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Uncooked: Raw Afterthoughts

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What is up guys?! Time for another Uncooked blog. Hopefully this one generates some conversation, so I'll get right into it! Here we go!

The Good
*CM Punk Promo
*Sheamus vs D-Bry
*Christian/Jericho vs Miz/Ziggler
*D-Bry Psych Eval

So first up is the CM Punk promo. Now I am just going to the point where Show interrupted, because at that point, I became disinterested. Punk though, to me, is on fire once more. People could say that Punk is boring, and I'd ask what you are smoking.. I was on the edge of my seat this promo, just waiting to see what Punk would say. As for Sandow and Clay, well here is why I think it is good. I am big on the Sandow character, and any time he comes out, I enjoy what I see. This could possibly be Clays first REAL feud since coming back as the Funkasaurus. I think this could be a good feud for both of these guys. Now for Sheamus vs D-Bry. I know some people are looking at the 3 hr raws as a negative thing, but if it produces decent/good matches like the street fight we had, i'm all for them. I still like the in ring work of these two, and wouldn't mind seeing this feud reignited down the road. Just a quick comment on the spot with Truth, Kofi, and Bryan. I chuckled when Bryan kicked "lil jimmy" out of the ring, and at Kofi's reaction on the outside when the men in white came out to escort Truth out. Im intrigued to see where they go with this psych eval angle with D-Bry. Now i really liked the tag match we had. I thought this was an interesting pairing. I'm going to guess we are going to get Ziggler vs Jericho at Summerslam, and either Miz vs Christian at Summerslam, or the least possible, Rhodes vs Miz vs Christian at Summerslam. Either way, I thought this was a good match. I'd give it a 3/5. So, I wrote the seeing where the psych eval thing goes, before i realized it was happening tonight. Must say though, so far, it has got my chuckling. I think thats why I like Bryan, he can so easily be taken as a serious role, or a comedic role, and fits both perfectly.

The Indifferent
*Alberto Del Rio vs Santino Marella
*Orton returns
*Kidd vs Tensai

So...I'll be honest, I watched this match...but I didn't watch this match. When I saw it was ADR vs Marella, I zoned out because's ADR and Marella. Then when I saw this match continued through a commercial break, I payed a little more attention. It still didn't wow me, or even interest me, but it did serve a purpose. It gave ADR some light, and gave me something amazing. If ADR really doesn't wrestle until Summerslam, I'll be a happy man as I am not an ADR fan. Now for Orton. I know there are Orton haters out there, but I am a fan of Orton. Do i think this was the best way for him to return? Probably not. Atleast he is back though. So I'm sitting here, and suddenly, Kidd comes out to face Tensai. Now that made me happy, as I am a Kidd fan. The match though, wasn't stellar, and I think pairing Kidd with Tensai is a bad decision. Kidd needs someone who can accentuate his skills, and Fat Albert can't. I chose indifferent because it was good seeing Kidd on Raw near the main event, but bad for being against Tensai.

The Bad
*Kofi vs Titus
*Show vs Cena

I like Kofi. I like his speed and his athleticism. Normally when he is in a match, I enjoy it....I didn't enjoy this one, and it wasn't because of Kofi. Personally, I don't like Primetime Players. They remind me of Cryme Time, except PTP has a mouth piece. This match was way to slow paced, and didn't have much substance imo. If I rated this match, i'd give it a 1.5/5. Also, having rewatched this match, gotta say, AW's comment was really messed up. There are other ways to get heat than what he said. So, I rewound, and started looking for replays, and stopped counting at 8. Yes, I get they want to remind fans of the previous week..but come on...that is sad. This match was just like all of their other matches in recent history. Slow paced, and filled with nothing really. The only thing that made me go Ooh, was when Cena was thrown into Punk. Other than that, this match didn't do anything for me. The ending too was predictable, though I will saw I'd rather have a triple threat or Cena vs Punk over Punk vs Show. Punk vs Show just seems like it would suck.

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  1. mrbluto's Avatar
    I thought it was a good Raw. Of course most Raws have been a giant steaming pile of crap the last two years.
  2. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Okay. Here's what I got.

    First, awesome to use Uncooked to subtly keep up on the WWE front. Well written, as always.

    Now, I stuck to my guns, for the MOST part. I did watch the beginning. Once Show...then Cena came out, I turned it off. My brother watched and messaged me a few things. I tuned back to watch the Cena/Show match, ugh, in the hopes that I could witness something really good to end the show...but it was nothing spectacular. Predictable and bland. I didn't even read results.

    Based on what you wrote here, it seem like there were good parts to it. A few bad and a few blah, but that's to be expected. I think the biggest part of me bailing on WWE, is because I just don't connect with today's stars. I'm not social-media savvy. I don't even have a smartphone. And while there are a few of today's stars that I like, I just don't like them good enough to keep following. Once Jericho & HHH are finished, I'll have no one that I can say I truly like to the point that I would start following again.

    Awesome blog my man. I'll continue to support Uncooked.
  3. Callum's Avatar
    Enjoyed this week's Raw quite a bit. I think going forward 3 hours is only a good thing if we get to see a pay per-view quality match each show. I'd like to of seen a few more matches (e.g Rather than a tag team match have 2 single matches - Christian vs Dolph Ziggler and The Miz vs Chris Jericho). I think there should be a tag team match, a diva match and a crusierweight match on every show.

    Next week hopefully we get less relays, Michael Cole should say something along the lines of 'go to to see a recap of last weeks show' rather than replaying the same thing 4 times. Overall, a good show and i'm excited for next week.

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