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Meltdown: Laying The Smackdown Review

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Meltdown: Laying The Smackdown Review

Hi everyone, it's me again doing this weeks Smackdown Review for all you Smackdown fans! This week on Smackdown, the mainevent was to see who will be the new #1 contender for Sheamus World Heavy Weight Championship. Anyone who didn't watch what happen or would like to find out what mine and everyone's thoughts are, just read on.

Note: I just want to say, i'm not going to talk about everything what happen on Smackdown, but just the main points.

Christian vs The Miz-IC Championship
It was a shock for everyone, that The Miz defeated Christian on the 1000Th Raw but the only bright side to it was, they would have a rematch at SummerSlam.....well that's what I thought. Christian made his rematch clause
against The Miz while Miz was giving his victory speech. I guess everyone knew once again The Miz would defeat Christian and yet again Christian would get screwed out of a Championship. Their first match against each other on Raw was OK but their match on Smackdown, actually was a great match, a lot of back and forth action occurred. It was a great opener to start of the show. In The match The Miz did give Christian a thumb to the eye with out the ref looking, so you never know Christian could get one more match at SummerSlam. If Christian does lose once again, I will be curious to know, what would he do next? Or is their anything else for him? When he first came back from injury, a lot of people wanted him to go back in the World Title picture but right now I think he lost a lot of momentum. I have been a peep fan, for a long time now, so I hate to say this but I think Christian should hang up his boots soon.

Jinder Mahal vs Ryback
I thought this would be your normal Ryback squash match, so I was quite surprised to actually see Mahal put up a fight against him. This made Ryback look human and in the match we didn't have any clear winner, because Jinder exited the ring. Technically Ryback won by count out but he didn't pin or submit Ryback and that's what really counts in WWE. On the 1000TH Raw, Jinder Mahal and his low class superstars decided to attack Taker and Kane. Everyone knows how, that ended up. Jinder Mahal looked furious with Ryback, so I think we could be seeing a start of a feud between these guys. Next Raw or Smackdown, he's probably going to call his so called stable to attack Ryback which they should do successfully. This could escalate to some sort of match on SummerSlam.

Sheamus vs Cody Rhodes
This was a normal Sheamus beat down, which ended in a unsurprising Brogue Kick. I'm not going to lie, Cody did shine a little in the match but not as much as he should of. Dolph Ziggler was at ringside and when Sheamus did win, he was teasing to cash in but was only toying with Sheamus. Jericho sneaked behind Dolph and pushed him in the ring, then allowing Sheamus to give Dolph a brogue kick. Jericho saw his opportunity to give Dolph some payback for betraying him in their tag match on Raw. He gave Dolph a Codebreaker to prove once again, he's not really losing his touch. This Jericho and Dolph feud is really picking up nicely, I just hope they don't just battle at one PPV, and should take it to multiple Pay Per Views.

Santino Marella vs Antonio Cesaro
I have to say, I never thought it was a good idea to make Santino US Champion. I like Santino, he's the funny in WWE but if you put something funny with something, that should be taken series. It will devalue the seriousness and in WWE's case, that is something they don't want to do. This match Antonia won and this could lead to him being the next competitor, at having a shot at the US. I would like Santino to drop the belt to someone, but someone that actually half the the casual WWE fans know. Antonia hasn't really had a good build up and I haven't even seen him on TV for a while, so his random win over the US Champion Santino Marella shows the WWE don't have good bookings.

Kane VS Rey Mysterio VS Daniel Bryan VS Alberto Del Rio-#1 Contender For World Heavy Weight Championship

Now it's time to review the fatal 4 way match, what was the mainevent of Friday Night Smackdown. In this match all the competitors where all former World Heavy Weight Champions. I was a bit surprised we had Daniel Bryan and Kane in the match but it was OK they weren't really irrelevant to the World Title picture. This was a great match, I have to say WWE are really making Bryan look aggressive, maybe Del Rio should be taking notes. The winner of the match was Alberto Del Rio! Daniel Bryan eliminated Kane by kicking him over the barrier, so it was down to three men and Rey managed to get them set up for a double 619. He, then went to the top rope and successfully hit Bryan but Del Rio's ring announcer pulled Rey of Bryan, so Del Rio was able to steal the pin. I wanted Rey or Kane to win the match, because it will be great to see a fresh feud, as we already seen DBryan and Del Rio have their shot. I guess WWE aren't giving up on Del Rio just yet and since he already lost to Sheamus, WWE will probably let him win against him at SummerSlam, if that makes sense.

This weeks Smackdown was better, than last weeks. The Official Meltdown Review out of 10 is 6.5/10

Random Smackdown Thoughts
On Smackdown, I hate when WWE show too much about what happen on Raw. Since the 1000TH Raw happened, it was obvious they would show more, than normally. Raw is the main show, so they should be showing, what was the latest on Smackdown...daa. I was wondering is Jericho a face or still a heel, he hasn't spoke yet so when he does we will know. I was also wondering, if Jinder Mahal and his stable was WWE's original Summer plan and if they where that's just sad. I don't think the WWE universe wants another a newly freshed Nexus fail.
The Meltdown topic of the week is 'Do you think Del Rio can defeat Sheamus to be the new World Heavy Weight Champion?' I wanna know what you're thoughts are so include it in you're comment.

Thanks for reading guys, let me know you're thoughts about anything you want to talk about, what went down on Smackdown. Anyway I will see you guys soon.....BRINGING THE MELTDOWN FROM SMACKDOWN!‚Äč

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  1. The Piper's Avatar
    I don't watch Smackdown, but this is a nice way to keep up!
  2. akbar's Avatar
    -Enjoyed reading this, good review.
  3. loudpack's Avatar
    I personally think the US title reign we are suffering through is because of people talking about how prestigous it is. It was in wcw.
  4. Shaz11's Avatar
    Good review. You put Ryback won by DQ. Just pointing out before anyone starts bitching.
  5. deadly56's Avatar
    @ The piper and akbar

    Thanks guys glad to know i'm doing a good job, and akbar looks like I got a regular reader out of you

    @Shaz11- Thanks for the comment gonna change, that now.
  6. edgor95's Avatar
    Good blog, I like the blue font and I think its good that someone is keeping up on Smackdown. I see alot on Raw (YES YES YES, Uncooked, The Abdominal Stretch), but i don't really see alot of Smackdown. However, I have one complaint. Cats have claws, Christian had a clause.
  7. Vondraco's Avatar
    I too like the blue font. Much easier on the eyes. Well-written commentary and decent opinions, a few typos and maybe, a few too, many commas where, you didn't, need them.

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