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I Don't Believe It: Improving ADR, MITB in brief and a Veteran uprising

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Within my blog this week i'd like to talk about a range of topics that are current and that have been present this week.

Improving Alberto Del Rio

Over the last couple of weeks i have seen posts within the forum as well as blog's criticizing the 'essence of excellence'. I have to agree with such criticism. In my view Alberto Del Rio has nothing on John Bradshaw Layfield.

Both are very similar in terms of their characters, both being wealthy heels who look down on everybody else. JBL was great at antagonizing not only the crowd but his rivals week in and week out as he was very strong on the mic. JBL flaunted his wealth to the crowd and rubbed his lifestyle in the faces of everybody else. His strength on the mic coupled with his smug demeanor as well as his ring general-like presence in the ring ensured he was a top heel. I think Del Rio should therefore look to JBL for inspiration.

I feel Del Rio needs much improvement when delivering his promo's. Sometimes it seems as if when he talks the crowd switch off, when realistically he should be coming out and riling the crowd. I also think ADR has even more opportunity than JBL to make the crowd loathe him on a weekly basis because of current circumstances economically. The world is in an economic crisis and recession and i feel ADR should flaunt his wealth, lifestyle and riches to the crowd more which no doubt would provoke an angry crowd response and fulfill the potential of Del Rio's character. Perhaps if Del Rio were to turn up this side of his persona with a mix of 'The million dollar man' and JBL he could be onto a real winner making him the E's top heel.

Money In The Bank - In Brief

I am aware that a lot of blogs have covered MITB but i'd just quickly like to talk about the WWE title match on the MITB card. In my view i was expecting more. Perhaps i expected more involvement from AJ or the fact that i expected her to definitively side with Daniel Bryan with him taking the gold. I think i was expecting more from the finish? The finish to the match itself was a little anti-climactic for my liking (with the belly to back suplex from the top rope through the table). Maybe my expectations were set too high, particularly after the wonderful contest between Punk & Bryan at Over The Limit? The build up to this title match at MITB was superb but in my view the match didn't meet the high quality of the build-up or my own expectations. I have to quickly say i loved the 'Yes Lock' with the Singapore cane by D. Bryan on CM Punk, a great spot in the match. Nevertheless it was a good ppv, not as good as last years but good nonetheless.

A veteran uprising

What i'm about to talk about next is in relation to what i noticed on this weeks edition of Raw (999). What i noticed was that the current crop of WWE superstars spoke out against a couple of veterans. We had CM Punk at the start of the show telling Big Show that although he hurts people in his matches he rarely wins. Then later on we had Dolph Ziggler telling Chris Jericho that he's losing his touch and asked him when was the last time he won an important match. Now i ask, why don't Big Show and Y2J do something about this before the rot sets in on their careers.

I think that to show the likes of Punk & Ziggler that they are still serious threats within the company and that they can still win major gold, Y2J and Big Show should form a stable with some of the other veterans on the roster who are perhaps at a career crossroads. I don't care what people say, Kane is still a big time threat and is most certainly world title worthy but his form has hit a bit of a snag in recent months and he does need to get back on track. Cody Rhodes not too long ago told Christian that he was taking Rhodes's spot, Christian could be a candidate for this group to show the young guns that they are not finished yet. In addition, Mark Henry could be an option to join too.

This group or stable if you will could have a dominant presence on both Raw & Smackdown and as a cohesive unit could claim title gold on both shows. As a strong, veteran main event group they could be seen as WWE's answer to the Main Event Mafia. It would keep them relevant and a threat.

To anybody that read's, thankyou. You can read my other blogs too if you have the time and see what you think

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  1. akbar's Avatar
    Great blog, I enjoyed reading this.
  2. Marx's Avatar
    I agree. ADR should stop talking about 'destiny', which for some kind of reason makes me think of the rambling of the Ultimate Warrior, and start flaunting the money.

    I'd like to see him buy the number one contendership. Put him against a heel (Big Show?), who just let's ADR win. Reveal he bought the spot (Big Show, during the John Laurinaitis thing, mentioned he's only wrestling for the money, which would thus fit perfectly - but I realise it's to consistent for WWE writing), let him pay people to mess with Punk. If they put AJ back with Punk, let them mess with AJ. Punk vs ADR in the ring the week before a ppv, Videotron-bit interruption with AJ being followed, ADR scoring a roll up win..

    The heel buying his way to the top, the hero defending the girl.. should make ADR hated in the good sense of the word.
  3. dls1309's Avatar
    That kind of stable would be a perfect way to work Flair back into the company. All the veterans can hold their own on the Mic anyway but flair could act as their leader, provokingv them all to join forces with a promo about how much things have changed since last time he was here.

    It could even build up to big show, Jericho, Christian, kane and mark henry vs Rhodes, ziggler, Bryan, punk and Orton ( or something similar) at survivor series. Would be an interesting variation on the usual face vs heel dynamic
    Updated 07-19-2012 at 09:26 PM by dls1309

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