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CM or Cena?

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When people read the title I know you automatically assumed I was asking who is better. But actually I wanted to write about the "heel" turn that happened on Raw's 1000th episode. First off I think a lot of people seen this coming. Second off I will never boo Punk for anything. He's not a believable heel. I love the guy which is why I'm saying this. It's not really going to effect much. WWE had the perfect opportunity to really sake things up and they chose to barely do anything.
But, if Punk can get a group of wrestlers to make a stable with him then maybe the angle could really take off.
Now what WWE messed up on is Cena. This was the perfect opportunity to have John turn heel. That would have been a breath of fresh air for the entire wrestling world. A heel Cena. Just think Cena could have worked together with John L
aurinaitis and the Big Show. Saying he was sick and tired of Show messing with him so he called John and made a deal. Think of how many face wrestlers could have benefited from this. Not only would Punk benefit from it but so could Zack Rider. They could pull off some kind of "Zack saves the day and helps out Punk" angle. After having a backstage promo or in-ring promo with Ryder asking Cena what the hell he's doing.

I for one believe Cena should have went heel NOT Punk. Punk has only been completely over for the last year and his character is still pretty fresh. Cena is stale as last month's chips I bought.

I write storylines for a small indie company here in Georgia and I think WWE should hire me so I can slap whoever wrote the story for Punk turning heel in the face.

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  1. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    I love it. In fact, I love it so much, I think that was the actual plan, until WWE's writer's balls shriveled up. It would have been bigger than Hogan's heel turn. that really would have sent the wrestling world into a whirlwind. that much, I agree with you on.

    As for not agreeing, it has to do with Zack Ryder. Yes, I think to push Cena's heel character, he could have viciously beaten Ryder us a "feel sorry for Ryder" moment. But to have Zack Ryder try to play any hero or savior to push him, I don't like it. Not huge on Zack Ryder until he drops the silly "jersey shore" gimmick.
  2. sret's Avatar
    I'm sorry, what? Punk isn't a believable heel? Punk before his face turn was one of the best heels ever and while he's a good face too I've been missing the hell out of heel Punk. Sure, a Cena heel turn would've been huge but Punk turning heel could turn out to be something great.
  3. Avadon's Avatar
    I'm a Big Cena fan always have always will be. I understand why people hate him, and I get he's forced on us but i feel like it's the same as all top guys at the peak. I also don't care for the 5 moves of doom thing since most wrestlers (babyfaces) do this exact same thing (shawn, austin) however i will say shawn and austin etc where overall much better in the ring talents - I digress

    i however do feel turning Cena Heel would be amazing and probably one of the best things WWE done in a long long long time. HOWEVER i feel there is a flaw to the plan, so many people want CENA to turn heel (IWC) that if he did everyone that boo'd him would probably cheer him and all the people that cheer him would probably boo him and everything would stay the same.

    I think to fix it they would need to turn cena to a big Tweener more so then he partially is now (by not acting like he cares what people thinks). To stop caring about everyone about WWE and to only care about #1 himself. They could roll this storyline out by him helping zack or another start at that level then when it costs him have him snap beat them senesless and cut a promo about how helping and caring about other ppl just costs him everything (he could probably draw emotion from his divorce for this too).

    Then some fans would still like him that currently do and a lot of the I WANT HEEL CENA IWC would probably cheer him and he be a heel being cheered and merchandise probably still sell well.

    just my thoughts.
  4. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Cena is far more stale, but Punk has been getting stale these past couple of months. Probably longer than that.

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