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Great One

Great One: WWE Failed Returns

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Hi ya! names Great One lol but here is my list of failed WWE returns.

1) Brock Lesnar: Everyone knew he was coming back, There were chants way before he debuted.And then what happens? He loses his first ppv match but yet the Rock wins his first match back. And then he quits and then later agrees to face Triple H at Summerslam which I wouldn't be surprised if Brock lost. In my book he was a total fail so far.

2)Chris Jericho: Where do I begin? I was actually pretty hype for his return even though I don't like the guy. His promos said "it will be the end of the world as you know it" Right there is a total fail. He comes back loses the Royal Rumble which he said he would win. He still gets title shots and lost them all. And then he got suspended.Came back was in the Money in the Bank and lost. So "it will be the end of the world as you know it" is more like "one of the biggest fails in WWE returns ever...."

3)Kevin Nash: He returns at the Royal Rumble last year, loses. Attacks his buddy Triple H they have a match and he loses. And is never heard from again, I've always liked Kevin Nash but the way the booked him was a fail.

4)Booker T: Let's see he comes back as a commentator, gets into a fued with Cody Rhodes and can't beat him for the title? And isn"t he a 6 time world champion? Pssh what a shitty return.

5)Kharma: The only reason she's a fail is because she came back but had to leave due to high risk pregnancy, which meant leaving the diva divison to slowly die off. Also she gets released for what? Having a hard time dealing with her miscarriage? I think any women would. I hope and pray to see her back in WWE in the near future. Not unless WWE doesn't listen to fans?!

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  1. thetheme's Avatar
    At least most of these if not all had some sort of impact at the begining of their returns, even near some sort of championship in conversation or cause. What about Albert/Tensai? WWE tried so hard to make him relevant and now he is nowhere to be scene after MITB. His return was a big flop to many. Even so he's under a different name, it counts.
  2. TheRealOutlaw's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by dls1309
    This blog was a bit of a fail to be honest.
    Brock lesnar: lost to cena but beat 37 kinds of shit out of him (legitimately by the looks of it). Broke hhh arm, will beat him at summerslam too. Good promos, genuine unpredictability and an excuse to bring Heyman back. Verdict: success

    Jericho: one of the most popular wrestlers ever, perfect to put over new talent - sheamus, punk and now ziggler. he's a company player, nothing left to achieve so help others get to where he got to. Much the same with Booker, put over Cody rhodes. Not sure about anyone else but it was during this feud that I started to see rhodes as a real future main event player
    Brock is a sell out, that's why is a fail when he came back to WWE. He lost to Cena and will lose to HHH. Brock is a money man that's all. Second Brock never really broke HHH arm.
  3. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Brock can't control how well his return has become because he is only working the days they tell him to. Of course Brocks return seems to be a failure when you hardly see him at all on TV in the past 3 or so months.

    Jericho without question. Not because he lost every match either, his promos are boring and he is stale. It is baffling some people actually believe Jericho is at the level of Rock and Austin.

    Nash return to cost Punk the WWE title sucked and didn't really have a fued at all with him after that because an injury he had. HHH/Nash fued was boring to me as well because it is Big Lazy facing the same guy he faced a decade ago. Was I interested than? Yes, but not this time around.

    I likked his fued with Rhodes, but again....not high expectations. Promos sucked other than the ones cut by Rhodes. Booker however isn't known for his mic skills except for Sucka!

    Kharma actually did very well until she got pregnant.
  4. eyehatecena's Avatar
    I just think Nash should hve never really returned as a wrestler/talent. His promos when he came back were weak and as you said greatone- him wrestling the same guy he wrestled 10 yrs ago- so what? It was decent back then- but Nash has lost his appeal.

    WWE and Kharma though- that's the one I have a problem with. Booked correctly, she could have helped out the Diva's division. She then got pregnant, then lost her baby unfortunately. Then they release her because 'creative has nothing for her' and because they did not know if she was emotionally ready. I would say thats up to her. When I kept reading she was released, I was hopeing it was on her own accord(that she was the one who asked for it)- when I read it was WWE that released her for those two reasons- meh. I would not say she had a failed return- she just really was not given one in the first place
  5. Marx's Avatar
    Jericho's return has done nothing for Jericho, but the feud will be one of the highlights of CM Punk's career / dvd-set. Jericho is passing the torch, what should be praised. The same goes for Booker.

    About Lesnar: it depends on his match with HHH. If Lesnar loses, I agree with you.
  6. CM_SUXX_NOT's Avatar
    I thought Rob was trying to improve the blog section, lol. You could've started by not approving this travesty of a blog.
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