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Summerslam - Is a Big Show win feasible?

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Big Show. 'The Worlds Largest Athlete'. One of the most decorated superstars of all time. However he's only competed at 4 Summerslam ppv's. This is how Big Show's Summerslam timeline reads:

  1. Summerslam 1999 - Undertaker & Big Show vs Kane & X-Pac in a WWE World Tag team title match.
  2. Summerslam 2006 - Big Show vs Sabu in an ECW World Title match.
  3. Summerslam 2009 - Big Show & Chris Jericho vs Cryme Time in a Unified Tag team title match
  4. Summerslam 2010 - Big Show vs The Straight Edge Society in a 3 on 1 handicap match.

Only 4 Summerslam match's for a superstar who has been in the WWE for 14 years? The fact is he might not have been in many, but he's been victorious in all 4. Yes 2 matches have been as part of a tag team, but Big Show's Summerslam record is one of WWE's best. The Undertaker boasts Summerslam's finest win/loss record picking up 9 wins from 15 match's. Other impressive Summerslam win/loss records come from the likes of; Edge, Bret Hart and Hulk Hogan.

However i've elected to talk about Big Show because the spotlight is now on the 'giant' in a triple threat WWE championship match with CM Punk and John Cena when the trio collide in the Staples Center on August 19th. I feel the spotlight is on Show because he seems to be the under-dog out of the three superstars in the match. Amazing the Big Show can be viewed as an under-dog i know for a man of his size, power, dominance and past accolades. But when you look at what he's up against i suppose he is the outsider of the three.

WWE and in particular WWE's COO Triple H is reported to be keen on 'the E's' top 2 titles having champions who have long title runs to add prestige to not only the gold but to make the champ look prestigious too. Therefore with this remit only just becoming public could we see Punk's reign go on? Will the 'straight edge saviour' make it to the Royal Rumble to tussle with The Rock? Well perhaps so if we read into 'title longevity'. Then there's John Cena. Like many i'm not Cena's biggest fan, in fact far from it so i write about Cena with some cynicism. We have to look at the possibility that Cena could claim the gold again before Wrestlemania 29. But then again there's been talk that The Rock could end up champ and Cena will meet Rocky at Mania 29. This chatter i tend to lean more towards in terms of probability. So that could eliminate Cena out of the title running.

So i go back to Big Show. Perhaps he's not the outsider. He is in this match for a reason. Some will say that reason is to keep him in the picture whilst they find him another feud. However i look back a few week's when CM Punk was in the ring on Raw and Show came down. They exchanged words, and eventually Punk said to Big Show something along the lines of "you may be dominant and hurt people during matches, but you rarely win". Now i'm looking back to this and thinking that this will have fired the Big Show up, fired him to the point that he could claim the gold at the 'biggest party of the summer'. Perhaps he is once again going to be perceived as an unstoppable giant that will take what he wants when he wants to. Maybe Big Show isn't just in the match to make up the numbers or to keep him busy. Maybe this is the time that Big Show deservedly gets the gold again, deservedly in my view anyway.

At the beginning i talked about Big Show's record at Summerslam. 4 and 0. Not quite Undertakers Mania streak i'm sure you'll agree. Although he's come up against and been involved with some big names and arguably tough opponents. Probably not Cryme Time but; Kane & X-Pac were a decent tag team, Sabu under extreme rules would be a challenging encounter and the S.E.S led by CM Punk could've had a bright future. So could this record go to 5 and 0 on August 19th in LA? I feel Big Show has a lot going for him. His usual in ring dominance. Fueled by hatred towards John Cena and feeling the need to prove to Punk that he can still win, and this would be a big win. I personally don't think Punk has it in him to GTS Show, but then again could the 'title longevity' factor mean that Punk hits that deadly GTS on Cena for the win? All will play out at the 25th anniversary of Summerslam. I believe in Big Show to do the job once more, but at the same time you can't look past Cena & Punk either.

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Thoughts and Opinions


  1. Viperfish's Avatar
    No. Big Show has a shot a winning if and only if he's going to lose it before the Royal Rumble. To waste Rock on the Big Show would be an absolute travesty.
  2. ewantu2's Avatar
    They could build it like the "end of RAW as we know it" since if Show wins everything good about RAW is down the drain.
  3. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    I, much like you, feel Big Show is deserving of the championship. I also feel that his title reign should be long and quite dominant. I don't feel like Big Show's career will go on much longer, so I'm thinking if he does get one more go at it, it'll happen after Wrestlemania.

    As for the possibility of him winning at Summer Slam...I guess it's possible. But I can also see WWE doing something crazy like having Big Show only stop Cena from being champ...perhaps siding with Punk and helping him win or something off the wall like that.
  4. John Lonce's Avatar
    No, I doubt Punk can GTS The Big Show but we have seen that Cena can give the AA to The Big Show. I see Cena hitting the AA on The Big Show and Punk stealing the win to fuel the heel turn.

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