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Was MITB On The Money?

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Hi, this blog is basically just my review of MITB 2012. It’s my first review so don’t be too harsh, remember to leave your comments below.

Money in the Bank Ladder Match for the World Heavyweight Championship Match Contract
- Damien Sandow vs. Tyson Kidd vs. Christian vs. Santino Marella vs. Tensai vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Sin Cara
Other than the botches, I really enjoyed this match. It was a fast paced spot fest, Sandow and Christian had a nice section, so hopefully they’ll feud over the title soon. I was surprised Tyson Kidd didn’t have some crazy spot (ala what Shelton Benjamin used to do) but all in all it was a great match with non-stop action. I will say that Tensai looked out of place in this match and slowed it down slightly. Did anyone else worry for Zigglers safety when Tensai chucked him over the announce table?
Rating – 4.5/5

World Heavyweight Championship
- Sheamus (c) vs. Alberto Del Rio
This was an ok match but I thought Sheamus’s Smackdown match with Jericho was better and I’d rather of seen a repeat of that to be honest. I find Alberto Del Rio too bland, I’ve given him a chance but I found the build up promo boring and the match just ok. Alberto pretty much dominated but I knew he wasn’t going to win. Sheamus’s reign needs to come to an end soon as although he’s had some great matches he hasn’t been in any meaningful feuds since he won the belt. Maybe he should have a feud with Jericho before finally dropping the belt to him allowing a Ziggler/Jericho feud.
Rating – 3/5

The Prime Time Players vs. Primo and Epico
I enjoyed this match for what it’s worth and I’m happy that there’s an actual rivalry going on in the tag team division for once as there’s been some really good tv matches out of it. Hopefully people will get behind Primo/Epico (they’re faces now aren’t they?) and Wwe’s faith in the tag team division will be fully restored. TLC Match at Summerslam anyone?
Rating – 3/5

WWE Championship
NO DQ Match
Special Referee: AJ
- CM Punk (c) vs. Daniel Bryan
I was surprised AJ called it down the middle and whilst their match at OTL was more of a technical bout this was definitely a fun brawl with kicks, kendo sticks, tables. I liked AJ bringing the chair into the ring as it added another dimension to the match and her blocking Cm Punk’s attack hinted towards her siding with Bryan. Although I enjoyed the match, I’ve seen it so many times this year its becoming boring as is the angle, although I will give Wwe props for having me guessing me throughout. I think this rivalry will conclude on the 1000th episode of Raw allowing both of them to build a rivalry for their respective Summerslam matches. On another note though, I loved the finish as I don't think I've seen that done before.
Rating – 4/5

I will not be rating both, Ryback’s match and the Divas match as it wouldn’t be a fair reflection as they weren’t given enough time to put on an entertaining match as they were just filler matches.

Money in the Bank Ladder Match for the WWE Championship Match Contract
- Big Show vs. Kane vs. Chris Jericho vs. John Cena vs. Miz
Given the competitors, this match was never expected to be a fast paced match but I felt the action was paced rather well. I liked how they singled the Big Show out at the start before brawling amongst themselves. I liked the dramatic ending as well as I actually thought either The Miz or Jericho would win (if only I’d of been right) but unfortunately SuperCena pulled through although I’m not sure if Cena was even meant to win it. Cena seemed properly shocked when the briefcase became detached and it’s almost as if they immediately put the music on in a panic. Kane had also been out a while and I think he was expected to be involved in the ending. When the briefcase became detached I expected it to be dropped so Jericho could sliver in and steals the win. Other than Cena winning I enjoyed this match and apart of me thinks Cena will be the first to lose and another part of me thinks he’ll lose it in a stipulation match (ala Edge vs Kennedy).
Rating – 4/5

Overall Pay Per View Rating – 7.5/10
Match of the Night - WHC MITB Match
Final Thoughts
Considering Wwe’ main focus right now is the 1000th episode of Raw, this pay per view was very good. It had some great moments; the overall match quality was good and I’m looking forward to tonight’s raw to see the backlash from the pay per view.

Thanks for reading, this is my first time writing a review so don’t be too harsh . Make sure to leave your thoughts below and Have a nice day!

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Thoughts and Opinions


  1. Big_D77's Avatar
    First thing I thought was Tensai killed Ziggler hahaha
  2. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Good write up. I really don't agree with Sandow getting an IC Title feud with Christian, but who knows, this the WWE afterall.

    I do agree that Cena will be the first to lose, but obviously, it won't be clean.

    I'm looking forward to the 1000th Ep of Raw...but I'm not so sure I'm looking forward to anything after that. We'll see.

    Again, good MITB review. You pretty much nailed it.
  3. Joonny's Avatar
    I was hoping Barrett returned. But awesome to see Ziggler win. And yeah, I was concerned over Ziggler's safety when Tensai throwed him over the Announce table.

    I liked the SD MITB best. Sandow and Tensai shouldn't have been there tho.
  4. CM_SUXX_NOT's Avatar
    I was disappointed with your analysis of the WHC MITB ladder match, probably because I thought it was such a good match with sick spots and an insane amount of botches. Kidd did get some spots which you must have missed, including the one which got the crowd chanting "Holy shit!"

    The rest of it was pretty good though, and I agree that Punk vs Bryan has been over-used this year. It was the Internet mark's wet dream, two indy heroes main-eventing in WWE, but there's not really been much variation except for last night. One thing they do have though is unpredictability.
  5. B-ri's Avatar
    I thought Ziggler was dead but Tyson Kidd did have kind of a big moment, when he jumped from the robes whilst using the ladder as a prop and took Ziggler off from the tope of the adjacent ladder.
  6. Joseph Douglas's Avatar
    I thought it was a good PPV, except for the Divas, Ryback and SuperCena winning the match. Out of everybody in the company, Cena needed that briefcase the least.

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