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Great One

Great One: WWE Failed Returns

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Hi ya! names Great One lol but here is my list of failed WWE returns.

1) Brock Lesnar: Everyone knew he was coming back, There were chants way before he debuted.And then what happens? He loses his first ppv match but yet the Rock wins his first match back. And then he quits and then later agrees to face Triple H at Summerslam which I wouldn't be surprised if Brock lost. In my book he was a total fail so far.

2)Chris Jericho: Where do I begin? I was actually pretty hype for his return even though I don't like the guy. His promos said "it will be the end of the world as you know it" Right there is a total fail. He comes back loses the Royal Rumble which he said he would win. He still gets title shots and lost them all. And then he got suspended.Came back was in the Money in the Bank and lost. So "it will be the end of the world as you know it" is more like "one of the biggest fails in WWE returns ever...."

3)Kevin Nash: He returns at the Royal Rumble last year, loses. Attacks his buddy Triple H they have a match and he loses. And is never heard from again, I've always liked Kevin Nash but the way the booked him was a fail.

4)Booker T: Let's see he comes back as a commentator, gets into a fued with Cody Rhodes and can't beat him for the title? And isn"t he a 6 time world champion? Pssh what a shitty return.

5)Kharma: The only reason she's a fail is because she came back but had to leave due to high risk pregnancy, which meant leaving the diva divison to slowly die off. Also she gets released for what? Having a hard time dealing with her miscarriage? I think any women would. I hope and pray to see her back in WWE in the near future. Not unless WWE doesn't listen to fans?!

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  1. dls1309's Avatar
    This blog was a bit of a fail to be honest.
    Brock lesnar: lost to cena but beat 37 kinds of shit out of him (legitimately by the looks of it). Broke hhh arm, will beat him at summerslam too. Good promos, genuine unpredictability and an excuse to bring Heyman back. Verdict: success

    Jericho: one of the most popular wrestlers ever, perfect to put over new talent - sheamus, punk and now ziggler. he's a company player, nothing left to achieve so help others get to where he got to. Much the same with Booker, put over Cody rhodes. Not sure about anyone else but it was during this feud that I started to see rhodes as a real future main event player
  2. ewantu2's Avatar
    Fail of a blog the only one that was a fail was Kharma and the Brock and Jericho oh yeah! lets make everyone who returns win their first PPV match! Great booking.
  3. Bobby1181's Avatar
    Sounds like the only one he wanted to suceed was Kharma, obviously one of her marks who I comment about constantly. Not even going to go into a rant about her, she's a stiff and that's where I'll leave it. This kid would obviously have a new champ every week if he were running a promotion, hence the reason why he is not.
  4. akbar's Avatar
    -This isn't a fail of a blog, I agree with pretty much all of them.
    -Jericho was abit of a fail because he returned with all the hype and them messages that never carried what, so to a degree it was a fail return but his doing well now putting on great feuds with Punk.
    -Lesnar is debatable, but I personally would say he was a fail purely because he lost to Cena and he got beat up be HHH.
  5. Great One's Avatar
    Thank you akbar, and to the rest of you yeah they should win their first ppv match back. If the Rock can win his first ppv match back so should all of these people. And I wanted them all to succed but their returns are a fail in my book, so yeah stop getting mad because you know their returns were a fail.
  6. Great One's Avatar
    And FYI you're all mad and need to calm down because I sure wouldn't have a new champ every week so calm down because if I was running the promotion I would make it 10x interesting and unpredictable
  7. PhEonYx's Avatar
    For a first blog, you had a decent topic. So hats off to you for that. Now I shall follow with my analysis;

    Lesnar; Couldn't agree more. Money DOES talk. There is not one ounce in me that can say bringing Brock back has been a success. When bringing back these so called stars of the past, you would assume they weren't only brought back to boost ratings, but brought back to put over younger talent. In Lesnars' case, it has been nothing but poor writing due to a horrible creative staff. The possibilities and story lines they COULD have gone with were endless.... Yet his return has been nothing but short lived, and quite frankly useless. IMO, definitely a "FAIL".

    Jericho; Now before you assume that I am a Jericho mark, I WILL disagree with you stating that his return is considered a "fail". Yes, I shall agree the build up and hype did not live up to the expectations. Yet in the same run, Jericho has not done anything but succeed upon returning to the E'. Winning a match, does not make one's return successful/relevant. Since returning Jericho delivered a hands down amazing feud with Punk. Putting him over, as well as other young talent. Yet again he is doing it with Ziggler. IMO, "SUCCESS".

    ; I'll agree with Nash being considered a "fail". Yet again we can only blame poor booking/creative..... THAT and AGE!!!!... It was expected seeing him appear at the R.R, the E' does have a knack for bringing back some old faces . I'll agree "FAIL".

    Booker; Along with Jericho, I'm going to have to disagree with you stating his return is a "fail". Having Booker return to put over Rhodes was sheer genius. It gave Cody credibility, and brought back some slight prestige to the I.C title. Disagree, "SUCCESS".

    Kharma; I'm going to come out with it and simply say; "WHO CARES". The E' had countless occasions to do something with her and her gimmick. She may have been the only female who could have re amped the women's title/division... I'll agree, "FAIL".

    In general this was a decent topic to write about. Keep up with the blogging.
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