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Bravo, TNA. You Almost Made Me Believe...

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To start, I'd like to say I love TNA Wrestling. I've been following the company for about seven years now and I've refused to change the channel, regardless of how poor the product was. As I'm sure everyone would agree, they've gotten a lot better over the past couple of months and I think they are, for the most part, moving in the right direction.

I've been loyal to the company for years, I've attended multiple live events and I was in the first row at Lockdown in 2011. However, regardless of the fact that I love the company, I will not hesitate to provide criticism when it's necessary. And, you've guessed it, that's what I am going to be doing in this blog. My idea behind this blog is very specific, I'm only going to be talking about one small piece of the product. I don't know if more blogs will follow, but I was just so irritated that I had to create a blog for my thoughts.

I've read many blogs on this site and I frequent it quite often, so I thought it was the best place for my post. ANYWAY, enough is enough -- let's get on with it, eh?

A few weeks ago, TNA signed Chavo Guerrero to a contract. I didn't hate the signing, I don't think it was necessary, but I didn't hate it. He's a solid worker, always has been, and I'm sure he carries with him a lot of wisdom that he can drop on some of the younger guys in TNA. However, TNA took an interesting route with this signing. They sent out a press release, advertised him on their website, and they hyped his debut on Impact Wrestling. They were giving Chavo the "star" treatment. They were treating the acquisition of Chavo Guerrero as a "huge step" in the right direction for the company. Come on, really?

The guy has had a view high spots in his career, but he has been a resident of mid-card or below status for most of his tenure in this business. He's had some success in the tag division with Eddie and his biggest claim to fame was winning the ECW World Championship, but by the time he won that belt it meant absolutely nothing. He was a solid Cruiserweight, but that means nothing in the WWE. My point is: the man never reached the Guerrero platform. As I said, always been a solid worker, but he never truly accomplished much. He was designated as a constant jerker of the curtain in WWE towards the end of his stay, which ultimately ended when he requested his release.

The idea behind this is TNA built Chavo up. They made us all believe, or attempted to make us believe, that he was a big star. And you know what? When Chavo made his debut, I started to believe it. I mean, I saw him and I saw Chavo Guerrero, but thanks to TNA's hype - I thought I was looking at a star. A diamond in the rough! A superstar that WWE never utilized. A great signing by TNA! But, after all of that hype, and after they had me believing that Chavo could potentially hang with guys like Kurt Angle and Austin Aries, they put him into a feud with... who?

This is obviously over the top, but between Kid Kash, Gunner, and Hernandez, they've all had as many appearances on TV as Chavo Guerrero in the past three months -- and he just made his freaking debut! Kash and Hernandez have been rotting off-camera for months. They both randomly came back at Slammiversary for a single's match, and Kash was involved in the X-Division stuff at Destination-X (only because TNA had no one else) and Gunner? He hasn't been used since May. These three guys have no heat, no build, and no energy behind them. And now they are going to throw them into a program with Chavo Guerrero?

Great job, TNA. You made me believe, at least for a second, that Chavo was going to be pushed. But nope, instead he has to float in useless land with Kash, Hernandez, and Gunner. I couldn't careless about Kash and Hernandez, I think Gunner should be TV champ, but that's neither here nor there. They gave Chavo so much hype, so much awesome-ness behind his debut, and then they just threw it all away with some random, out-of-no-where feud. I don't care if Kash and Guerrero have a past history, it's in the past for a reason. This is a new start for Chavo, where we thought he was going to be a star.. but evidently not.

Sorry, I was just ranting and venting in this blog. I felt like TNA did very well making Chavo appear like a big time star, but then they just said "forget it, we have nothing for him" and threw some under-utilized workers his way.

Good luck, Chavo. Here's to hoping you still have a contract after this feud.

If I do any more blogs in the future, they probably won't be like this. I was just really upset about their handling of his debut and I wanted to get it off my chest. Thanks for reading.

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  1. JohnnyV123's Avatar
    Take a second though and remember what happened to the TNA tag team division. This used to be deep and just like the X division for one reason or another has been depleted. Team 3D broke up, Beer Money broke up, Alex Shelley left and the Motorcity Machineguns are done, LAX was done when Homicide left, and other teams like British Invasion, Mexican America, Crimson and Amazing Red, etc never gained much traction.

    Who are the current tag teams? AJ Styles and Kurt Angle, Daniels and Kaz, and.....that's it? Kid Kash, Gunner, and Hernandex have had absolutely nothing to do so why not pair Chavo with Hernandez and create two new tag teams? I think it's a good move.
  2. ssgsanti's Avatar
    Ok I like how you put your article together I guess I have a little more to learn. But I am a fuck it type of guy who shoots from the head myself.
    But back to your article on Chavo, Its pretty good to set off the Tag Team wave in motion and Chavo and Hernandez I think would be a Hell of a Team.
  3. CM Horowitz's Avatar
    First off, this is a well-written blog. It is coherent, focused and with few grammar mistakes, which is really appreciated. I look forward to reading more entries from you. I can see where you are coming from regarding Chavo, but I must respectfully disagree. Kid Kash is a great heel, albeit totally underutilized and I think we are (hopefully) gonna see him put it in some good work in this feud. I do agree that Hernandez and Gunner add nothing to this situation (sidenote: I really hate Gunner. A lot.) but in the end, I still see this as a good setup for Chavo to have some impressive matches with a great worker like Kash. If done correctly, both Kid Kash and Chavo could come out of this looking very impressive.
  4. Darkside Ron Garvin's Avatar
    Delirious - I love the name, especially if it is formulated after the Indy wrestler with the same. Good blog, but I would like to bring up some food for thought...

    When Jeff Hardy (2nd run), Mr. Anderson, and RVD came into Impact, they were immediately put into the WHC tier of the show. I know for a fact that MANY fans were quite upset with this. Why you ask? Because by injecting a former WWE talent into TNA and allowing them to immediately go over, you are basically saying that someone who the E Universe didn't think was worth keeping is still better than those that TNA do believe to be worthy of a roster spot. Having Chavo, with a great build up to the signing and all, go straight against Aries, Roode, Storm, or Joe would be a bad idea. That would be saying that he is better than the likes of Bully, Styles, Daniels... You get where I am going.

    Secondly, Chavo is "remembered" by E Universe fans for his battle with Hornswoggle. Fans of WCW remember him for his Cruiser run. Fans of the Ruthless Aggression era remember him for Eddie/Chavo... The only fans who didn't "remember" Chavo for anything? The Ring Ka King fans. If you did not follow Ring Ka King, I suggest you check it out. It's where Magnus showed his greatest potential when TNA chooses to push him right. It is where Bulldog (Harry) Smith and Sheik Abdul Bashir (Daivari) have shined. It is also where the "Mexican Warrior" gimmick became very popular. Chavo was able to "get over" with the Ring Ka King crowd without the traditional pre-conceived notions that go along with any "debuting" wrestler.

    Last, it was pointed out that Chavo needs time to become introduced to the TNA crowd who do not follow "religiously" like others on this site. It gives him a feud to be involved with while so many other singles are currently involved in storylines. It also grants a "credible" wrestler to a division that needs him. Hernandez is the ideal pairing for Chavo in that his build and physical stature match well with Chavo's smaller build. If you know about wrestling history, search for "Power & Glory", or more recently "Jeri-Show/Miz-Show". When pairing a quick paced wrestler with a strong brute, fans tend to get behind them due to the substantial difference in performance styles. This is why teams such as LAX, Cryme Tyme, or Hart Dynasty could gather such a following... Because they could keep fans entertained with a diverse mix in the ring. My biggest hope is that Chavo will take Hernandez under his ring and chip away a lot of his "green". Hernandez was very popular with the crowd during his run with Morgan and Homicide, and I think Chavo will bring him back to that level... So long as Hernandez is willing to work for the crowd.
  5. Sahu's Avatar
    Ron, u put it very well...ppl who do not know Chavo also cheered for him in India...part of it because he's Eddie's nephew n part is because he really worked very well with the fans (he also greetd them in Hindi..)...
    Updated 07-29-2012 at 07:27 AM by Sahu
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