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Blog Wars Olympics: Top 5 Stables Part 2

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Here is Dr. Death's list, judges please vote on this list please.
Dr. Death

Everybody has their favorite stable, and some will disagree just because they can, but none can deny the impact these stables had on the pro wrestling industry. Criteria: Impact of Stable, Quality of Promos, Titles, and Ability to generate pops or heat, what the members went on to do, stables before 2002 are not allowed to be in the list.

5. Straight Edge Society (S.E.S.) - (WWE)-(11/27/2009 to 12/3/2010)
The S.E.S. was a group of people lead by CM Punkin a "Straight Edge" Lifestyle. The members of this heel stable were:CM Punk; Luke Gallows; Joey Mercury; and Serena. The group acted as a militantorganization, denouncing all people who don't live the straight edge lifestyle.New members were required to shave their heads, which signified a "newbeginning." Preaching the "straight life" and denounce wrestlersand fans alike, Punk and his S.E.S. were hated beyond measure by most. Thegroup feuded with the likes of Rey Mysterio; Big Show; Triple H and more.Eventually S.E.S. split up and Punk went on to lead the Nexus and from there hemade his famous promo and won the WWE Championship. He's been champ ever since.

4. Fortune – (TNA)-(6/17/2010 to 12/22/2011)
Consisting of Ric Flair, AJ Styles, James Storm, Kazarian and Robert Roode, the group was modeled and named after Flair's former alliance, the 4 Horsemen. As a unit they captured the TNA TV Title; the TNA Tag Titles; the X-Division Title; & the TNA-WHC. Although Fortune didn’t have a lengthy run as a stable, the year and a half they were together was very memorable. Never at a loss for words, Ric Flair always delivered and Fortune took on Immortal which was the beginning of the end for both stables.

3. The Nexus – (WWE)-(6/7/2010 to 8/22/2011)
Prior to their formation, each original member of Nexus was a contestant on the first season of the NXT program. This heel stable was formed by Wade Barrett in order to obtain WWE contracts for all members. Members of this stable were: Wade Barrett; CM Punk; John Cena; David Otunga; Daniel Bryan; Justin Gabriel; Heath Slater; Skip Sheffield; Husky Harris; Michael McGillicutty; Darren Young; Mason Ryan; and Michael Tarver. Nexus terrorized the WWE’s shows RAW and SmackDown, demolishing anything and anyone in their path. Their saying was:“You’re either Nexus, or you’re against us!” and they meant it. Whether you hated them or liked them, one thing’s for sure – their group/gang like mentality entertained us and gave us some future stars on which to lead the WWE forward.

2. The Main Event Mafia (MEM) – (TNA)-(10/23/08 to Feb. 2010)
MEM was a heel stable that consisted of former Champions and Legends in the Pro Wrestling industry. The members of this stable were: Kurt Angle; Sting; Kevin Nash; Scott Steiner; Booker T; Samoa Joe; Traci Brooks; and Taz. At one time, the MEM held every Championship in TNA, whether as a group or as single competitors, the MEM dominated TNA for almost 2 years, generating cheers and jeers wherever they went. With the experience of the combined group of members, this stable could have dominated the wrestling world had they not imploded from within.

1. Evolution – (WWE)-(2/3/2003 to 10/3/2005)
At the height of Evolution's power, the group controlled the entire RAW brand Championships. Each of the members represented the best in "the past" (Ric Flair), "the present" (Triple H), and "the future" (Randy Orton and Batista) of Professional Wrestling. During their tenure, Evolution dominated all of the WWE by any means. People loved to hate them and were very vocal about their dislike of such a dominating stable. Superstars the likes of Goldberg; HBK; Kevin Nash; Chris Benoit; Mick Foley; Scott Steiner; Rob Van Dam; The Dudley Boys; The Rock; Edge; Chris Jericho; etc... all fell at the hands of Evolution. Evolution had the Titles, they had the power; and they called the shots for just over 2 years in the WWE.

Well that’s my list, and I hope that you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Good Luck to TT, Destruction, wrestlingfan66513, and all other participants in this series of Blog Wars Olympics!

That's it for the last quarter final list, stay tuned for the semi finals real soon.

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  1. bearkg88's Avatar
    Both lists extremely similar, excluding the differences in Fortune and Legacy. For me though, that is not the deciding factor. For me, it is the #1 choice. I became a fan of wrestling in 2002, and watched everything with Evolution take place. In that span of time, they are the best stable. My vote goes to Dr Death
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