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Aces and Eights: Vince Russo, X-Division, TNA & More

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You know, the current state of TNA have been great. Last year, I bashed the hell out of their product when Vince Russo was writing for them but since Russo isn't writing for TNA anymore, things have changed for the better. They are consistenly producing great wrestling shows and are trying to build up newer talent. The X-Division is looking pretty solid and with the recent signing of Chavo Guerrero, it will surely get better. Samoa Joe is dominating the BFG series by 45 points, Joey Ryan invading the Impact Zone is getting more entertaining, and The Greatest Man That's Ever Lived, Austin Aries is our TNA World Heavyweight champion. Not to mention TNA Impact Wrestling brodcasting live has made their programing much more exciting. Their tag team division may be in a weird place right now but it will get better once Kaz and Christopher Daniels finish up their involvement in the AJ/Claire storyline and start to defend it regularly. There are much other stuff that I am enjoying about TNA right now but the main thing that have my attention is TNA's major storyline going on which is masked unknown wrestlers causing havoc on the Impact Wrestling shows. They go by the name of Aces and Eights.

This group debuted on Impact Wrestling where 3 of the unknown masked wrestlers would attack Sting after he had cut a promo. This left me saying "Whoa, what was that?" Than a few weeks later on Impact, some random guy would walk into Hulk Hogan's office, handing him a notce and as the random guy leaves, he tells Hogan, "We're not cowards." Hogan opens the note which reads "See you next week!" with an Aces and Eights sign on it. The very next week, Sting comes back and asks Hulk Hogan to join him so that they can take on this mystery Aces and Eights stable but they go backstage where Hogan is being attacked by the Aces and Eights group. Sting also gets attacked by the masked savengers as well. Ever since, they have been casuing havoc and attacking any TNA wrestler in sight.

To me, TNA may have struck gold with this storyline. This storyline is something different, exicting, and leaves you with a question of "What are the Aces and Eights going to do next in their path of destruction?" It makes things more fresh for the viewers at home who don't know what to expect when watching Impact Wrestling. It also has people talking about it, wondering who it can be and how will this angle turn out. These are things you want to happen as it puts your product in the spotlight of what might happen in a major angle you're producing. With no spoilers, you don't know what's going to occur with this angle and it's great as a viewer of the product. Another reason why I think this storyline is great is because this storyline went from cirulating around Sting and Hulk Hogan to branching to other wrestlers who have been attacked by the Aces and Eights. Like on last Thrusday's Impact Wrestling where Sting, Kurt Angle, AJ Styles, James Storm, and Austin Aries fight off the Aces and Eights stable. It showed how dangerous the Aces and Eights can be at any given time no matter who that wresler is.

There are three main questions. Three major questions that makes this angle an interesting one. The one question is, whose the masked wrestlers in the Aces and Eights? For those who have ignored the spoilers on who those masked wrestlers may be, it leaves you with all of the possibilites of who those masked men can most likely be. It can be wrestlers we may have heard about or wrestlers we have no knowlege of who can benefit from this angle. Hell, even for those who have read the spoilers on who it may be, it's still not written in stone because some of the wrestlers behind the mask can change at any given time.

The second question is, what's the motive behind Aces and Eight's attacks? What are they trying to prove? Is there a reason why they took out Hulk Hogan? Why are they attacking TNA wrestlers? From attacking Hulk Hogan to attacking TNA wrestlers, there is obviously an agenda behind it but we don't know why. This may be another question to keep in mind as this storyline progresses.

The third question is, whose leading the pack? Who is pulling the strings behind this Aces and Eights stable? Can it be Chavo who he along with the other masked wrestlers want to make a name for themselves under the TNA spotlight? Can it be James Storm who is trying to secure his spot in the BFG series in order to get back his TNA World title with help from the masked wrestlers? Can it be Karen and Jeff Jarrett who are trying to take over TNA again with help from the masked wrestlers? Or can it be Eric Bischoff who wants to take over the company once again with help from the masked wrestlers by getting revange on Hulk Hogan for betraying him? There are many possibilites on who may be in charge of the Aces and Eights but we may have to see as the weeks go by.

This storyline is great. It leaves me confused and entertained at the same time. I feel that this storyline has the makings of being something big but only if it's handled right. TNA has an unflattering track record of not handling stables properly. TNA can't mess up on this one. This is their major storyline and if they mess up on this, than this angle will be all for nothing just like the Immortal. Not to sound too pessimistic it's how I see it. This angle may be a way of getting people to tune into their product. This angle can be big and if they are consistent with it and not rush into things so fast, they'll be fine. It's time to make things even more interesting this Summer and the Aces and Eights may be a way to shake things up. Thanks for reading. Take care guys.

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  1. akbar's Avatar
    -Love your blogs Dubs.
    -While I like the aces 8's storyline, in no way is it fresh or new though, so many storylines have been like this in the past, Nexus, NWO, etc but TNA are being smart and they're booking this angle in a way WWE couldn't book nexus.
    -Love that Joe is dominating
  2. scribbler_jones's Avatar
    Gotta agree with you - Aces and Eights is some interesting stuff. I'm happy because, as simple as it sounds, I like factions. I like the idea of a supergroup of motivated people steamrolling their way through the wrestling landscape. It is something that can open a lot of storyline possibilities and give new talents or underutilized performers a chance to shine and make an impact. I'm definitely interested in seeing if any of these guys could be brand new or returning (to TNA at least) stars - and I'm with you on the other two questions. If I could add another question to the list... what impact will Aces and Eights leave on IMPACT Wrestling?
  3. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    Nice read Dubs. It is an interesting storyline that does leave you guessing. As far as the leader goes, "Look Forward To The Past"
  4. Sahu's Avatar
    Nice read Dubs!! The best part of Aces n Eights is...the way they presented it...we don't know who r those members, we don't know who's behind this and what is their motive??

    It took an interesting note with suspicion around Storm...that is really good..n Storm who got very lil to do except for the BFG will have an interesting story..n he got all the skill to do it in a believable manner..

    I'm loving this Joey Ryan....certainly TNA has learnt from E's mistake of bringing Punk back very soon...let it go slowly...

    X-Div is going well n Zema Ion is doing a gud job and better than what I have expected...

    Tagteam division is not so good now...hope they re-build it n with Chavo coming in...n it is more than likely that he's going to team up with Hernandez it is good for the division.....

    One more thing they have to do is making TV Title a serious that Gunner/Crimson/Anderson/Hardy/Magnus n others some title to feud for....
  5. JohnnyV123's Avatar
    I don't agree with you that this is completely new and refreshing but it has a chance to be. What I mean is, Aces and Eights can't be NWO like invaders or Nexus or New Blood like up and comers (and won't be an upper establishment stable like Main Event Mafia or The Millionaire's Club). If they have some unique reason behind their attacks it can be great.

    If Samoa Joe doesn't win BFG (Storm probably will) they need to make sure Joe doesn't fall back out of the main event scene.

    The X Division could do with defining the characters more. Austin Aries comes out wearing a cape and saying he's the greatest man that ever lived. Perfect. Kenny King needs to come up with something because he's a guaranteed future star in TNA. Sonjay Dutt is another one who can be a big deal again if he gets a gimmick as do Dakota Darsow (meh) and Rashad Cameron.
  6. Wildcat's Avatar
    I like how they're lead the viewer (or at least me) to think Storm is associated with this pack -- it's a natural connection, with the "dead man's hand" being tied in with old west gunplay -- and then they openly blame him for it, which begins to lead me away from making that obvious conclusion. They need to continue making it NOT the obvious thing, and still find a way to surprise us.

  7. Hublescope's Avatar
    as some of the users pointed out, the storyline is surely not refreshing or new, actually, stables are appearing more and more in recent time. Take a look at recent past of TNA and you see that Fortune and Immortal were doing very similar things. And that is just year or two back. So the way I see it is that TNA should stop with this stables for some time, otherwise they wont be so impactful anymore. Why they rather didnt work more on the current Daniels/AJ Styles fued? That storyline is pretty much boring, and nobody really cares about it. Its just another personal drama in TNA. I would rather see them bringing more creative ideas regarding feuds between superstars themselves than impacting the whole company once again.
    I am just wondering when the right time comes for Rob Terry to beat the living hell out of Robbie E, and catapulting himself to the TV title picture. He could turn on Robbie E during the one of the Open Fight nights and next time beat Devon for the title. I believe that he would make the title look more prestige since he had it before the Immortal thing exploded.
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