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Alberto Del Rio: Destined To Fail

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Welcome to another blog by yours truly, the one and only, K2Jelly. Now, I don't do blogs very often but I felt compelled to touch up on a subject about one particular wrestler known to the wrestling world as Alberto Del Rio.

So with Alberto Del Rio, we......what the? Hey! Are you people actually sleeping?! WAKE UP! This isn't the time to be taking a nap! Don't make me get an air horn in here!

Well, I guess I really can't blame you. Over the past year or so, the name Alberto Del Rio has been synonymous to us wrestling fans as an Ambien pill. Everywhere I go, every forum I see, every topic that's centered around this guy, there's one word that's used to convey the ire and contempt of his character or anything that has to do with him, except Ricardo Rodriguez of course...boring. Now when ADR first burst onto the WWE scene, I instantly liked him. He had a very unique, charismatic and suave gimmick and for a couple of months, I was very invested in him and he became my favorite heel in the WWE. But, like with any good thing, the novelty wears off eventually especially when it's overexposed. Now, even thought this happened, I still liked him. Not as much as I used to but he was still one of my favorites. But then, around the time he won the Royal Rumble, people started to get annoyed with him. At first, it was because they thought he was "shoved down our throats" and pushed to the moon with a fast push. It even got worse for him when he won the MITB ladder match.

Eventually, however, in the present day, people have gotten bored with him. Or should I say, people have claimed Alberto Del Rio has bored them. Most people can agree that ADR is very talented in the ring but they find his character to be bland and uninteresting. Some of those people don't bother to explain why or just can't put their finger on it. Others believe that he needs to work on his mic skills. Others think he needs to have a new gimmick adapted. I wholeheartedly disagree with all of those reasons and suggestions. ADR mic skills don't really need improving and his character is fine just the way it is. I believe that his problem rely on the following things:

1. His reliance on destiny

Now, when you read this, you might be thinking to yourself, "Oh yeah! ADR says destiny WAY too many times in his promo. It's so annoying! Ugggh!"

Of course, that's a very valid reason to be annoyed by him but you see, it's more than that. You know how kids use the most vague and meaningless assertions to explain how they should have something they desire? Like for instance, say that a little boy wants to go and buy a new toy and he keeps nagging his mom for it despite the fact she always says no to him. Then, to explain why he should have it, he would say something along the lines of, "Well, I have to have it because we have a bond! It's the will of The Force that this particular toy be within my grasp." Would that mother buy that excuse? Would any of you? See, one of my main problems with Alberto Del Rio goes beyond him saying "destiny" over and over again. It's about how much he relies on "destiny" as a tool of assertion. Why, in the world, does an aristocrat, who has vast amounts of wealth, power and intelligence at his disposal, have to say stuff like, "It is my destiny to do...."?

Don't you think that if he had all of those tools at his disposal, including a ring announcer who's willing to sacrifice both his well being and dignity for the sake of his boss, he'd brag about those things instead of destiny? You see, destiny represents uncertainty. It's a vague sense of what is to come instead of something's that's already set in stone. When Alberto Del Rio wants to convince us that he'll be at the top or he'll have a certain goal done, saying that it's by destiny makes his character seem impotent because of how he doesn't need to express the importance OF his utilities or display his cunning persona, it makes him seem like he's backed in a corner and because destiny isn't a very reliable source of comfort. Things like his money and demeanor make up his character and the more he strays away from that, the less entertaining he is. But in reality, he's not really given that much material to work with anymore. That brings me to my next and final point.

2. His character

Like I stated at the beginning of this blog, I was a huge fan of ADR's gimmick. the car, the ring announcer, the parties...everything about him drew my interest. Nowadays, not so much. There are two reasons to this. The first reason is that, like I also stated previously, the novelty of any thing good eventually wears out over time. At first, it was great because it was new and it did two things; it showed off his arrogance. The way he would honk his horn would say, "Hey! Look at me! I'm more important then what you're doing right now!" It also showed off how rich he was which was a major aspect of his character. Nowadays, I've become accustomed to it. It doesn't dazzle or impress me anymore. I'm not tired of seeing it, because I still find it a core essential for him, but it's no longer entertaining or exciting.

However, I've started to notice something about him. Remember how he would always show off his wealth and influence? Like, wearing expensive clothes to parties, hosting parties, hiring entertainment, etc. Now, he barely does that anymore. It might seem superficial but doing stuff like that sells his gimmick and makes him more interesting. I was actually a bit surprised when I saw the MITB 2012 commercial because it actually showcased ADR's aristocratic gimmick like it should but hasn't. It makes him seem like an actual threat because of how much he has to back him up when he sets out to accomplish something. But, he barely does that nowadays for some reason. He just seems like "Generic Heel #753" now because he doesn't rely on the aspects that make up his gimmick a.k.a. what separates him from the rest of the pack. He's been told to be more aggressive but for me, I doesn't help him at all. In fact, it's counterproductive to his gimmick. ADR's the type of person who should use his resources to not get his hands dirty.
By being more aggressive, he's relying on his own power instead of the things that make him an aristocrat. Instead of confronting a threat head on, he should either use his brains or hire someone to take it head on for him like a real villainous aristocrat should.

So in short he's not entertaining anymore because his mic skills don't revolve around boasting about what he has, he doesn't really act like an aristocrat and he's not being given new material to establish his character. Because of all of that, ADR might become a multiple time world champion by the time he retires but he'll forever have the contempt of the IWC because of what he's become now.

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Updated 07-30-2012 at 01:23 AM by K2Jelly

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  1. ComingToCinemas's Avatar
    I like his new aggressive streak, it makes his matches watchable and that Cross Armbreaker look like a semi-viable finisher (I think he needs a new, non-submission move to finish opponents as a backup though). The problem I have is that he was thrown straight into the title picture without proving himself in WWE first (he injured Rey Mysterio, big deal...), and his promos have been identical from day one. I actually have a sign of relief when someone interrupts him because I know I could youtube any of his previous mic work and hear what he was planning to say. The whole destiny gimmick is irrelevant given that past champions have notably worked for their title shots, whilst ADR has moaned that he has been robbed of his chance for much of 2012. It's boring.
  2. DWO's Avatar
    An interesting read. Del Rio just doesn't interest me because there's nothing about him that strikes out as entertaining. He's almost like a JBL rip-off and this does not help at all. We've seen people like him before and we will see people like him again and that appears to be the issue.
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