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Uncooked: Raw Afterthoughts

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Sorry for the delay in Uncooked guys. There was a death in my gfs family, so our plans yesterday changed, and I didn't end up seeing Raw last night. We went and saw The Dark Knight Rises really late last night, and I am now just sitting down to watch Raw. So here are my thoughts, and by the way, TDKR was an amazing movie and you all should definitely watch it Now, time for Uncooked!

The Bad
* Brodus vs Jack
* No Stone Cold

You know, I was hoping tonight would be such an amazing show, that nothing would go in the bad section...and then I saw Jack Swagger vs Brodus Clay or as I better like to call it, "Giving Dude Love a reason to dance with Brodus" Last week, some people disagreed with my point on the Ryback/Swagger being a bad thing, and i still stand by it. Swagger is in jobber land and there is no raft that can save him. The only other bad thing about this Raw, was no Stone Cold. This guy was a staple of the WWE, and we got nothing, zilch, nada. Now that to me was a let down. I was anxiously waiting while watching, to see Austin come out on a four wheeler or walk down the ring, nail a Stunner on someone, and toss back a few cold ones.

The Indifferent
*The Wedding and Surprise

Now...I was expecting there to be something interesting about this wedding, and I was not expecting the surprise it took. There is a reason I put this in the indifferent section. This could either be a great angle, or a horrible angle. It is way too early to tell where it is going to go, but I will definitely be watching.

The Good
*We've got two words for you
*Six Man Tag Match
*The Rock Returns, and It's Laid Out
*Christian vs The Miz
*Lita vs Slater
*Punk vs Cena

The DX reunion was gold. Just seeing the reaction with them, you could see they were genuinely having fun. My favorite part of this had to be HHH's crack about the others hair, and the conversation between Shawn and Billy. I'm surprised to see Damien Sandow out here. I think it is an interesting mix considering his gimmick. Well, it was interesting to see Mysterio and Sin Cara tag together. It would have been cooler to see them interact more, like if they both hit high flying moves on someone or something. The match was decent. When i saw Ziggler and Jericho were tagging together, I was expecting Ziggler to turn on Jericho and for a split second when Sheamus looked like he was going to end it, I thought I woulds be wrong, but nope! I was right! Part of me wonders who Sheamus is going to face at Summerslam. Now, I am glad to see The Rock back. Honestly, I was thinking it would be The Rock vs Cena vs Punk at Summerslam. The only bad thing I found about this, is we have to wait till the Rumble to see him in action. Hopefully he comes back sooner than that, and when he does come back it's not just for a week or two, but an actual decent length of time. Heck, have him back for each week from 3 weeks before the Rumble, until shortly after Mania. That would be epic there. I really liked the Miz vs Christian match, and here is why. Christian really sold the knee injury to the point where I almost thought he was hurt. Seeing the back and forth action between them was epic, and the Miz getting the win was just great. To me, Miz is an excellent talent. He is good in the ring, and can come off great on the mic. Hopefully this IC title win, is a road back to the top for the Awesome One. Now on to the Heyman/HHH segment. I still enjoy seeing these two interact in the ring, and adding Steph into the mix was interesting. When Heyman came out, for a second I thought we wouldn't see Lesnar, but I'm glad we did. If they want this to be a successful feud, we need to see Lesnar a few more times between now and Summerslam. This segment was great for a few reasons. First...Lita is hot as ever, and it would be amazing to see her back in the WWE full time. Then add in APA with both Simmons and JBL, as well as the other legends, made for a nice feel good moment. To end this, is the Punk vs Cena match. Now, I liked this match. Would I say this match was better than their match at last years MITB or Summerslam? No. I still think it was good though. The ending though, is what I loved. Punk assaulting The Rock, was just gold. I don't think we will get Rock vs Punk at the Rumble, I think it'll be Rock vs Cena II, but still, a great way to turn Punk heel, and freshen up his character. Plus, Cena cashed in, and failed.

Well, overall, I really liked this Raw. There was a lot of good in my opinion, and very little bad or indifferent. I just hope things stay this good...only time will tell though. If I had to rate this raw on a scale of 1 to 5, I'd give it a 3.5 to 4.

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  1. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Hey. Sorry to hear about the death in the family. I wish you and your gf well. And I'm gonna take your advice on the Dark Knight.

    I was dying for Uncooked to come. I've been pacing back and forth for a chance to voice my thoughts on Raw 1000.

    First, you nailed it all. No Stonecold was a downer. the only thing you missed, was the best part of the entire show. GONG! The Undertaker.

    You read my final WWE blog. And indeed, this show was fantastic. There wasn't too much nostalgia, which is good. there was a little bit of wasted time, like the potential Sheen/Bryan at SummerSlam thing. I wish they had better quality video for Sheen though.

    Rock/Punk/Bryan was great. A homeless lumberjack banged an oompa loompa. LOL.

    DX was great. HHH/Lesnar w/ Stephanie & Heyman was awesome. I think I reallly like Heath slater now. LOL.

    The Undertaker was my moment. It was close to the 3 hour mark, and I choked up..because I realized I'm watching his entrance for the last time. Undertaker is my all time favorite...and it was the perfect segment for him.

    I love the Punk heel turn. What I find a joke is how everyone is trying to say that it's genius WWE writing because the "revolution has come full circle". they need a wake up call. WWE didn't have this planned all along and the sooner they realize that, the better. I still think that, somewhere along the lines, they were planning a Cena heel turn and backed out of it. That would have been much more shocking and everyone would still be pulling their jaws up from the ground today.

    My WWE watching days have come to an end in fantastic fashion. We'll see if curiosity gets the best of me. Perhaps, I'm interested in hearing what CM Punk has to say.

    As always, awesome blog. It was an awesome Raw. And though I'm bailing on WWE, I'll still read Uncooked simply because I enjoy the quality of writing. Great job.

    And, I see you changed your name and added an 8??
  2. Thunderlips's Avatar
    Who are you kidding DK you know you love it! I see a bit of Flair in your retirement!

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