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Dave King

John Cena/ Brock Lesnar/ The Rock ?

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This is my first blog ever. So I hope you enjoy, hope you comment on your thoughts, and please any feedback to improve would be greatly appreciated.

My name is Dave King obviously, and I want to keep my blogs short, sweet and to the point. So wish me luck!

Since Brock Lesnar's return, I felt that the WWE has handled him wrong. Brock realistically could handle anyone in the WWE in a MMA Octagon. So why not make him look dominate. He should have won Extreme Rules with out breaking a sweat.

This would have set-up John Cena to allow himself to re-invent his Character. The reason why so many people (people my age 26yrs and older) in my opinion hate Cena is because he is un-realistic. He wins everything and even Superman lost to Doomsday.

After WM28's lost to the Rock, If I was in the creative side of things in WWE, I would have made Cena lose every match. Made him lose to the Big Show, Big Johnny, put him in a dry spell. Then Money in the Bank rolls around then Cena wins the brief case. The pop for Cena would have been amazing, allowing himself to get back on track, which Leads me to The Rock.

The only thing I have to say about the Rock is, by Cena shaking off all the trails and tribulations of losing and finally winning big time matches would set-up a better feud between Cena v Rock II at WM 29 for the WWE title. ( I left Punk out because I think everyone wants to see SCSA v Punk at WM29 especially now that Punk is a heel again)

Therefore all this going on would still leave Brock Lesnar being the man to beat. Lesnar would look un-stoppable. He should of decimated HHH this past Monday at Raw 1000 making Steph cry over her husband's limp body. That would make Pauly look credible after the lashing he took promo wise. Lesnar should beat the hell out of HHH this SummerSlam only to see the confrontation we all been waiting for for almost two years now. Undertaker confronting Lesnar at the conclusion of SS.

That would lead to the conformation later that week that it would be Lesnar v UT at WM29. And if you remember, Lesnar made a jab at UT in May when he told the WWE Universe that HHH could last almost an hour with UT at WM 28 but could not last two minutes in the ring with me after break HHH's arm. I took that as conformation at that moment.

Well my wishful thinking is over. I hope you enjoyed my 1st blog. Sorry it wasn't that short and sweet.


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  1. JohnnyV123's Avatar
    I hate the idea of Cena vs. Rock II because it's so obvious who will win and ruins the original (look at The Rock vs. Hogan II) but the rest is excellent. Taker and Lesnar already have some real life beef which adds some drama and Lesnar is one of the legitimate opponents that's believable enough to end the streak (which of course won't happen). I would love to think Punk vs. Austin would be a good match but I don't know if Steve can go anywhere close to the same anymore.
  2. bartish2's Avatar
    ugh. cena vs rock 2 just makes me sick thinking about it. the first time around was atrocious with the promos, build and the match SUCKED. they booked superman but they didnt book the AE rock. Don't want to go through that again especially if they don't book the real rock. Its just not entertaining. Cena does not need to win RR, give it to a rising star & cena does not need to win anymore belts so they should NOT put cena in a title match at wm. I would be ok for punk vs rock, at least it is not cena but I would rather have rock vs taker & lesnar vs cena 2. Lesnar vs taker is a match I would like actually.
  3. TheRealOutlaw's Avatar
    I think everyone thinks WWE can use Brock in better ways then they have. But lets face it, Brock has a short amount of time in WWE. They paid him a huge amount, so Brock will not complain when he has to lose a match.
    I don't see Brock beating HHH at SS, would be nice though. But lets face it when your father in law is Vince, you have some advantages.
    I don't see Taker vs Brock at WM29 because I don't think Brocks contract is that long. Could happen though. I think we will find out after SS if they will lead to Brock vs Taker at WM29.
    Would love to see Cena turn heel at WM29 vs the Rock to win the title. Doubt it though.

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