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Who is left for Undertaker?

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This is my first blog, so I hope it goes well. After watching Undertaker and Kane join forces at Raw 1000 there was a little part of me that wanted to see Kane turn on his brother. Maybe leading to a WM29 match Kane vs Taker, brother vs streak. This got me thinking, who is left in WWE for Undertaker to face at WM29?
Sure there is Brock and Rock, but they only have one year contracts and Cena/Rock II is set for WM29. Brock maybe but I don't think his contract lasts through WM29.
So my question is who in WWE is left that would make a good match for WM29 for the Undertaker to wrestle, please list who and why.

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    This is more for the forum which is one. 2, I don't want Kane vs Undertaker. Their last fued was good and hope that is the way it will end. Taker vs Kane happened plenty of times. I'd rather see Cena or Brock face Taker at Mania. Certainly Cena because he is the face of the company vs Taker which is basically the only man really for years us fans actually believe can end the streak if anybody could. Just seems a bit strange bring Brock in for loads of change and not being in the main event of Mania while you have the Rock as well you want to make happy, but I don't want Rock/Brock. I'd rather see Cena/Rock 2 so Cena could get the victory this go round. Rock/HBK has always been a dream match as well, but I doubt he will come out of retirement for it.
  2. Kryptonite's Avatar
    Definetly Kane, he is the perfect opponent
  3. bartish2's Avatar
    NOT FRICKING CENA = BORING MATCH STFU, taker vs lesnar or rock & kane only 3 logical ones left especially after hbk & hhh 4 years in a row
  4. cjstonecold's Avatar
    Cena, Brock, and Sheamus are left for Taker. I for one have been for Cena vs. Taker for a few years.
    As far as the blog, make more points to help support your opinion.
  5. JustSaiyan's Avatar
    Lmao .. "kid" .. the last time I heard that I almost fell off my dinosaur .. but seriously .. this looks like a great forum in the blog section? .. IMO I think 'takers last match should be a buried alive match ... I don't think anyone on the roster is worthy of ending his streak .. an accident type of end to him would be interesting .. so people can wonder about the situation .. then someone next year can claim being undefeated or unbeatable .. someone convincing like Goldberg, Brock Lesnar, or even a monster type Brodus Clay
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