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Top 10 Countdown of the best Summerslam matches of all-time!!

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Summerslam is a big 4 ppv that WWE believes is the #2 ppv behind Wrestlemania of the year. I don't believe that is true, but Summerslam has had its good and bad moments as I've already covered. Now it is time to discuss the best matches in the history of the ppv. I'll give you my personal top 10 that I believe are the 10 best of all-time. Don't claim it to be fact, it is my opinion. I made a huge list of matches breaking it down to 10 and some were unquestioned top 10 while others were tough to leave off. Top 10 matches in Summerslam history:

10.Mankind vs Taker 96-Boiler room brawl that began hardcore action we would see in later years. Some liked it while others didn't, but to me it was a classic. Especially because the ending of the match. To me, the best fued Taker has ever had was with Mankind. No one saw it coming with Bearer turning on him and him becoming Mankinds Uncle. I think it was good for Taker to go on his own for a while and it ended up having Bearer bringing the Kane character in we love today which even makes it a bigger plus.

9.Stone Cold vs Angle 01-1 of the best rivalrys either has had in this business in my opinion. Memories of when Angle led WWE vs the Alliance aka ECW/WCW faction. Stone Cold turned on WWE at Invasion because Vince giving hugs to Angle. It also began a "What?" chant that we still hear to this day. Milk truck on Raw, Angle's medal thrown over the bridge, Austin crying near the bridge with Angle pushing him in a pull making him think he is drowning blindfolded. The fans knew after that match Angle was for real when he kicked out of 3 stunners. These two put on a great match that ended crappy with a DQ, but can't deny it was a classic. Angle won it at Unforgiven with family and friends in the ring hoisting him up in the air in Pittsburgh. Probably the biggest victory of Angle's storied career.

8.HHH vs Rock 98-I've watched more highlights of this match than just about any other match in WWE history. Why? I owned a video that I watched more than a couple of times because it only lasted an hour. What makes the match special to me is the commentary of the classic calls JR and Lawler made of that match talking about Sosa and McGuire during the match. The factions of DX and the Nation of Domination made it even more special that Summer. Street fight on Raw between the two groups, putting a foreclift in front of DX's locker room so Nation could embarrass Chyna in the middle of the ring with all the insults by the Rock, and the heat Rock received in that fued made him a main event star I believe. In my personal opinion, HHH vs Rock is the 2nd best fued in the history of the WWE behind Austin/Vince.

7.Benoit vs Jericho 2-3 falls 2000-Jericho/Benoit put on some great matches at big events like Summerslam, WM, and even the Royal Rumble all over the mainly the IC title. These two put on a show like no other could on the card which is of course why they made this list. Moves back and forth with counter holds during the match. Just a fantastic performance!! People wonder why WWE had its best year in 2000? Benoit/Angle/Jericho/Eddie IC title bouts, Rock/Foley/HHH/Angle/Taker, Tag division: Too Cool/APA/New Age Outlaws/Hardyz/Dudleyz/E+C, womens: Lita/Ivory/chyna/Steph/Jackie solid core. WWE needs to get a solid core if they want people to tune in now like they had than.

6.Razor Ramon vs HBK 94-The rematch of a classic Ladder match for the IC title. When you talk about Ladder match history, HBK vs Razor comes to mind when they took the roof off at WM 10. Bret vs HBK was actually the 1st Ladder match. These two we are talking about put it on the map. The rematch didn't disappoint with HBK winning that go round.

5.Bret vs Owen-Brother vs Brother at Summerslam for the WWE title. A lot of people call it the best cage match in WWE history especially when you talk no blood being involved making this a memorable match. Still ticks some folks off it didn't main event aka last match at Summerslam 1994. The main event that followed was what some call 1 of the worst matches in the history of Summerslam: Undertaker vs Undertaker. Talking about wrestling, few were better than Owen and Bret. Something both were proud of being on a ppv battling for a world title.

4.Mr.Perfect vs Bret Hart 91-Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe this was Bret's 1st IC title victory. In any case, they put on a show at Summerslam 91. Perfect passed the torch to Bret Hart the prestigous IC title. Some people call HBK Mr.Wrestlemania....if you had to call someone Mr.Summerslam it would be Bret Hart. I would probably label this match Mr.Perfect's best match in his career. I watched his DVD which makes me even more realize how good Perfect was. 1 of the best never to win the big 1 in WCW or WWE. He did however hold the AWA world title. Knowing Perfect wrestled with a back injury makes it even more amazing of a performance. Some could argue it is the best match in the history of Summerslam.

3.TLC 2000-Mick Foley the commish at the time put together a match at Summerslam not seen in the WWE before: Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match. They did however use those weapons in their first Wrestlemania Ladder match at 2000, but during that Summer rivalry got even more personal with Hardyz being the masters of the Ladders with obviously Dudleyz putting several people through tables. E+C started to become the masters of the chairs by sandwiching someones skull in between the chairs which led to this match in which was in the Hardyz hometown. WWE must have not wanted it to be obvious and let the hometown boys win the gold, but we were all hoping it which gave E+C even more heat. I don't believe that TLC was the best, but it was certainly better than WM 17s if you ask me. I hated the involvement of Lita, Spike, and Rhino. Ladder matches we still talk about til this day as most of the matches on this list.

2.HBK vs HHH 02-Street fight between former friends in what some call 1 of the best rivalries ever in this business. HBK returned in 2002 and didn't miss a beat ending up winning the world title while coming back full-time because he was so great which HBK is. The ppv of 2002 is regarded as 1 of the best ppvs ever produced by WWE. The match to me was a classic.

1.British Bulldog vs Bret Hart 92-London, England Wembly Stadium was packed to see IC title match to end the show with hometown hero Bulldog in the main event winning the IC title. Match is not only argued by some as the best match in the history of Summerslam, but all-time by some folks which speaks huge volumes. This match showed how much the IC title actually meant at that time and made Bret Hart a main event talent. I think we are overdue for a ppv in a different country. It brings a lot more meaning to the event the memories of that event, WM 18, 6, Canadian Stampede and so forth. They should do 1 once a year on ppv if you ask me.

Honorable mention: Jeff Hardy vs RVD ladder; Angle vs Lesnar; Bret vs Taker; Taker vs Austin

Decided to convert my top 10s to countdowns because I believe it builds more anticipation as you read or look over the post. Don't want to give your readers what they want just by a click. Let them build some anticipation to see what is #1 on my lists. I may respond with the worst matches in the history of Summerslam. Unfortunately for Taker, he is on the list on more than one occassion. Hope you enjoyed the read or at least liked my top 10. This is to help build some anticipation for Summerslam.

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  1. knox's Avatar
    **wipes forhead**. I was afraid i was going to click this and not see Bret vs Smith at #1. People bully me about this alot but in my opinion that was the greatest match of all time.
  2. Old School's Avatar
    Great great list. Hart/Bulldog definitely earned the number 1 spot hands down. I would put Hart/Perfect a little higher, however if you did that, I would probably argue with putting HHH/HBK higher (and for the record you are correct, that was the first time the Hitman won the IC title in the match against Perfect). I am just going to add to your honorable mention with Taker vs. Taker in 94 only because of the concept and build up to that unique match was awesome. Great job here!
  3. PhEonYx's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by knox
    **wipes forhead**. I was afraid i was going to click this and not see Bret vs Smith at #1. People bully me about this alot but in my opinion that was the greatest match of all time.
    Great Blog. Being a true Canadian, it's evident that my favorite wrestler would be The Hitman. I remember watching that Summerslam on the ol' black box... Still brings me goosebumps til this day. Making it the #1 match on this list brought a smile to my face. ALL time greatest S.S match IMO.

    Awesome list man.
  4. blink's Avatar
    #1summerslam match of all time shouldve been Val venis vs d'lo brown.
  5. Fitman's Avatar
    When I seen Hart/Perfect Otherwas number four, I thought WTF is this shit? But as I read on I understood.. However I'd have it as number one. Definitely in my top three matches of all time.

    Other than that the top five is perfect, no pun intended...
  6. SHW's Avatar

    no punk vs hardy?

    otherwise, nice list, some great memories there.
  7. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by knox
    **wipes forhead**. I was afraid i was going to click this and not see Bret vs Smith at #1. People bully me about this alot but in my opinion that was the greatest match of all time.
    LOL! I wanted to create anticipation by doing a countdown which I may continue to do so. No question in my mind Bret vs Smith was going to be on the top of my list. Top 5 was the easiest than it began to get harder towards the end because I had like 20-30 matches to make it down to 10.
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