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Was it really a heel turn?

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I don't think CM Punks actions was really a heel turn. He's always been kind of a tweener in my opinion. His character has been the face that speaks his mind. In the same realm as Steve Austin. Despite his actions he will still be cheered.

I may be going to deep into it but his character needs to hold onto the Championship. It will be him against the management again in the form of his frustration that despite being the Champion for almost a year, and participating in arguably the best matches on almost all of his Pay Per View matches, yet he never headlines because the company is and will always be behind John Cena.

Why wouldn't they be? Cena has proven to be a seat filler and a ratings draw. People who love him want to see him be the hero he is. People who hate him buy a ticket or a ppv in order to hopefully see him fail. It is unfortunate that Punk is the number 2 in the PG era.

Where I see this playing out. CM Punk is frustrated being Number 2. He is frustrated that no matter how long he has the title or who he faces he doesn't main event. He is frustrated, the movie star can just come back and get a title shot when his schedule permits. Punk has done much to restore credibility in the title. He will most likely realize that despite turning heads with his pipe bombs last year, his position in the company has not changed.

A heel turn? Not really. Just a much needed boost in his character. Punk can hang with anyone. Let him loose!

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  1. azure's Avatar
    Your forgetting also the 1 important fact about the wwe fans, it's them who choose who they cheer or boo when attending wrestling events, raw/SD. No matter how much they want to push a character to being a heel, it may not work because heel or not fans will cheer for them cuz they like a certain wrestler.

    A good example of this was eddie guerrero, after he put Tajrii thru the windscreen of his low rider, affectively turning him heel. Next week he came on SD to explain why he did what he did, YET the fans wouldn't have none of it, they still cheered for the man cuz they loved him.

    It may or maynot take a lot for management to make sure punk looks, acts and is a heel but it'll take the reactgion from the fans to make it happen
  2. dashkatae's Avatar
    I really hope it's not a heel turn to be honest. I like punk as a face. He should come out on monday and talk about how a year ago he was frustrated about how cena and rock were main eventing everything and even though he is champion, he has to sit second fiddle to them.
    Then last week, rock comes out and he gets a title shot, even though he hasn't been around since wrestlemania, hasn't had any matches or anything.
    He should talk about how the guys in the back that are here week in and week out are more deserving for a title shot then Dwayne.
    As for Cena, he should talk about how he's just upset that Cena has main evented every pay per view even though he isn't champion and it needs to change.
    If he did that, I think he would be a much better tweener then a straight up heel and would be awesome for his character.
  3. ozfan's Avatar
    1. Big Show knocks out Cena, Punk chooses to try and steal the win.

    2. Punk stands there watching as Big Show beats up Cena after the match.

    3. Punk attacks and lays out The Rock with a GTS when Rock was trying to help Cena.

    It is a heel turn if I ever saw one.
  4. bartish2's Avatar
    1 little incident and everyones saying hes heel hilarious and just after they bitched about him for a year. cue the bandwagonriders.
  5. akbar's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by bartish2
    1 little incident and everyones saying hes heel hilarious and just after they bitched about him for a year. cue the bandwagonriders.
    Cue the bitches.
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