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Do WWE Need a 3rd Brand

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Hi @RealBlogger here with my first ever blog please forgive me for any mistakes.So lets get to the bread and butter of this blog. As you can see from the title the topic if this blog is Do WWE need a 3rd Brand?. My Answer? HELL YEAH!

Simple people arent getting used. I mean all the usual suspects are here Reks,Hawkins,Trent even Ryder they pushed him for abit and now his back on Superstars.Also some people are getting underused i mean cody rhodes could push for a WHC but hes getting held back people like him should go to this 3rd Brand. Now from McMahons point of view he probably wont release anyone as Linda is running for Senate or something like that (from U.K so dont know much about that). But what i do is that she has promised to make jobs now if her husband is laying people off its hardly gonna look good is it. So maybe a 3rd brand could incorporate some money fro Mcmahon in the long term.

CANCEL SUPERSTARS! Theres no need for it! Bring it make when the network comes out or something but right now all im seeing on it is a few jobbers and some below mid card talent its S**T! Cancel Superstars and replace it with a new brand dedicated to the future. Obviously they would need 2 hours instead of Superstars 1 but that's negotiable.


(BRAND NAME HERE) Championship of the world
Hardcore Championship
Light Heavyweight Championship

Cody Rhodes
The Miz
Zack Ryder
Curt Hawkins
Tyler Reks
The Usos
Wade Barret
Brodus Clay
Sin Cara
They could easily sign some FCW guys for the brand to make numbers aswell.

So that was my first blog guys hope you enjoyed. Please leave any comments on ways i could improve and possible topics i could talk about. Also, Follow me on Twitter @REALBLOGGER1

Thanks Much Love and PEACE!

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  1. indysteve1563's Avatar
    WWE already has a 3rd brand - NXT.
  2. TheRealOutlaw's Avatar
    I don't see Cody Rhodes ever being pushed for WHC, IC yes but WHC no. I don't think there needs to be a third brand with yet another belt. If anything I would like to see SmackDown and Raw go old school again and have one champ.
  3. jelle1809's Avatar
    This blog is why NXT got its revamp.
  4. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Not a bad idea...but it would cost so much money, and the ratings would be so low. think about everyone you just mentioned as potential stars for the show. Who on that roster is going to draw anything? hardly anyone draws now. That's too big of an investment. He just has to keep people around while Linda is campaigning. If Linda loses, he'll clean house. If she wins...then it'll be interesting to see what happens. But for now, they suck at putting on two shows. A third would be brutal.
  5. Lucas Chapel's Avatar
    NXT revamp
  6. CPMunk's Avatar
    They don't need a 3rd brand, hell they don't even need two brands. Bottom line is when WWE was in the attitude era they had one brand on two different show and damn near every wrestler had tv time. The problem today is creative, which obviously is shit right now. Let's look at Kharma being released. Really, creative had nothing for Kharma (an actual wrestler) but Kelly Kelly was on tv this past Monday? There's no competition for WWE to step their game up. Maybe now with TNA going live, they can come up and be competition. Let's face it when people see spoilers they know what's going to happen so they don't watch. I personally think tv tapings is a shitty way to run a wrestling show. In fact I only watch RAW because it isn't taped. Let's see if TNA can make WWE get it's shit together.

    However, if there was a third show the only belt I agree on is the light heavyweight/cruiserweight title. Nothing entertains me more than cruiserweights. They can build it around Sin Cara until they get high fliers who botch way less. The problem WWE style isn't fit for cruiserweights. I think Vince should let the leash go and let the cruiserweights give an all out show when they perform. WCW let the leash loose and look how badass their cruiserweight division was.
  7. Sahu's Avatar
    I'm all for 3rd brand but not with a separate WHC...I want that third brand to be all Cruiserweights...n just let them go n do what they can do best (quality high fly wrestling)...Just look at the roster...they have too many fitting in that weight and style category.....occasionally let them feud with a big guy..

    n the big n green guys Big Zeke, Mason Ryan can act as body guards for those smaller wrestlers
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