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Why Sheamus should lose the title now

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So in the recent Smackdown episode, Alberto Del Rio has won the no1 contenders fatal four way match to be up against Sheamus for the World Heavyweight Championship. I have to say I was surprised he won the battle royal, with the apperant feud happening with Rey Mysterio, a one on one between them would've been the guess but it looks like ADR is still going to be after the title.

On to the Champion, Ever since his Royal Rumble win 7 months ago, I don't think I've seen this guy get beat in a singles or a tag team match, he always seems to come out on top. He's almost on the verge of a backlash from the fans if he keeps on winning, no one likes a face constantly winning, you want a underdog to come against odds and win. Which is why CM Punk works so well, if you watch his matches you see that he takes a beating and doesn't always seem invincible.

Another logical reason to make Sheamus lose the title is to help put over ADR with the crowd. We've talked about several time how ADR isn't working but I believe there is hope for him and winning the title of Sheamus in his next match could be the way forward. WWE are insisting on pushing ADR, so he gets all these title shots, time after time. Now then, what is the point making him lose all his matches for the title to Sheamus. WWE I feel have to do one or the other, stop pushing ADR or give him the title now, the crowd are much more likely to get behind Sheamus if he is chasing the title and hate ADR more if he is winning the WHC by normal heel ways like cheating and interferences.

Makes me wonder where Mysterio fits in the equation if ADR goes for the title, possibly a triple threat. Then you have Randy Orton returning this week and is being reported to get a push and there's also Dolph Ziggler with the MITB briefcase hanging about in the title scene. For a second I had felt WWE had made the right decision into putting ADR in a upper mid card feud with Mysterio, this would be good for ADR's standard for awhile instead of the heavy constant push to the title scene.

I like Randy Orton, I don't find him boring like so many people say he is, When Orton returns, he has to and I repeat, he has to come back as a heel. Orton was best as a heel and the viper thing suited a heel character perfectly. Now when he comes back, he needs to take out Sheamus. Orton is probably the only man in smackdown that can boss around Sheamus, this way Sheamus will become the Underdog I was talking about and fans are much more likely to get behind him if he is put in a intense feud with Orton.

I'm still indifferent about Sheamus, his promos are abit generic, the fella thing and being nice to people just doesn't seem to fit his 'Celtic warrior' character. But I understand WWE need to build the future to be faces and it is much easier to be a heel then a face. I read Triple H is big on Sheamus so we wont stop seeing him in the title scene anytime soon.
I'm not criticising Sheamus but I'm giving a way for him to rise further if WWE are planning to make him one of the top faces if he already isn't one and for me, he isn't one just yet.

In a bit everyone.

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Updated 07-28-2012 at 06:58 PM by akbar

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  1. TomJarvis100's Avatar
    I see Sheamus vs Del Rio vs Orton at s.slam.then ziggler cashing in on sheamus successfully
  2. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Nice BLOG. I capitalize that because this is truly what a BLOG is all about.

    I'm on a different platform as you though. I always liked Sheamus as the top Smackdown face, and as the champ. I could care less about mic skills. Everyone puts so much emphasis on that. He's over with the crowd. He's got a nice title run going. It's rare that there are decent title runs anymore so I never minded this push for him.

    (of course, I
  3. Dubs's Avatar
    Great blog akbar. I too think Sheamus needs to drop the World Heavyweight title to Del Rio at Summerslam. I'm a Sheamus fan but I think a title change will make things more fresh and Del Rio beating Sheamus for the World Heavyweight title will elevate him more.
  4. bearkg88's Avatar
    A good blog Ak. Some thoughts, after reading your blog. To me, i see SD being filled with Orton/Sheamus/Mysterio as the top faces for that brand per say. For the heel side I see ADR/Ziggler/and Rhodes for now until Barrett comes back. I could see Orton and Mysterio being thrown into the mix for the WHC title, making it a fatal fourway at SS. I see Sheamus retaining though, and eventually losing to Barrett. I think Barrett will then drop the title to Orton, at which point Ziggler will cash in to beat Orton. That's just the thought I had though Good blog either way bud!
  5. knox's Avatar
    Great blog man, I partially agree but hell, still a great read. Personally, I don't see anything in Del Rio. He gets boring quick because he doesn't have strong enough mic skills to carry that true heel role. I feel like he'll be huge and I mean Eddie Guerrero huge once he turns face. I can see the crowd rallying behind this guy when that happens.

    Sheamus to me is very dependable and is playing his role well. Him winning every match does get boring however. I loved the Attitude Era because even if Rocky or Austin or whomever was Champion, they would get pinned on any given night and it was so believable to see the champ get beat in an ordinary match because the talent pool was so heavy.

    Personally, Smackdown has a much better concrete group of Maineventers. Dolph Ziggler, Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan, Sheamus, Del Rio and Rey Rey make for some interesting battles.

    I think its finally Dolph's time. He's had the greatest run you could ever think of when you actually stomach the fact that he was a jobber in Spirit Squad. What a hell of a run that almost every fan takes him serious. I love the guy.

    Great blog bro.
  6. bartish2's Avatar
    the whole underdog get beat up and then come back against odds is getting old and boring. del boreo is boring so I would not have him be champ when he doesnt even get a crowd reaction.
  7. Hublescope's Avatar
    In my opinion, Del Rio should loose the title and beat the crap out of Sheamus after the match ends. When he would beat up Sheamus, let Mysterio comes in and start fight with ADR. The two would go to backstage typically WWE style, through the crowd. Then let Ziggler come out with the briefcase, smashing it to Sheamus head and pin him to become new champion, or let Sheamus to kick his scole again saving his title.
    What Orton counts, I think that WWE will manage it similar like with Rey, putting him to an "old friend" Barret, when the guy comes back.
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