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The Most Underrated "Talker" Ever

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Hey guys Knox here hoping all is well. There have been many debates on who's to be considered as the greatest talkers and mic workers of this industry. I've heard names like Austin, Rocky, Piper, Flair and many others but I wanna tell you about a guy that no one ever brings up. He's my 3rd favorite wrestler of all time and one of the few to wrestle in ECW, WWE, WCW & TNA. I'm talking about a guy who helped revolutionize guys like Cm Punk & Jeff Hardy before they were even thought of. I'm talking about none other than.......

"Quote the Raven". Never more.

Brief Intro:
Raven has wrestled for pretty much every top promotion which includes Smokey Mountain Wrestling, WCW, WWE, ECW & TNA. I always felt like he was the most underrated wrestler of all time when it comes to having the full package. Yeah, he's not the biggest guy, but he had a hell of a look, a DDT and amazing charisma and mic skills.

Raven Promo #1 (ECW)

Raven's time in ECW is where he made his true mark in wrestling, he was doing some insane stuff. His promo game was almost the top of the business as a whole in my personal opinion.

Raven Promo #2 (WCW) on DDP

In WCW he also cut some very interesting promos to say the least, especially when he was with The Flock. His feud with DDP was absolutely priceless.

Raven Promo #3 (WWE) Sunday Night Heat

This is one of the biggest injustices ever in professional wrestling. To see the way they jobbed Raven out in the WWE. He should've been a standout superstar. He should've been as huge & over as Mick Foley was. He's one of the greatest characters this business has ever seen. He still stayed sharp on his game on the mic, the one thing WWE couldn't destroy.

Shades of Raven in Cm Punk, Jeff Hardy & Dean Ambrose:

I may not like Cm Punk but I'm so happy that he's become this huge superstar. Because from Day 1, I've seen so much Raven in him. Cm Punk has stated in interviews that Raven was his favorite wrestler growing up and one of his motivations. I'm happy for Cm Punk.

I look at the promo style of Dean Ambrose and I dare anyone say they don't see the ECW style Raven promos in Ambrose. Since the indies, Moxley has used that promo style and its worked to perfection. Talking wise, he's the closest thing to Raven.

And then you have Jeff Hardy. "The Creatures of the Night" is basically what Raven has been doing his whole career. To see the fact that his name still lives on in this business through three very talented stars in a testament to how good this guy really was.

Cm Punk's Oldschool Promo vs Raven (See the resemblance?)

This is the promo I'm talking about that Cm Punk reminds me so much of Raven and basically explains how he's the opposite of Raven but he was so driven by him. This to me is a shoot seeing as he was Punk's favorite wrestler. This is why Punk is one of the greatest talkers ever. Check this out.

Jon Moxeley (Dean Ambrose) isn't afraid of homicide

One of the greatest talkers ever too in my opinion and he hasn't even begun yet. Check out this promo and tell me if Raven doesn't live on through this man as well.

Hope you all enjoyed this one. Truly Raven is one of my favorites and one of the greatest talkers ever and should be considered the most underrated talker of all time. He was very underutilized throughout his career but one thing you can't deny is he's the greatest Hardcore Champion ever and just an allout great star. His days with Cactus Jack were epic. Mick went on to be a 3-Time WWF Champion, sadly Raven never made it big time with his gimmick once he hit the WWE. Thanks guys and be safe. Until then.

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  1. akbar's Avatar
    -This is the kind of blogs I like... good work Knox.
  2. Bobby1181's Avatar
    I was never a Shane Douglas guy. Raven was always one of the main reasons my friends and I would scour cable access to see when ECW was coming on.
  3. NrG-GoD's Avatar
    pretty good, d'angelo dinero (elijah burke) is extremely good on the mic as well but yet gets now mic time or in ring time... when he actually gets in the ring now a days its only to put his opponent over
  4. ToiletBowl's Avatar
    Meh, I liked him best as Johnny Polo. Although, I loved the Quebecers back in the early days of RAW.
  5. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Road Dogg is very good on the mic as well. That is who I'd say is the most under-rated when it comes to mic work because he never made it to main event scene like Raven did. Raven will be known as a singles competitor while Road Dogg will always be remembered as just a tag team wrestler with the Outlaws.
  6. Double Axehandle's Avatar
    Heath slater is vastly underrated on the mic.

    He's the one man band baybeh!
  7. akbar's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Double Axehandle
    Heath slater is vastly underrated on the mic.

    He's the one man band baybeh!
    I think me and you are the only ones that like Heath Sater and think he has potential.
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