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WWE '13 Roster At SummerSlam!!!

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At Summerslam Access in a few weeks time, THQ reveal the full roster (par maybe DLC’s) for WWE ’13 video game.

Personally, I can’t wait!

With an Attitude Era theme to this year’s game, it could possibly be the best WWE video game – maybe wrestling game as a whole – ever produced!

A little while ago, a supposed “leaked” roster made its way online. Many, including myself, thought the roster was legit, despite missing a few names that were confirmed for the game.

Now, it’s been confirmed that the leaked roster was a fake.

Names such as DDP, John Laurinaitis, Rikishi and Too Cool have been confirmed for the game, but their names weren’t on the leaked roster list for the game.

Cory Ledesma, the creative genius behind the WWE Games, has said that the Attitude Era story mode and roster will stay true to that period in wrestling in WWE.

WCW will have few mentions in the game, as “The Monday Night Wars” is also a theme in the game to go along with the Attitude Era.

Cory and the team at THQ are looking to include ALL the major names that revolutionized that period in wrestling.

To this day, there have been hints in some of WWE 13’s “Revolution” trailers that made their way online earlier this year. Yes, the ones featuring CM Punk.

The original “Revolution” trailer, which was more of a vignette for the announcement of the game, featured various stars from the Monday Night Wars era of sports-entertainment.

Now, before I state a couple of VERY interesting names, the Attitude Era story mode is said to have the player relive the historic events that took place during that era of WWE.

The Montreal Screw job, Austin vs. McMahon, DX invading WCW, Austin vs. Rock feud, Undertaker vs. Kane, Shane buying WCW…these are all historic moments in WWE history that help shape the Attitude Era.

The VERY interesting names and faces that appeared in the original “Revolution” WWE 13 vignette, as I mentioned previously, are Bret Hart, DX featuring Triple H, X-Pac and the New Age Outlaws, Paul Heyman, Shane McMahon and the New World Order.

Bret Hart, in his classic battles against HBK and Stone Cold Steve Austin and suffering the Montreal Screw Job, was an architect for the Attitude Era. D-Generation X (the babyface group) pretty much WAS the personifications of the Attitude Era.

The last three names I mentioned are very interesting indeed: Paul Heyman, Shane McMahon and the New World Order.

Firstly, Shane McMahon played a HUGE part in the Attitude Era; especially the Austin/McMahon rivalry. Shane not only went on to lead the Corporate Ministry with his father (which possible could suggest that Ministry members and Corporation members will feature in the game), but Shane also change WWE history when he led the WCW Invasion.

This leads me to my next two names that featured in the “Revolution” vignette/promo – Paul Heyman and the New World Order.

Paul Heyman’s ECW and WCW’s New World Order majorly influenced WWE’s Attitude Era, and their edgy direction which revolutionized the company.

In terms of Paul Heyman, he was present during the latter part of the Attitude Era. And with Brock Lesnar signing earlier this year with WWE (and is more than likely in the game/also in WWE’12), and with Heyman’s current WWE run, it’s very possible that the former ECW Owner will be a character in the game.

In terms of the New World Order…this is where it gets REALLY interesting.
In a couple of WWE ’13 official screenshots, you can clearly see fans in the crowd wearing nWo T-Shirts. Apart from signs, if a simulated audience member in a WWE game in wearing a T-Shirt of a WWE Superstar or faction, it is an indication that they are in the game.

With the “Monday Night Wars” theme having a presence in WWE ’13, and since it was the New World Order that helped WCW beat WWE in the ratings, its likely they will be involved in the game.

Kevin Nash is HEAVILY rumoured to be in the game and Hulk Hogan – despite being in TNA – is allowed to negotiate deals outside of that company, and also appeared in WWE All-Stars, and could definitely appear under the persona of “Hollywood Hulk Hogan” in the game.

As for Scott Hall (who, as Razor Ramon, was also featured in the “Revolution” WWE ’13 announcement promo) – I have a theory. If you look at the roster, Triple H, Shawn Michaels and X-Pac have ALL been confirmed for the game – with Kevin Nash most likely also. All these wrestlers make up the infamous “Kliq” group that help shape the “Monday Night Wars” Era in wrestling at the time. If Scott Hall is confirmed, then we will FINALLY have a game featuring every member of the “Kliq” group.

Another reason that the New World Order is likely in the game is that they actually did appear in the far latter part of the Attitude Era, when they were brought in by Mr. McMahon to the WWE. This ultimately led to a dream match between Hollywood Hulk Hogan versus the Rock at Wrestlemania X8.

In another quick note, also, because the WCW Invasion led by Shane McMahon may play a role in WWE ’13, it’s a strong possibility that the WCW stars could be that of DDP (confirmed for the game), Booker T (confirmed for the game) and the New World Order as the WCW invaders.

Even though Cory Ledesma said that we would relive the landmark moments from the Attitude Era, doesn’t mean that they have to be very specific. This game could finally give us the WCW Invasion that SHOULD have been. The Alliance, I STRONGLY doubt, will be in the game at all.

Also, as I close out, think about this…D-Generation X versus New World Order in WWE’13! I PRAY IT HAPPENS!

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  1. The Piper's Avatar
    If all of the names you mentioned are correct, I will never stop playing this game. DDP, Scott Hall, NAO? I need to pre-order this NOW!
  2. evilash's Avatar
    I just think it makes sense. If the nWo are in this game, it would be a game-changer (no pun intended). We are NEVER going to see DX versus the nWo on TV, so now this gives us the chance! Plus, with DDP and Booker T in the game, along with the nWo, and the Superstars from the Attitude Era, we can FINALLY play a WWE vs. WCW angle that us fans have always asked for. I agree with you, though, I also would never stop playing this game!
  3. Mikeyboy7777777's Avatar
    you have lit my fire and passion for wrestling again i can't wait the kliq THE FULL FUCKING KLIQ i don't give a fuck that chyna's not in i want the kliq against my current 5 favorite wrestlers have a feudafter that dx vs nwo the storylines are endless last year's wcw vs wwe was well legends vs currents most of the legends weren't in wcw that much but this year it could be the most exciting game ever i want a stable feud eventhough there won't be a survivor series match 5 vs 5 possible i don't care it's gonna be awesome i'm never going to stop playing this game
  4. Tall's Avatar
    I'm sorry but they always have NWO shirts in the game. It's unlikely they'll feature, especially given the constant bad news surrounding Scott Hall. Given the confirmation of an Attitude-Era Mark Henry, I think the only reason he'd be in the game would be for a Nation of Domination Vs DX rivalry based on the 98 feud.

    They've said there will be 8 feuds and I'd expect NOD/DX, Vince/Austin, Undertaker/Mankind or Kane, Hart/Michaels to be included.
  5. evilash's Avatar

    There have been nWo signs in WWE games before, but never T-Shirts. If you look back at all the games, you can clearly see that when a fan in the crowd is wearing a T-Shirt of a wrestler, then that wrestler is in the game. To be honest, the nWo shirt could just add an effect to the Attitude Era theme for realism, seeing as back then during the 'Monday Night Wars', fans wore nWo T-Shirts to WWE events. Also, the T-Shirt could also indicate that it could simple be an alternate attire for Nash, Big Show or X-Pac. Unlikely, though. But I strongly feel that they will be included. Further evidence is that WWE are releasing an new nWo DVD on November, to go along with the release of WWE '13. Also, Kevin Nash recently said on Twitter that "there will be an NWO reunion", which could simply hint at there inclusion in the game. If they are, I believe they will be DLC.
  6. MichaelHart's Avatar
    Already pre ordered a month ago,can't wait for the roster reveal.
  7. tupelojoe81's Avatar
    good blog dude. I hope this game delivers. WWE 12 was decent. I'm a mark, so I'm going to buy this game regardless.
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