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Raw 1000 Review

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I know there are 2 or 3 other Raw Review blogs so i'd like to say at the start this will not be a regular weekly Raw Review. I'll review all the Wwe Pay per views and any special episodes of Raw (e.g. 1000th episode, 20th aniversairy....). Now onto the review.

Mr Mcmahon begins the show by thanking the fans and then introuducing DX.

DX Segment

I loved watching this! I liked the how all the old members came down to the ring for the full D-Generation X reunion, The crowd gave them a great pop. I'm happy they didn't have DX save Shawn and HHH from Brock Lesnar as that would of been less entertaining. My favourite moment was probably the interaction between Shawn and Billy Gun deciding whose part it was, only to be interrupted by Damien Sandow whose is probably my favorite upcoming heel. He's really good on the mic and the DX huddle was hilarious. The pose on the top of the ramp was a great way to end it too.

Sheamus, Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara vs Chris Jericho, Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio

JR commentating was nice but he should of commentated on the main event. I'd of liked to of seen Vince Mcmahon commentate as well. This match was too quick for me too give a rating but I enjoyed it whilst it lasted. Dolph Ziggler hitting Jericho at the end was a good way to end continue the feud but I won't give this match a rating as it was too short for me too judge.

AJ and Layla segment

I enjoyed this even though it was just a cheap way to get a bunch of legends on the show. Mae Young's part was funny though.

Brodus Clay vs Jack Swagger - N/a, Too short

It was a shame we saw Dude Love as I was hoping Mankind would make an appearance. I'd also like to know why Brodus Clay was even on the show? I'd take another legend segment over it in a heartbeat. The match only lasted 10 seconds and a 'This is boring' chant had already broke out. I felt sorry for Swagger here, as Lawler said he really has hit rock bottom. Brodus Clay needs to lose again, Vs Cm Punk would be a good place for it to take place.

Triple H/Trish Status Segment

Short but sweet. Made me chuckle so i must of liked it.

Daniel Bryan and AJ Wedding

The wedding wasn't too long which was good. I have to admit I wasn't expecting what happened. When she said there's another man, I excitedly waited for Kane to come out and destroy Daniel Bryan. Unfortunatley Kane didn't come out and AJ was named the Raw GM. Why? I don't know, the only way she fits in is in booking Daniel Bryans matches. I'll give creative a chance first though and I'll admit AJ was the last person I expected to be named GM and I'm intrested to see what'll happen and how she'll run the show considering her past relationships with Cm Punk, Kane and Daniel Bryan.

Cm Punk, Daniel Bryan, The Rock Promo

This was another great segement, Im not too sure about The Rock getting a title shot for no reason though, people complain about the championship rematch clause but it's perfectly ok for The Rock to waltz in and steal someone's place. The interaction between all of them was great, I liked how The Rock didn't use many of his repetitive catchphrases and his insults aimed at Daniel Bryan were funny. Cm Punk looked slightly out of place here as he didn't really need to be there for the Rock to adress the championship. The Segment ended with The Rock giving a Rock Bottom to Daniel Bryan.

IC Title Match - Christian vs The Miz

A decent match here, with some good back and forth action. I don't think The Miz should of won it this early because 1) It seemed rushed and 2) It'll be overlooked because of everything else that went on. Christian will get a rematch thankfully, and I think they'll have a much better match at Summerslam.


Triple H / Paul Heyman / Stephanie / Brock Lesnar Segment

I liked this segment. I thought Stephanie's involvement was good and her attacking Heyman was well done. Heyman plays the heel role excellently, I liked the Lesnar / HHH brawl at the end and HHH standing tall was good as it makes it seem like he has more of a chance at Summerslam. Up until this point HHH hasn't got any offence in. My biggest problem is because of Lesnar's selfishness the feud is Heyman/HHH rather than Lesnar/HHH. I don't know why Lesnar's involved as the only reason him and HHH are feuding is because of his Heymans mouth. Lesnar and HHH need to have some sort of interaction before Summerslam as this feud has fell flat thus far.


Lita vs Heath Slater with Legends

It was nice to see Lita again and APA. I liked how all the previous legends Heath had faced came down to the ring. Lita hit the ToF and I was hoping for Matt Hardy to return or Edge but I got neither. It was fun to see all the legends though.


Brothers of Destruction reuinion!!!

Im a BoD mark (particulary Kane) and that pose at the end was awseome. They both hit their 2 finishers on 2 respective jobbers after clearing the ring. I want one last BoD run, Kane could do the majority of the work in matches and Undertaker would only have to appear for 1 episode of Raw every 2 weeks. I'd pay to see this so bad. Did anyone else find it funny when Undertaker went to take back his hood and it got stuck?


Wwe Championship - Cm Punk vs John Cena

I thought this was a decent match but I've seen all the spots before. When Cena goes for 5 knuckle shuffle Punk kicks him in the head. Punks first GTS attempt is countered into STF. Punk always avoids Cenas comeback only for Cena to hit the last move at a later stage. These moments have now become boring and predictable. I also thought Punk started playing the heel too early, from mocking Cena too smirking when setting up his finisher. I knew he was turning heel before he actually did. I liked how the heel turn was handled though with him leaving Cena to suffer before attacking The Rock. I'm now excited for next week to see what Punk has to say although I'm expecting a boring Triple Threat match for Summerslam now. One thing that did annoy me though is that the commentators didn't even mention that that was the first failed cash in. It was supposed to be a massive deal if someone failed.

Ovarell rating - 9/10

I know there wasn't much wrestling but I didn't expect that from the 1000th episode. I wanted memorable moments, Legend and just an all round entertaining show and I got that. Next week there will likely be some good matches as well as Cm Punks heel turn which i'm intriqued by.

Thanks for reading and be sure to leave a comment below! Just wondering does anyone find the pictures a nuiscance? Do you like them/ dislike them?



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Thoughts and Opinions


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  1. Kuroudo93's Avatar
    It wasn't a failed cash in as such cause technically Cena won the match (via DQ) but didn't win the title. I popped big time at BG, RD and X-Pac :') and when i saw the 'taker hoodie thing i just shouted BOTCHHHHH
  2. ewantu2's Avatar
    Lol i never even thought about Pun turning heel i just thought he was being cocky.
  3. ToiletBowl's Avatar
    The Rock really wasnt as repetitive as he usually is. That was good to see. I got so bored of him in the early 2000s because everything was... blah blah blah, monkey piss, blah blah blah, turn that sombitch sideways, etc.
  4. MjBryan17's Avatar
    I like the pictures. It paints a bigger picture of the entire show
  5. King Scrapper's Avatar
    I must say the Rock sells the shit out of moves.
  6. Bralon23's Avatar
    ToiletBowl you're exactly right. The Rock is like in my top 3 favorite wrestlers of all time, but he got so boring in the early 2000s before he left for Hollywood for some reason. I think they didn't want to overshadow Punk's major moment with the obvious. I think they'd mentioned before how all of the people who'd cashed in the MITB briefcase went on to win the title. Not that it's possible, but it was a good way to not hurt Cena's credibility and give Punk his ultimate moment.
  7. Joseph Douglas's Avatar
    I loved the DX reunion as well. Was not excited at all for Undertaker and Kane 'reunion'. Seen it a hundred times now. Is Kane heel or face this week? Punk turning heel was nothing special. Cena turning heel would have made a much bigger impact. And, I was very disappointed that they did not bring in Matt Hardy for one night, especially since he was in the WWE for over 10 years.
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