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If We could Turn Back Time on Sin Cara & The US title

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Hi gang, in my blog this week i'd like to talk about a couple of topics that have been much talked about within the wrestling world and within the forums. The topics i am alluding to are the much debated topic of Sin Cara as well as the current situation regarding the WWE United States Championship.

If we could turn backtime on Sin Cara
Sin Cara signed with World Wrestling Entertainment on January 30th 2011 as arguably Mexico's premier star and arguably WWE believed Sin Cara would become the next Rey Mysterio when the lucha star put pen to paper at the start of 2011. On February 24th 2011 WWE held a press conference which was an event rarely seen as WWE don't usually hold such events in showcasing their new signings to the worlds press. This press conference should have been the start of something magical for Sin Cara in WWE, however it had the opposite effect. What can only be described as a detrimental effect onthe WWE career of Sin Cara.

I look back now and think that in relation to what Sin Cara has achieved since signing with WWE, this press conference was a huge waste of money, time and resources on the part of 'the E' making the whole process look a shambles. On a quick side note WWE could have utilized such a press conference set-up when they debuted a new star like the re-packaged Ryback or for when The Rock returned.

Perhaps the problem for Sin Cara was the way in which his debut was booked, saving Daniel Bryan from Sheamus on April 4th 2011 on Raw. I feel perhaps Cara's debut would've been better in a similar vain to how Ryback has been introduced on TV, showcasing his impressive moves against local competitors and besting superstars lower down in the pecking order on the roster. There's no doubting that crowds were impressed with some of the moves displayed by Cara however audiences were overall disappointed with his matches. I myself was underwhelmed after such a big build up. A Ryback style build up could have allowed the Sin Cara character to grow on us week on week as well as the emphasis solely being on Cara if he were against jobbers in the opening few months of his WWE career.

Any progress Cara could've had was hindered due to a wellness violation in July 2011 as well as continually botching moves in matches. Therefore i think it can safely be said that Sin Cara's style does not blend with the WWE style and i believe any hope of him taking Mysterio's mantle in the future has faded. I also feel that his denial over his wellness violation showed a touch of arrogance relating to his stardom back in Mexico, perhaps he believed he was above WWE's wellness policy? I also feel his apparent rivalry with ADR can't help Cara's progress either. Del Rio is apparently thought highly of by WWE officials so taking this factor into account as well as Sin Cara's overall underwhelming WWE career thus far, the lucha's future prospects could be non-existent.

In conclusion then all things considered i feel WWE should cut their losses on Sin Cara. The money they have plowed into trying to make Sin Cara a major star in WWE have failed. This is not necessarily WWE's fault though. Ultimately Sin Cara has not delivered in contrast to the way he was hyped up. WWE could be blamed in a sense for the way the Sin Cara/Hunico feud never took off - that could've been so much better than it actually was. To me, there is no use sticking with Cara; he's been injured, failed the wellness policy once and botches moves on a regular basis whilst not delivering exciting matches which in reality he should be. An over-hyped Mexican starlet that perhaps should have remained in his native Mexico.

The US title

There has been much discussion as of late about the current state of the Unites States title and which direction it should goin as the reign of Santino has extracted prestige from a historic wrestling championship.

Before this month the reign of Santino Marella as US champion has been called into question. However alarm bells started ringing for me when on Raw they conducted a poll asking fans to pick which title out of the; IC, US & Divas they wanted to see defended on the 1000th Raw - and the Divas title garnered more votes than the US title. How has such a prestigious championship declined so greatly?

In fairness Santino hasn't had a lot of competition for the belt. Guys who could offer exciting challenges for the title such as Kofi Kingston, R-Truth, Dolph Ziggler et al are either pre-occupied in other feuds or have ascended towards the top of the pecking order. The likes of Jack Swagger who has had a shocking 2012 is not ideal competition at the present time to help raise the profile of the US title once more. I feel WWE need to do the same as what they've done to once again elevate the Intercontinental title, by having a few stars who are mid to main event standard challenging for the IC gold and putting on exciting matches, names such as Christian, Cody Rhodes and now The Miz have achieved this. This needs to be done now with the US title.

For me a golden period for the US title in recent times was 2004. In 2004 names such as; John Cena, Booker T, RVD, Carlito and Big Show feuded for the gold putting on good quality matches. Hell even Rene Dupree was in on the act at a time when mid-main event stars & former world champions wanted to hold the US title. Fast forwarding now to 2012, WWE needs to create greater competition for the US title.

Who could create such competition then? Well for starters lets take the gold off of the Milan Miracle. Then start a tournament to crown a new United States championship. This title along with the IC title has been known to elevate young stars into household names. Names who should be in contention in my view include; Tyson Kidd, Damien Sandow, Antonio Cesaro, Heath Slater, Yoshi Tatsu, Justin Gabriel and even get Ryback in on the action perhaps mirroring Goldberg winning the WCW US title in April of 1998. A tournament of such kind would bring interest back to this historic title ,interest that has dwindled within the last year. And undoubtedly with the right superstars in the tournament, we'd see good quality, entertaining contests too.

Thankyou for reading

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Thoughts and Opinions


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  1. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    When talking about the US Title back in 2004, did you really put Carlito's name up there with those other four real superstars and legends?
  2. Whatislove's Avatar
    There's a bit of a problem with the poll you linked though.

    A. It's probably not real (AKA, those aren't what people voted for)


    B. The women's got so many votes because people who care about wrestling wanted to see kharma return (but got slightly overwhelmed by the kiddies votes for christian).

    I still lean toward A, the 'E makes crap up all the time, no reason to believe that poll was legitimate
  3. Hublescope's Avatar
    What Sin Cara counts, I dont watched him in Mexico, and I think I never will since I am not the biggest fan of high flyers. But the problems with him arent really his or WWE fault. In my opinion, he just doesnt fit into the current state of WWE. The face high flyer combination is overused already, with the guys like Kingston, Kidd, Gabriel.. Hunico seems like a much better guy to work with, his in ring abilities can be easily compared to Sin Cara's (from what I've seen in WWE) and his character can be effectively shaping according to needs. When I see him in the ring, its obvious that he adapted very quick to the WWE style of wrestling. He is willing to learn according to needs. While I dont know what kind of behaviour he has in the backstage, hes been already featured in their episodes on YT, and appears semi-regulary on matches, and I cant say the same for Sin Cara.

    What US title counts, I see it get riped off Santino in recent time. I didnt really mind his run, since the title lacked prestige before. His run is all about fun, either on networks or on shows themselves. The guy I see next in line for the gold is Damien Sandow, according to their moments in backstage and on Santino's YT show. Sandow needs more exposure for his gimmick to cut longer promos and longer matches. The title can bring this to him by defending the gold against other rookies on the roster. What other rookies and superstars on the roster counts, I dont really see them capturing this gold right now. Rhodes is allready on the way to bigger things, and putting him back to lower-mid cards would be spit in the face of the hard work he went over in the recent time. Di Biase went quickly off our exposure after start of his Di Biase possy which was just terrible. R-Thruth and Kingston seem like staying on the tag team division for some time now. Tensai is lame heavyweight. Some other guys are forgotten, and the only light shining is Tyson Kidd. Since he is currently a face, I think that he will jump on the title picture after Sandow beat Santino. Another guys who may come into play are Brodus Clay and David Otunga, which had a small feud some time back. What Caesaro counts, I have seen him having match only twice on Smackdown, in one of those he beat Santino in the non title match. So WWE might get him a title match which he would win. That would be, IMO, bad thing to do, since he doesnt really show anything special apart from interesting moves in the ring, and the boobs walking next to him. Even when Joey Hennig said that Santino sucks while sitting on the toilet was more interesting that seeing this guy talking.
  4. WilloTron's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by DK Wrestling Savior
    When talking about the US Title back in 2004, did you really put Carlito's name up there with those other four real superstars and legends?
    Yeah, i wasn't trying to say he was as good as the likes of; Booker T, RVD, Cena or Show but his feud with Cena was quite good and within that year US title matches were pretty solid. A lot more solid than they are now.
  5. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by WilloTron
    Yeah, i wasn't trying to say he was as good as the likes of; Booker T, RVD, Cena or Show but his feud with Cena was quite good and within that year US title matches were pretty solid. A lot more solid than they are now.
    Agreed. Good Blog.
  6. bearkg88's Avatar
    Good blog. I enjoyed reading it. I like the idea of the US title coming off of Santino, and the new champ being decided in a tournament. Personally I would give the title to Kidd, as I feel like his in ring ability alone, would make for some great matches involving defending the US title
  7. CricketTragic's Avatar
    I think you are very rude towards Santino Marella. He is a great wrestler with a gimmick that makes him look cheesy mark my words, in twelve months time he will be a star
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