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The 7/30 RAW Ratings Breakdown ~ The Deluxe Lounge

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I have not done a blog in forever and I wanted to do something different this time around. So, as a weekly thing, I am going to give my thoughts on the RAW segments and how they did in the ratings. So sit back and enjoy the read.

The July 30th WWE RAW did a 3.09 cable rating with 4.50 million viewers. The three hours came in at 2.79, 3.21 and 3.25. Apparently, people have a hard time adjusting to the whole 3-hour change for RAW. I am not surprised, honesty. I mean, you've done two hours since 1993 and now all of a sudden you wanna change it to three hours in 2012. I am willing to bet viewers will miss out on the first hour again next week and catch the show on the second hour.

- No ratings came out for CM Punk's opening promo. Odd, but oh well. The promo was awesome to me, personally. I've always been a fan of Punk's Pipebombs and the way he ripped Lawler for his opinion was awesome. Even though he, quote on quote, "turned heel" on the Rock, it's really hard to boo Punk because he had every right to attack The People's Champ, siince he felt the championship was being taken out of the spotlight. What would you have done if you've been champion for 8 months and haven't been in a PPV main event since TLC 2011? Exactly.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Santino Marella lost 261,000 viewers from the opener. That's a lot of viewers to lose early on in the show. Not a good look on Alberto Del Rio, but even worse on Santino Marella since he is the United States champion. If a champion is LOSING viewers, especially this early, it may be time to drop that belt. I hope they take the title to someone else soon. Someone that can make people care about it like Damien Sandow. Speaking of Sandow ....

The angle with Damien Sandow and Brodus Clay with Vickie Guerrero dancing gained 214,000 viewers. The Intellectual Saviour Of The Masses seems to be doing well for himself on the flagship show. His assault on Brodus Clay obviously hints at an impending feud in the future. It's about time they gave Brodus Clay something to work with besides squashing people. Now, let's see how well he fairs in a feud. Btw, Vickie Guerrero's homage to Seinfeld was pretty funny.

Daniel Bryan and AJ backstage plus the recap of Stephanie McMahon attacking Paul Heyman from RAW 1000 lost 18,000 viewers. Not much to say about this, but I will say I was EXTREMELY annoyed by the recaps of RAW 1000 constantly shown throughout the show. I hope this was a one night thing.

Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan in a Street Fight at 9pm gained 521,000 viewers. This is most likely when people started watching RAW cause that is a HUGE jump in viewership. Boy, did they get a treat. This match was great. Although I am not a fan of Sheamus non-selling the dive off the stage and then him flying HEAD-FIRST back into a steel chair, both him and Daniel Bryan put on a clinic out there. Props to them both.

Segments with R-Truth, Kofi Kingston, Daniel Bryan and AJ gained 274,000 viewers.
Bryan punting Lil' Jimmy out of the ring was one of the funniest things I've seen all year. Comedy gold. Plus, the psychiatrist segments with D-Bry made for good TV. It kind of reminded me of the Attitude Era in a sense. This segment also got me invested in AJ Lee as the General Manager. As long as she continues to create magic on TV with Daniel Bryan, I hope she stays GM for a long time.

Kofi vs. Titus O'Neil lost 223,000 viewers. It sucks seeing Kofi Kingston lose viewers. No surprise people tuned out though. The WWE has done such a poor job of making Kofi Kingston feel important that even I forgot he was a tag team champion. Can you believe this guy was a huge main event player in 2009? *sigh*

Randy Orton's return vs. Heath Slater gained 40,000 viewers.
Wow, that's a pretty low, no VERY low, gain in viewership for a return. To all the people saying Randy Orton is a "big draw" for WWE, are you sure about that? And don't put the blame on Heath Slater either. If Slater takes a fall, Orton should as well.

Chris Jericho and Christian vs. The Miz and Dolph Ziggler gained 51,000 viewers for a 3.24 quarter rating. For a very good tag team bout, I'm shocked it did not draw more viewers than it did. Guess this goes to show me that wrestling ALONE does not appeal a lot to the audience at home. Maybe if they would have hyped up this match more throughout the night, more people may have care about it. Regardless, the match was very good. All four wrestlers delivered. By the way, I am salivating for a Chris Jericho vs. Dolph Ziggler match at Summerslam. Make it happen.

Tyson Kidd vs. Tensai lost 34,000 viewers while the third recap of the Triple H and Brock Lesnar RAW 1000 segment lost 246,000 more viewers.
Are you surprised people tuned out on Tensai and Tyson Kidd? Another example of people losing interesting because WWE failed to promote what is happening on their show. Not to mention a THIRD, I repeat, a THIRD recap of HHH and Brock Lesnar. I'm sure many viewers got fed up and changed the channel. Anyways, I like the fact Tensai and Tyson Kidd are starting to gain some legs for a feud. It'd be cool if they really did push this as a feud .... just saying.

Before we get to the last segment, did you notice anything missing from this show? Yes. NO DIVAS. Haha. I thought it was laughable when the divas barely got two minutes when WWE has two hours, but now when they have three hours the divas do not get anytime at all. It goes to show you how the company feels about their division altogether. Well, hope it changes. Moving on.

John Cena vs. Big Show in the main event with CM Punk on commentary gained 1,181,000 viewers for a 3.86 overrun.
No, you read that right. Over one million viewers tuned in to watch the Big Show verses John Cena in the main event. Even I had to look at it a couple of times to be sure there was no mistake. Now, before any of the Cena defenders come up here and start saying, "See? I told you John Cena is saving the wrestling business. Put the belt on him!" I want you guys to remember CM Punk was on commentary for the match and had a big hand in promoting the main event throughout the show. Personally, I felt the back-and-forth between CM Punk and Jerry The King Lawler was more interesting than the match itself. At the end of the day, however, this is probably the highest gain of viewers in a long time.

So overall, RAW came out pretty good in the ratings this week. Not as good as RAW 1000, but good regardless. The quality of the show was pretty good as well. I hope WWE continues to shell out good content like this every week. Maybe we will see more spikes in the ratings like the main event got. Before I go, I want to leave you guys with a video. Down below is my a video I made talking about Sheamus and Santino Marella being the worst champions in wrestling today. Please, check it out and leave me comments.

Thanks for reading. Feedback is appreciated.

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  1. Sage's Avatar
    I like this, I really hope it becomes a recurring series.
  2. ewantu2's Avatar
    I think the reason Randy return never drew was because how could they know it was happning in less they were on the internet on some WWE site
  3. bartish2's Avatar
    how many recaps of the hhh vs lesnar are they going to play a week? I've lost count by now and my interest has been lost too. Not to mention they can't even have 1 divas match with 5 hours of time to work with a week. what the hell is wrong with them? they dont draw a lot? look at ADR. no crowd reaction, loses viewers still booked weekly. We get more time but they give us more shit, when will they stop.
  4. holycrapoly's Avatar
    Loved the blog.

    My issue is with how WWE keeps using Del Rio and Orton. This proves that people either 1) Don't want to see squash matches, as they know who will win and it is boring. Or 2) Are not appealed by Del Rio or Orton.
  5. Cynicism's Avatar
    I always record the show so I can fast forward through the bits that don't interest me and it was the first time I've ever watched Cena vs Show all the way through the commentary was the best the WWE have put forward this year

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