been a huge fan of AJ since I started watching TNA. Still am to this day even though I'm tired of AJ's coat tails being road on by his friends because management don't know how to use him. I thought it was the perfect time for Sting to retire because he won every single BFG world title match facing TNA's best that includes Joe, Kurt, Jarrett. A passing of the torch of moment. Disappointed he is still in TNA. Have wished Sting would retire since because I think he is hurting his legacy by sticking around. Hated the joker gimmick as well by the way.

9.Kurt Angle wins the TNA world title Slammiversary 07-Ever since Angle arrived I was asking the question when he would win the world title. He did achieve that by winning the first ever "TNA" world title I guess a person could say because TNA used the NWA title in previous years. He did achieve it in a match I wish TNA would still use: King of the Mountain match. It was a match we all looked forward to every year. Some say, MITB idea came from that. Who knows, but it was always exciting when it came to that time of the year.Kurt was the man taking TNA to a whole different level guys like Sting, Jarrett, and Christian couldn't take TNA if you ask me.

10.Joe wins world title at Lockdown 2008-Being a huge fan of Angle fan at the time. I hated Joe for no real reason. Didn't really like Joe or get why fans were behind him. He however has earned my respect as being a major player. Wish he would either be back in the main event or go to WWE. Terrible use over the last couple of years. I think Sting beating him at BFG was a mistake as well. Beating Kurt and Jarrett were different than Joe because they have been established as strong champs in the past. Joe losing was just the beginning. The one that broke the camels back was him joining MEM for no real reason. He should have stayed with the Frontline at the time which was very thin compared to MEM. Liked his recent tag team run with Magnus, but hope he gets back where he belongs. Maybe in the main event vs Aries at BFG this year?

Honorable mention:Aries cashes in X-Division title and wins World title-At first, I thought it was a mistake of just dropping the belt than having it title for title. Now I don't believe so because the X-Division title seems to have more prestige now. Aries deserved to win that world title. Glad he was the one to end Roodes reign. Glad we didn't have to get Storm/Roode at BFG. Nothing against Storm, but he got several title matches vs Roode. If he was going to end the title reign, it should have been at Lockdown. I hope Aries faces either Joe or Angle in the main event of B4G this year.

Hope you enjoyed this blog that I've been planning on doing for a while. I may do a worst moments list as well. Possibly favorite fued, tag teams, stables, knockouts, and so forth just basing it on TNA and its short history. Should have made this during Slammiversary of this year. Didn't do it because I was doing others like MITB. I know it seems like just a lot of arrivals and world title victories, but they are huge moments in my eyes.

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  1. Azagthoth's Avatar
    1. Raven Wins NWA TNA Heavyweight Champion - 2005
    2.Triple threat Daniels vs Joe vs AJ main event
    3.Sting Returns to Wrestling
    4.AMW vs. Triple X – Six Sides of Steel

    5. Samoa Joe Wins the X Division Belt
    7. Kurt Angle Debuts
    8.The Debut of the Ultimate X
    9. Samoa Joe wins world title
    10.Raven Debuts and Steals the NWA World Title
  2. Sahu's Avatar
    Gr8 list...The triple threat match b/n joe/styles/daniels is the best ever match for TNA...

    n there is one segment I love most in TNA...that is Christian's skit on Impact...with Rhyno when he turned heel...that was an awesome promo...n perhaps the best promo of E we have seen him making comedy skits..but this one is very emotional one...n he emotionally asks Rhyno to beat him with chair n shows his back to emotional rhyno could not beat his best friend Christian...n when rhyno turns back...Christian hits him with the awesome moment...

    another gr8 moment is
    Joe's shoot promo n in my opinion should be number one only for the Nash's expression...n the awe in Kurt's face...n he shouts is it abt me?? that's awesome...
    Updated 08-07-2012 at 09:19 AM by Sahu
  3. lostgerg's Avatar
    I don't think u like Jeff Jarrett do u?
  4. darkknightrisen's Avatar
    James storm beats kurt angle for the title. A genuine surprise on the night, a perfectly executed angle (no pun intented), and one of the most heartfelt crowd pops I've ever heard.
  5. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Azagthoth
    Honestly Believe that Raven Should Be In This List, The Storyline Alone Leading Up to Raven Winning The Title Was Far More Intense Than. Christian winning the Gold, and Aj Winning In 09. among some the other one you picked, Honestly The Aj Retiring Sting.. How is that a great moment... at best it would been a horrible moment
    Anyone who loved Sting as I did from his WCW days would want him to retire. I believe his legacy has been hurt because of it. Like I said, it was a passing of the torch type of moment.
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