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Matt Hardy: An Underrated performer and a Role Model?

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Matt Hardy - 'Stronger than death'

I decided to do this blog after reading the 'Do you want Jeff Hardy to return to the Wwe' thread started by Deadly56. I've always been a fan of Matt, more so than Jeff because he was similar to me (not in the taking drugs sense, in that I was often overlooked because of my brother). Matt was the older brother who kept everything under control, he was often overlooked because Jeff was the one doing all the spots.
This blog will be looking at Matt Hardy - as a role model and an underrated performer.

Background to how I became a fan of wrestling...

I started watching wrestling in 1998 when The Hardy's vs Edge and Christian rivalry started. Their fast paced, exciting matches made me a fan of wrestling and from there I became a fan of the likes of HBK, Chris Jericho, Kane, Triple H....
I remember watching Matt become a singles performer and producing some great matches/moments with his Mattitude gimmick. His promos were really good, one of my favourite moments was Matt trying to lose weight so he could be apart of the Crusierweight division.

A massive career mistake he made was moving to Raw to be with Lita. He may of had an entertaining feud with Kane but if he had of stayed on Smackdown he may of eventually got an IC title shot which could of been used to propel himself into the main event scene.

The Love Triangle...
So Lita left Matt for Edge, Matt was fired only to be rehired, they feuded ending with Matt losing a loser leaves Raw match.

This feud was good but it could of been so much better. The booking of it in my opinion was wrong. They should of had Edge get disqualified or walk out as Matt being unable to compete made him look weak. The second match should of seen Edge get the win after a distraction. And the feud should of ended with Matt prevailing in the steel cage match. He could of then gone after the Wwe Championship with the catchphrase 'I've got nothing to lose and everything to gain'. Edge could of then cashed in after Matt won the championship resuming their feud ending with Matt coming out on top. This would of created 2 main eventers.

I understand Matt moved over to Smackdown for personal reasons but they still should of had him go after the World Championship with the mindset I wrote above.
Fast forward a few years after and Matts had a decent tag team run with his brother, an amazing feud with Mvp, an ECW Championship run and another good rivalry with Jeff. After Jeff left, Matts career took a turn for the worse jobbing to Eric Escobar and Drew McIntyre.

I think Matt was a hard worker who would of made a main event run work. There were too key moments where they should of pushed Matt. With his version 1 gimmick or after his feud with Edge and Lita.

Matt Hardy - A role model?
Matt started his indie promotion (Omega) at an early age. He worked his ass off to get noticed and to get sponsors. He taught himself to sew to save money on costumes - if that's not dedication than I don't know what is. He got himself and his brother into the Wwe and became one of the greatest tag teams ever.

I know he's had an awful past year or so but there was a lot leading up to it in my opinion. Obviously I don't condone the use of drugs and am only defending him to a degree but moments that played a role in it were (imo):
- His mother dying whilst Matt was young
- The love of his life cheating on him.

I don't think Matt had properly got over the affair until last year.

Thankfully, Matts in a good place now with Reby Sky. I don't see him returning until he's proposed to Reby as he probably doesn't want a de ja vu.

A return in the near future?
I do however think Matt will eventually return but I don't think that'll happen till after next Wrestlemania at the earliest. Id like him to be given the Christian treatment (preferably not losing it in 5 days) and have at least one World title run.

Thanks for reading, not really sure what type of blog this was but think of it a blog aimed at the Matt Hardy haters who don't know anything about him other than his problems with drugs. It may not of been my best blog but I've been meaning to do this for a while. Remember to leave a comment below!

I'd recommend the Twist of Fate Hardys Dvd as it offers an insight into how they got into the business and how hard Matt worked to get them both there.

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  1. Tommy Thunder's Avatar
    While I wouldn't see Matt as a role model (I don't think that either Hardy could be called a role model, even with both seemingly settling down now), I 100% agree that Matt was underrated as a performer. He didn't have the natural charisma of Jeff, but he ALWAYS got one of the biggest pops of the night when he came out to perform. The fans loved him.

    I think there is a slight chance we'll see him back in WWE. The way he left perhaps is what makes it look unlikely, but you never know. With the marketability of the Hardy brand, you never know.
    I hope that both Hardys end their careers in WWE personally.
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