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Booked! Wwe Championship up to Summerslam!

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Raw 1000
Earlier on...

The Rock cuts a promo saying he'll challenge the winner of the Wwe Championship match at Summerslam. ______________ (New GM) comes down to the ring and says he'll have to earn his spot by competing in the Blast from the Past battle royal for the no 1 contenders spot (only wrestlers who appeared in the attitude era or before can compete) which will take place later on tonight.

Cm Punk cuts a promo saying he's very happy to be on the 100th episode as champion and he looks forward to his match with Cena... Big Show attacks Punk and knocks him out, Cena comes down and makes the save. He says he's given Cena one more chance to cash in, Cena declines and chases Big Show to the back. The New GM comes out and announces that the main event will now be a Last Man Standing.

No 1 contenders battle royal

Particapants include:

DDP, Big Show, Undertaker, Kane, Chris Jericho, Road Warrior Hawk, Rey Mysterio, Vader, Sid Viscious, X Pac, Billy Gun, Mick Foley

Final 6: Undertaker, BIg Show, Kane, The Rock, Chris Jericho, Mick Foley

Mick Foley eliminated via Chokeslam

Kane and Undertaker go at it continuing their rivalry from 2010 only for Big Show to come from behind and eliminate them both.

Big Show eliminated when Cm Punk intefers and kicks him over the rope from behind.

Chris Jericho hit the codebreaker on The Rock and looks to be in control when suddenly Dolph Ziggler runs down to the ring and throw Jericho over the top rope.

Winner - The Rock

Main Event

I'd give them a 15-20 minute match and towards the end The Rock comes down to the ring and hits the Rock Bottom on Cena, Cm Punk picks him up and hits GTS but only gets a 9 count. Cm Punk picks him up again ready to go for another GTS, but Big Show runs down to the ring and hits WMD on both of them. Neither of them can answer the 10 count so Cm Punk retains.
30th July Raw

Cena comes down to the ring and says Big Show cost him his Championship match and he'd like to ask Punk for a rematch. The Rock comes out and says that its The Rocks turn for a championship match, he beat Cena at Mania and it's Cena's turn to wait in line. The BIg Show comes out and reminds Cena that he beat both Cena and Punk at the same time so he should get a championsip shot. Cm Punk interrupts and says that he wants The Rock one on one. The New GM comes out and says that if Cena and Show can cooperate and win a tag team match vs the champions for the belt. Cena and Show win after the Prime Time Players distract Air Truth. This match would help to make Air Truth look llike a threat and start a rivalry between them and the PTPS. Eventually The Cena Show could put over one of the upcoming tag teams.
6th July Raw

The New GM confirms that there will be a Fatal 4 Way match at Summerslam for the Wwe Championship. Cm Punk cuts a promo only to be interrupted by The Rock. They go back and forth until The Cena Show interrupt. They bicker for a bit until they address the Wwe Championship.

Main Event - Cena and Punk vs The Big Show (Cena and Punk get their revenge for Summerslam)

13th July Raw

The New GM announces that they'll get to pick each other's oppenenents for that episode of Raw.

John Cena picks Chris Jericho for The Rock.

The Rock picks Wade Barrett for John Cena.

The Big Show picks Kane for Cm Punk.

Cm Punk picks Mark Henry for The Big Show.


Wwe Championship Match - Cm Punk (c) vs The Rock vs John Cena vs The Big Show - Fatal 4 Way Elimination Match
You Decide The Winner!!!

Thanks for reading, I wanted to write a fun blog before the 1000th episode of Raw and I hope it was an enjoyable read. Be sure to keep an eye out for UFR4 later this week and remember to leave a comment below!

Have a Nice Day!!!

- (Quick question) Does The Big Show appear in Waterboy (starring Adam Sandler) or are my eyes decieving me?

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  1. Johnny G's Avatar
    Yeah Big Show is in Waterboy with Adam Sandler think his character is captin berzerko or something like that
  2. ozfan's Avatar Rock said he would be challenging the champion at Royal Rumble, whoever that may be. My money will be CM Punk but if its not him then I will go for John Cena or Big Show. Still a good blog though.
  3. duece137's Avatar
    @Johnny G

    Captain Insano shows no mercy!
  4. John Lonce's Avatar
    Not too mention you put a dead guy in your battle royal. lol

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