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WBC Top 5 Series #13: Top 5 Summerslam PPV's Part 1

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What is up guys? Time for another edition of WBC! This time, after lasts weeks blog, I decided to take the top two vote getters, and pit them against each other. As an added mix, a threw in a former champ of the Top 5 series, the chance to take his title back! Also, I am putting the first challenger in this blog. You won't be able to comment though. The champ and other challenger will be in the second blog, that will be where you'll vote for 1 of the 3! Up first, is one of the two men last week, Darkside Ron Garvin!

Darkside Ron Garvin

Well it looks like I am up against the man who despises my unpopular opinions, Akbar. I take this as a personal challenge to see if I can dethrone the man who has been running amuck against all comers in the WBC. Hopefully, you guys will pick my blog so can I have something else to add to the lists of things Akbar hates about me. You know I love you Akbar! Besides, as long as my blog is, you should be a shoe in, so let’s get into it, shall we?

Honorable mentions…
SummerSlam 1994 – Bull Nakano vs. Alundra Blayze, Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart
SummerSlam 1991 – Bret Hart vs. Mr. Perfect, “A Match Made in Heaven” is the only wedding that should have ever taken place in the wrestling world
SummerSlam 1988 – Warrior vs. Honky Tonk Man, MegaPowers vs. MegaBucks
SummerSlam 2001 – Edge vs. Lance Storm, X-Pac vs. Tajiri, Van Dam vs. Hardy Ladder Match, Kurt Angle vs. Stone Cold, Rock vs. Booker T
SummerSlam 1995 – Debut PPV for HHH, Hakushi vs. 1-2-3 Kid, HBK vs. Razor Ramon Ladder Match
SummerSlam 2006 – Flair vs. Foley “I Quit” match, Edge vs. John Cena
I know that’s a lot of homework, but I will tell you that I have spent the past several days watching each of these shows from start to finish. All of them have their highs and lows, much like the E Universe in general. But these events and matches are all worth viewing at least once in your lifetime… Now onto the list!

5. Summer Slam 2009 -
I put this on my list for one reason;This event as a whole is probably the only Summer Slam in the past 5 years worthy of actually being a part of “The Big 4”. It featured a great build to the PPV with some interesting stories. The finish will leave you feeling you spent your hard earned money wisely.
Highlights – CM Punk against Jeff Hardy in a TLC for the WHC tore the house down. There was excellent psychology which normally isn’t synonymous with TLC matches. Punk took some SOLID chair shots from Hardy, and Hardy was “vintage” in the way this one ended. A must see for all fans of Summer Slam.

Starting off with Rey vs. Ziggler was excellent.

DX vs. Legacy - Once the Kane/Khali debacle was finished, we saw one of the best matches of the “re-incarnated” DX, and the young guys in Legacy kept pace with such great talent.

Low Lights - Khali vs. Kane
Christian vs. Regal. I really wish they would have just scrapped the Khali/Kane match and gave their 6 minutes to this match because it could have been an EXCELLENT lead into the main events.

Note worthy - I was surprised to see a solid match between Orton and Cena here in this interesting match that was re-started about 5 times.

4. Summer Slam 1998
This was when the Attitude Era was beginning to show the greatness that it would become. This PPV helped to establish why WWF was a good product that the WCW fans should pay attention to. Many solid matches with some great stories helped this PPV get on the list.
Highlights- The Rock vs. HHH for the IC title in a ladder match. The Nation vs. Degeneration was a HOT feud, and this match was worth the 25 minutes they were given for a prestigious belt.

The only way they could have followed a match that great would be a Stone Cold vs. Undertaker battle… Equipped with Undertaker taking a “leap of faith” onto Austin lying on the commentators table… And have it be a straight one on one match, without interference… and at the end of the match, have the two acknowledge how great the other truly is. Yes, we got all three of these in this conclusion to an epic PPV.

Say what you want about Lion’s Den matches, but Owen Hart vs. Ken Shamrock was awesome; Great transitions for not having ropes.

Maybe due to the fact of the fail that was the previous match, but oddly enough, the “Hair vs. Hair” match between X-Pac and Jeff Jarrett got me into that “PPV mode” that is associated with the “Big 4”.

Low Lights
- Opening with Val Venis vs. D-Lo (at least it was for the European Title). The chest protector was by far one of the most ridiculous props to ever be a part of a character. Just ask Russo.

The second and worst match of the card was horrible. I will only mention one aspect about it and that is I miss Kai-en-tai.

Note Worthy
- Welcome Edge to the PPV world of WWF folks.
New Age Outlaws vs. Mankind was a “get thru” match and if this is a “get thru” match, you know the card was solid.

3. Summer Slam 2002

I know I am going to catch flack for this PPV being 3rd, but hear me out on my reasoning after you see the entire list. The build up to this event was great. The start to finish was awesome. There were a few moments that were lacking but the PPV is clearly stellar.
Highlights – HBK vs. HHH lived up to every bit of hype. This match had everything you wanted. The epic story, the great spots, the wrestling, the psychology were all included in this match. If this match closed the show and they were to strike the main event from the card, in no way would I be let down…

But they didn’t strike the main event; Lesnar vs. The Rock. We all knew the Rock was awesome. We all knew that Lesnar was a beast. But these two put on a match that has been remembered for a decade. The build, the match, it was all done perfectly.

Kurt Angle vs. Rey was a great way to open the card

Edge and Eddie Guerrero had an excellent match. Seeing these two in their prime brought out a lot of memories.

RVD vs. Benoit for the IC belt. This match was important because it moved the IC belt from SmackDown to RAW.

Low Lights
- Jericho vs. Flair wasn’t the greatest match. The best part was Jericho locking Flair in his own Figure 4.

Note Worthy
– Jericho seems to always make the most out of his screen time and even had me believing that Flair really tapped.
Undertaker and the flag was a pretty cool scene.

2. Summer Slam 1992
Picture Wembley Arena packed to the brim with over 80,000 diehard fans (Arguably the biggest event in WWF history. It is said that WM 3 had 93k+, but that has been contested. This 80k in 1992 was verified). This event is what, in my opinion, solidified Summer Slam as one of the “Big 4” for WWF. This was more than just a wrestling event. If you watched this PPV, then you truly witnessed wrestling history unfold. I am going to leave the next two entries the way I wrote them originally (sorry bear, I know this blog is long enough already!)

Legion of Doom vs. Money Inc. - These were TAG TEAMS and preformed as such. Both had great team chemistry unmatchable by standards today.
Nailz vs. Virgil - the guy who choked Vince in his office vs. The Million Dollar Slave. Fortunately, the match was short
HBK vs. Rick Martel - a great comedy work for Sensational Sherri hand in Management. Best part? The stipulation was added that they couldn’t go for their opponents face. The ending was pretty funny.
The Natural Disasters vs. The Beverly Brothers (w/ Genius) - The match wasn’t the best in the world, but it definitely had the right spot on the card.
Crush vs. Repo Man (I used to love that gimmick)- Crush Mutilated him leading into what was unheard of at the time; The WWF Title being defended on the undercard.
Warrior vs. Macho Man for the WWF Championship- perhaps the Warriors best work. Warrior was EXTREMELY over and Macho is one of the best performers of all time, no matter the opponent. The match featured Mr. Perfect and Ric Flair coming down only to interfere, but when Macho saw what was going on, he wouldn’t stand for it and took out Flair on the floor.
Undertaker vs. Kamala - it started Takers feud with Harvey Wippleman which was instrumental in his ascent to greatness. It also helped to enforce the Undertakers persona. When Taker sat up, Kamala took off for the hills in comedic fashion.
British Bulldog vs. Bret Hart for the… Intercontinental Championship? - It is especially important to remember 2 things. (1) It was the first time the IC belt was the show closer for a PPV. (2) There are many theories behind it (The Bulldog was knocked unconscious, He was smoking crack, time constraints prevented them from speaking, etc.)but the one thing that has remained factual is that Bret called this match from inside the ring. Think about that. These two wrestlers, having never actually going thru the spots, called a 5 star match on the fly. Now also add the fact that these were two “Face” wrestlers meaning there was a limited amount they could use for in ring psychology. They literally brought the whole stadium to their feet with one of the loudest pops by a such an EXCELLENT crowd at the end of this match.

1. Summer Slam 2000 –
We begin with a match between Right to Censor and Too Cool w/ Rikishi. Man I hated R2C’s theme music, but this match was a solid opener for a PPV. Next is my least favorite match of the PPV in Road Dogg vs. X-Pac. If you are a D-X fan at the time, then it means the world… But a decade later, I wish they would have left this one off the card. Third match in featured a Mixed Tag Match for the IC title. This match was very solid, kept you interested and involved, and had a twisted finish not many fans expected. Tazz vs. Lawler would have made sense when Lawler called him a leprechaun, but this match was not needed when the card was so awesome. I give these two credit because it did manage to keep you tuned in, even if it was far from a classic.

When you think of Classic “OMG” moments, what comes to mind? Is it a picture of
Steve Blackman forcing Shane McMahon to fall from the Titan Tron? Yeah, that moment came next. Speaking of classics, when Chris Benoit faced Y2J in a best of 3 falls match, a classic is what we got. This one was intense and had perhaps one of my favorite heel finishes to a match. How do we follow up a wrestling classic such as this? Introduce the E Universe to a match known as TLC. Yes, our very first TLC match was featured on this PPV. It was an excellent spotfest that had everyone saying “Holy Shit!”

Okay, so the crowd needs a breather. Let’s give them something that won’t have them on the edge of their seats, but is easy on the eyes. Let’s have a “Stink Face” match between
The Kat and Terri. Not a classic, but it wouldn’t make you mad to have bought the PPV either. Kane vs. The Undertaker (American Badass version) would follow. This was an interesting match, especially with the ending since it would foreshadow Kane’s future. After all, Kane took Undertakers bike during the shows leading into the PPV, so what precious thing could Taker take from Kane? Onto the main attraction of the PPV; Kurt Angle vs. HHH vs. The Rock for the WWF Championship in the headline. Remember, Stephanie had caught HHH with Trish in a “compromising position.” Kurt, being the Olympic hero he was, wanted Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley to be treated right, hence why he kissed her leading into the PPV. The Rocks point of view was that he is the Rock and doesn’t give a damn about the Days of their Lives crap that HHH and Angle had going on. In a PPV with SO many high risk spots, the only one resulting in an injury was when the commentators table broke early on HHH/Angle. This left us mainly with a HHH/Rock battle, but when Angle returned, the story became clear. The feud was between Angle and HHH, and the Rock would capitalize on it, thus resulting in the finish we see.

Why is this PPV number 1 on my list? Go back and watch this event and see how many aspects of this PPV have been featured on EVERYTHING in the E Universe since. From the “Don’t try this at home” with Angles injury, to the OMG moment of Shane’s fall, to the inception of the beloved TLC. This PPV is more memorable than any other Summer Slam the E Universe has given us.

Thank you for the time involved in reading this blog! I hope you can agree with me on my list, but even if you agree with Akbar, still remember to vote! You took the time to click on the link, now take the time to support your favorite!

Great choices from DRG! First on the next blog, Akbar! Remember, that is the one to vote on.

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