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Yes! Yes! Yes! The Raw Review (#YYYTRR)

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Arrogance is something which is thrown around WWE (and pro wrestling as a whole) an awful lot. Just look at Dolph Ziggler, Chris Jericho (heel or face, the man exudes it), Damien Sandow, and even TNA’s Bobby Roode use it to be different. It’s now time to add an exaggerated sense of arrogance to CM Punk’s heel turn, and it’s actually working on me.

Not only did we get the new, more arrogant, CM Punk last night, we got a great Street Fight with hilarious consequences and the reuniting of Chris Jericho and Christian as a tag team. There was also some confusion in the eyes of referees last night as Tyson Kidd was awarded a victory for being attacked after losing his match and CM Punk seemingly causes no contests rather than disqualifications.

Nonetheless, Raw made a good start to its permanent three-hour regime.

CM Punk wants HIS spotlight

Whilst CM Punk has shown in the past that he is a great heel, I’ve never actually disliked him in the role. Last night left me with the same feeling I had in 2000 when Triple H & Stephanie McMahon were running things, however – I actually found myself questioning whether or not I like this new attitude of CM Punk.

Don’t get me wrong, I actually love his straight-shooting attitude when it comes to promos, and his points were valid. He is the WWE Champion and should be treated as such with respect (considering the last eight months he’s earned it), and the look on his face when AJ announced Big Show versus John Cena as the night’s main event made me laugh and simultaneously question why, after last week, Punk isn’t in the main event. What made me question this heel Punk was his reaction to AJ making SummerSlam’s WWE Championship match a Triple Threat.

I get that one of the standards of being a heel in WWE is that you simply do not want to defend a title in a situation which doesn’t favour you, but Punk has proven he can defy the odds for the last eight months. It doesn’t make any real sense to me that Punk would suddenly not be up for the challenge he has embraced for so long. I can get on board with Punk straight-talking his way into unenviable situations and crashing main events which he isn’t involved with (because it makes sense that the ‘best in the world’ would be annoyed by these things), but the ‘best in the world’ shouldn’t be concerned about John Cena and Big Show, should they?

All in all, this Punk heel turn might be more effective than I thought it might be…

Also, what happened to the disqualification rule? Punk attacked Show, therefore Show defeated Cena. SummerSlam should be Punk versus Show.

Daniel Bryan says no to the Yes! chants

I’m not sure what to make of Daniel Bryan’s involvement in WWE since Money in the Bank. Whilst Bryan is still one of the biggest names on Raw, he seems to have drifted from any real importance storyline-wise. And tonight was a strange one for him to say the least.

It starts normally, with Bryan confronting AJ over last week, and being put into what turned out to be a great Street Fight – I loved the brutality of it, and the running knee attack off of the stage looked awesome. It gets weird when you see what happened after that. Bryan seemed to have some kind of mental breakdown (similar to that of Bobby Roode in TNA after losing their World title to Aries, now I think of it) which resulted in Bryan punting Little Jimmy out of the ring and subsequently being taken for a psychological evaluation by order of Raw’s crazy GM, AJ.

Fortunately the segments with Bryan’s evaluation were hilarious. The fact that Bryan answered yes to every question the doctor answered, accused him of mocking him with the term ‘goat face’, and then seemingly talked to himself about Charlie Sheen (a match I do not want to see, by the way), Bryan seemed crazy in my eyes.

It was just a series of funny segments, but I don’t want to see Bryan being underutilised as a comedic device alone. Fortunately Bryan was involved in the best match of last night with Sheamus to counterbalance this. I'm not sure what to make of Kane's attack on Bryan though.

Also, I quite like the idea of RAWactive, so long as the votes stay true to what the fans want.

In other news…

Alberto Del Rio def. Santino – I expected the result, but I was happy to see ADR’s aggressive streak continue. Also, he refuses to compete until SummerSlam, building a little hype for his next onslaught. I like it.

Brodus Clay/Vickie Guerrero waste time, Sandow snaps – I’m not sure why exactly Vickie takes offence to Brodus Clay, but I don’t care. I don’t want to see Clay on my screen when there are people like Cody Rhodes being left off of the show, but Sandow made this segment worthwhile by attacking the big red child-groomer and potentially taking the first steps towards a push. Perhaps a new US Champion?

Titus O’Neill def. Kofi Kingston, AW makes a rape joke – I missed the joke at first, but it was right for Cole to apologise. As for Titus pinning Kofi, I’m glad. Maybe we can have a real tag team holding the titles come SummerSlam.

Randy Orton def. Heath Slater – once the challenge was sent out by Slater it was pretty clear that Orton’s return was coming. Other than having a dodgy haircut and lack of beard, Orton doesn’t look like he’s been taking drugs for sixty days (good news!). Instead he looks as good as ever, and the RKO he hit on Slater looked pretty good. It’s a shame there was no heel turn though.

Chris Jericho & Christian def. Dolph Ziggler & The Miz – Raw’s other great match last night, mainly because we got to see Jericho and Christian as a team again. Dolph attacking Jericho with MitB was a good enough way to progress their rivalry too.

Tyson Kidd ‘def.’ Tensai via DQ – I’m not sure why, but Tensai had the decision reversed on him after attacking Kidd once he’d beaten him clean. I put this down to having no other way of making Kidd look convincing in victory over Tensai (despite the fact that Kidd was impressive last night).

I didn’t have any real problems with Raw last night, except that all of the ad breaks are sleep inducing.

We got a couple of great matches out of Raw, and the main event started before the fifteen minute overrun – and managed to be a good-ish match considering it was between Big Show and John Cena. As well as some great matches, Punk rightfully took his spotlight (until AJ grabbed that from under his nose, I’m not sure I like her as GM right now…) and the show ended with me questioning my allegiance to Punk – as successful a heel turn as WWE is likely to pull off on a 22-year old fan if you ask me.

Let’s just hope they can use the full Raw set next week, shall we?

Thanks for reading, and for more of my views follow me on Twitter (@SpringerAJ) and share your views with me using #YYYTRR.

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  1. Oserik's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by akbar
    We saw Punk be arrogant as always but by the end he became very whiny and I can see this going on for weeks. Since when would Punk ever complain about a match like he did when AJ announced the triple threat? Usually it's 'best in the world' will fight anyone but now his acting more like a pussy...
    I totally agree I saw the "heel" turn as a chance to have a showdown between two arrogant stars who truly believe they are the best in Punk and the Rock. I envisioned Punk getting some of the swagger back from last summer, but instead of feeling like too much attention is being paid to Cena his sights would be set on the Rock. instead it seems like he will be a typical heel who is afraid to fight anyone..good job WWE writers! Way to give us all something new!
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